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Posted: Nov 26th 2010 8:31AM Cervando said

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Thanks for apologising Patrick. I would like to point out the vast majority of your complaints last week were to do with passives not scaling to the stat linked to specific archetypes so now that you have remembered that they are changing to scale with any, your complaints are in the minority, not the majority. I also took time to explain how many assumptions you made were incorrect, but lets move on.

Seraphim is already an excellent passive, misunderstood by many and features in many good builds. Frankly the changes to passives scaling to any SS will not help PFF(personal force field) as it's main issue remains; unlike other passive defences blocking occurs after the defence is weakened, not before. Until blocking reduces incoming damage first, it will remain a week power.

I think you have not misunderstood SMG as well. It appears weak, but with the Aggression advantage it is an amazing power for bleed builds that use Aspect of the Bestial or Form of the Unconquered Swordsman. The synergy is excellent, granting a substantial damage buff even before the enrage buff it also grants. I do accept it works much better in melee range because of it's mechanics, which is why many miss just how powerful it is. In terms of the Archetype Soldier, it provides both a dot and a method of granting enrage and is his best melee range attack.

As for the rest of powers you mention, I generally agree, apart from a few minor issues. However, although tier 1 powers do get superseded in damage terms by later powers, many if not all have excellent advantages which make them useful all the way to 40, such as crippling challenges. Few powers get CC after tier 1 and it makes more sense any how to rank higher powers for damage rather than a debuff that doesn't scale.

As for respeccing and changing tier 0 powers, remember Archetypes have fixed power selections, so they couldn't do that. Only free-form ie Gold can do that. The reason I mention this is to avoid confusion for those reading this article in conjunction with the last and assuming it would be possible for the F2P players. Currently it isn't, but it is still only in closed beta.

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