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Posted: Oct 30th 2010 5:09PM Taawa said

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Many players desire more initiative because it reduces incoming crits of all forms. It also used to be really useful in seeing through stealth. But Mythic improved stealth greatly in a recent patch. So the roll from initiative vs stealth (basically my Zealot's initiative vs a witch hunter's initiative) happens at much, much closer range now. Many tanks ask for my initiative buff (I'm one of only a handful of 80 Zealots on Badlands who specs for it.) if their gear doesn't have them at or below zero percent chance to be critically hit.

Thank you for another great post, Gregg!

Posted: Oct 30th 2010 7:24PM (Unverified) said

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Slight correction. Magical resistance soft caps at 40% mitigation. To mitigate 40% from a rank 40 attacker, you require 691 resistance. The required resistance is higher when facing foes above rank 40 such as those in Lost Vale or Tomb of the Vulture Lord.

It's not uncommon to have your resists debuffed by 500 or so. So you really want 1200 if you are that concerned about it.

Posted: Oct 31st 2010 12:38AM (Unverified) said

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671 resistance at rank 40 for 40% mitigation. Stupid typos.

Posted: Oct 30th 2010 11:16PM eLdritchZ said

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here is how Toughness works (it's actually super easy...)

Every point of Toughness your Character has counteracts 1 point of the main offensive stat of your attacker. That means, 1 point of toughness outright NEGATES 1 Strength, Intelligence or Ballistic Skill, whichever is used by your attacker. As an example: Your Warrior Priest is attacked by a Marauder. The Marauder has 600 STR and you have 320 TOU. Whenever the Marauder hits you with an Auto Attack or an Ability his STR of 600 will be reduced to 280 for that attack.

That does not mean you will take half damage, though. Next time you are on one of your characters, mouse over your main damage attribute. It should say "Increases the damage of Auto Attacks by XY, Increases the damage of abilites by YZ".

TOU is btw also soft capped by the main damage attribute of your attacker... if you have 1050 TOU and your attacker has 800 BS, 250 TOU will go "to waste"

Posted: Nov 2nd 2010 12:22AM (Unverified) said

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This is all imo, and from my limited knowledge of playing the game for a couple months.

Toughness is only good in large amounts.
Initiative is good in any amount up to 0% chance to be crit.
Wounds is useful any time you can gain it w/o major sacrifices to other stats.
Stacking Willpower for disrupt is a failing strategy, even when you can break 100% disrupt.
Weapon Skill is by far the worst defensive stat given how hard it is to keep enemies in your front arc on the game server. That is completely separate from the issue of how many people are running around with the -100% block/parry pocket item.
Block suffers the same issues as Weapon Skill, but is far harder and more expensive to acquire.

Those last two parts, about Parry & Block, are why you don't see many S&B Tanks running around. It's too easy to ignore our front arc defenses by server latency or straight up gearing. For this reason a lot of us chose to use a 2h'r with a fully defensive or balanced stat setup. The 2h'r gives us the appearance of squishiness and of being a threat, even if we aren't, thus allowing us to 'tank' in RvR. Sure, there are a lot of DPS Tanks trying to be Choppas, but just as often, there are those of us who are truly defensive in nature and taking advantage of psychology to attempt to be effective.


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