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Posted: Nov 27th 2010 11:03PM Birk said

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Beastmen are a very cool army in WFRP. I went into a Warhammer buying frenzy a few years ago, where I had about 3 armies on the go at around 1500 points each. The Beastmen were by far the coolest in terms of looks and lore, and I really loved their shamans.

I went down to GW to actually play a few games over the course of a week, and got kind of weirded out when two out of four players I played against were so socially inept they couldn't even look me in the eye. One other dude tried sparking up an in-depth conversation about Dark Elf boobs halfway through our skirmish. I had one good fight against a pretty chillin dude, but the atmosphere over the rest of my time there had given me a taste of the nerd willies. I mean, I'm a huge nerd at heart, and a pretty nice guy; but I had a feeling I had entered a...hive of sorts...and I never could shake that feeling

So I decided to sell off those few armies I had collected, and I haven't looked back since.

Hah, sorry for the derailment. And apologies to Warhammer gamers everywhere; I know you're not all crazy basement dwellers!

Where was I? Oh yeah, implement Beastmen!


Posted: Nov 27th 2010 11:09PM Buzz Killington said

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I don't think they'll have the resources to come out with any more sizeable expansions, especially when SWTOR makes its appearance. Autopilot from there until the end. . .

Posted: Nov 28th 2010 12:00AM purplehaze said

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If I had a choice, a Wood Elf / Beastmen pair up

I like Brettonians also...

I never played WHFB birk but I have painted a lot of mini's and read a ton of the novels :)

The one other thing I would like to see in WAR is mounted combat. You should be able to fight from your mount until you get knocked off at least.

Posted: Nov 29th 2010 8:36AM Diego Kober said

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I would love new playable races in Warhammer.
Skaven was a big dissapointment, they were very badly implemented.

As new races, i would like to see the Lizardman for Order, and the Skaven exclusively for Destruction. Remove the foolish Skaven skins and put them as a regular race.

But i'm realistic, this will never happens. Mythic does not have the manpower and the resources to do this.

And with the RvR focus in mind, i have no hope on new PVE content.
Yes, the game is PVP focused, but the existing PVE is very good, and Warhammer have so mush lore that could make new dungeons.

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