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Posted: Oct 28th 2010 5:24PM Jeromai said

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The key is to have options and allow players to customize their experience how they like.

What a lot of the grouping vs soloing debate misses is not that there are two parties - soloers against groupers, and never shall the twain meet. It's a bell curve.

Sure you'll have the extremists on either end who will never group with another person (but it's his right to stick around in a world populated by other people if he wants to play that way) or who will never do anything on their own (and it's also his right to play with other people as his enjoyment is significantly increased by doing so).

There's plenty of people in the middle who can group and can solo. And they will want to do both at different times, so those options have to both be there.

And ideally the design has to make it worthwhile and a nice experience doing either activity.

I've always liked Guild Wars for being a soloist's paradise with heroes and henchmen. I do hope with their focus on enhancing the grouping experience in GW2 that they don't forget a significant majority of their PvE playerbase like to solo and need options for alone time, not just dynamic event after dynamic event and lots of people everywhere all the time.

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