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Posted: Nov 8th 2010 7:34PM Palebane said

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Zerg - Hydralisk.

Posted: Nov 9th 2010 2:32AM Space Cobra said

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Basically, the further it is away from "Human", the more I am interested in it, to a degree: Like some point out, if the graphics is ugly, I tend to go traditional. Also, maybe if I am learning the game, I will play human.

And heck, I tend to Min/Max a bit, but then I have alts.


So many things that MMO could have done... ::sigh::

Really, if if someone in the modelling departments of MMOs would accept my bribe money to make a non-standard race, I'd be happy.

And hell, it could be something as simple as a dog, or a cow, or a chicken, or a llama, or a penguin or any real-world animal race.

Posted: Nov 9th 2010 1:56PM Valdamar said

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Dragon Ogres from Warhammer (centaur+lizardman+ogre = awesome)
Dragonewts from Glorantha (archetypal lizardmen, can mature into dragons)
T'Skrang from Earthdawn (a lizardman that isn't bulky and stupid!)
Clan Warriors from Battletech (technically human, unlike any human we know)
Shedite Demon from In Nomine (takes over human bodies to use as its own)
Ork or Dwarf from Shadowrun (playing fantasy races with added cyberware!)
Togruta from Star Wars (SWTOR don't let me down!)

When I played WoW (briefly) I always wanted to play as a Goblin - funnily enough playing a Werewolf or at least a wolf-like humanoid appeals to me too, so they're ticking boxes there - though GW2's Charr appeals to me more, as would playable Werewolves in the World of Darkness MMO.

I was very happy with the race selections in both EverQuests (Iksar ftw!) but I would have preferred it if they'd have made some Orcs that were playable (and maybe Gnolls too ;) ).

Generally I'm happy with the race selection in most MMOs - I've played a lot of elves, though I generally prefer dwarves, orcs, and more monstrous races. What I dislike are MMOs where most race choices are humans/elves or derived from them (i.e. with Star Trek style prosthetics stuck on their faces such as horns or just a different skin colour - sadly SWTOR seems to be going down this path too). I want variety in my race selection - certainly not Vanguard's model of the same bodies but with interchangeable heads for each race.

I'd also like to see some MMOs with non-humanoid races such as centaurs - sure it might make equipment/armour difficult, but then I'd rather just be able to pick my look at character creation and at tailors in-game, and have loot be slottable gems/enhancements with stats, so that your look isn't dictated by drops - so I'd be fine with non-humanoid races having less available "looks" than humanoid ones just to have them available.

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