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Posted: Oct 14th 2010 3:29PM (Unverified) said

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As one of the 7% of FFXI players - who after migrating to FFXIV has already cancelled their subscription. It's worth noting just how poor this game is in gameplay terms.

UI - Just horrible. 3 clicks to do the simplest things. Unsortable inventory all sorts of just nasty design decisions that make the game soooooo slow to enjoy (not DEEP - just SLOW - there is a difference)

Economy - Yeuch. Clicking on one retainer after the other to see if they are selling what you are after. Once you have done this the UI makes life even more of a chore. Seems like they were trying to stop RMT at all costs. And the main cost was a usable system.

Server Lag - Expect 500ms ping during quiet times rising to 1200+

Quest "Leve" Limits - 30 minutes and you're done. No more quests for you class today. Switch class? Yes fine, and find that the quests are more or less identical. Yawnorama

Grinding - You want to progress. Then grind..and grind...and grind. In fact past level 20 (which many people got to within 8-10 hours gameplay) expect hour after hour after hour of grinding and really nothing else

Graphics and Textures - with repeated "valley" textures. a good 70% of the game is not free roaming at all - and running from one area to another down a FFXIII type "alley" or "valley" is like watching Scooby Doo as you run past the same 40 yard "block" of landscape over and over

Stupid system requirements - I don't want to get all "let's measure yours against mine" But I have a quad core systrem runnning each core at almost 4Ghz, I also have 2x GFX 480's overclocked slightly I can "just" get 45fps average out of this game.

Now I have a PS3 as well, and game for game over the last 2 years my PC has totally outperformed my PS3 in terms of looks/framerate and overall quality.
I'm looking at the demo for Dead Rising now on the PS3 and it is vastly inferior graphically to how I can run the PC version.

So what gives with this game? I mean it is quite nice to look at, but no world beater PC wise. It's not even on a par in terms of graphical complexity/objects on screen/animation/viewing distance and effects with a game like Far Cry 2 from 2 years ago?

My guess? it's just badly written or rushed.

The cut and paste "pathway" blocks, poorly executed UI, tiny amount of content per class (leading to the need for a huge amount of grinding), the huge system requirements for such an average looking game and the unforgivalbly poor server support for a world wide release make me think that SE were determined to hit a deadline no matter what the consequences.

The consequence is FFXIV is complete and utter rubbish

The future - Forgive me for seeming as thick as Johnny Thick here.. but doesn't the neccessity of every player to be every class, and the tiny amount of content available per class mean that by end game everyone is exactly the same?

A role playing game - should be called a omnirole playing game. That's is more or less the exact opposite of what an RPG (MMO or otherwise) is about.

The UI is so integral to the game that I can't see that being changed either.

FFXIV will be a niche game - or die a slow death.

THose who love it (and there are some) will mutter about the rest of us "not getting it" and "you just want a quick fix game like WoW"

Well, here's news.
I do get it, it's not that deep (it can be played with a 6 axis joypad)
It has no content (and little story - and absolutely no lore)

You're confusing un-needed and obtrusive complexity with "depth"

I'm getting back to EvE - a game 10x "deeper" than FFXIV - and yet understandable and playable

Posted: Oct 13th 2010 11:01AM (Unverified) said

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While I agree with most of your post, coming from FFXI, how can you possibly complain about the grind? FFXI was nothing *but* grind. After a week of smacking the same crab for 3-4 hours a day just to gain a level, I dropped my sub and never looked back. Yes, there was tons of other stuff to do if you didn't want to grind, but nothing that allowed you to level quickly.

They've said from the beginning that Guildleves in FFXIV were bonuses, which means that they still want players to grind out levels.

This is the trademark of an asian-style MMO - you actually have to work for the levels. Completely unlike WoW where you can level 1-80 in a month of casual playing, less if you know what you're doing and much less if you're hardcore (8+ hours of gameplay/day).

Posted: Oct 13th 2010 7:27PM (Unverified) said

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I was one of the many unfortunate souls that purchased the CE box of this game, only to realize it is easily one of the WORST MMO titles to date. I never get a shot at the beta but I listened to the talk and reviews of the beta by players within it. Many, many acted like this was the second coming of Christ himself.

Being a fan of the FF series(primarily before 'Soft' became 'Enix') I of course naturally had high hopes for this product. I was expecting diverse, gorgeous, and intriguing environments with monsters that match. A story that would keep me nearly engrossed at all times and constantly pushing my limits to get a bit more of it. Excellent combat system with perhaps an interesting concept along the lines of 'materia' from FFVII(which for me still has the best combat mechanics/system of any RPG) and so much more.

I got, literally, none of that. Not even a decent substitute. This is easily the most expensive disappointing purchase I've ever made in my life. That's saying something, because I can be quite impulsive.

Allow me to outline in a numerical means just why this game failed me so...

1) Graphics are nice, yes, but the environments are repeated to an obscene level. That valley you just passed? Expect to see it repeated again and again as you venture on through a given zone.

2) Combat/mechanics of combat are often tedious and dull. I used to think WoW during WotLK was horrible when it came to boring class concepts, but FFXIV took the cake on that one without even trying.

Not to mention you don't feel like you specialize in anything! Everything is up for grabs as long as you get the weapon for it, therefore, with one character everyone can theoretically be any and all classes in the game. Giving no real unique feel to it.

I don't even want to get into the laggy UI that bogs down combat more than any other aspect of the game...

3) The game limits you in an absurd number of ways. Starting with the fatigue system down to ridiculous to navigate menus. Even travel is excessive due to your own quick means of movement being teleportation via a currency called 'anima'.

You get one anima every few hours. You use four to six anima every teleport, and trust me, you'll want to teleport constantly as travel distance can be pretty hefty. So in other words you'll be out of anima in no time and waiting a couple of weeks to get it back.

This is only made worse by complaint number one. You're traveling through the same 'copy and paste' terrain during all of this over and over.

4) The market system is laughable. You purchase a retainer. You sit retainer in a sea of other retainers. Then you realize that in order for someone to reach your goods, they have to go through hundreds of other retainers with no discernible way to see which retainer has what to offer.

...Once again, this is compiled on by another issue. The laggy UI and ridiculous menus mentioned earlier in this post that you must navigate through with each retainer to see what they have.

And so on...

There is an unbelievable amount of problems and short-comings with this game that would take me much, much more space to properly describe and even more to express my fury towards the items in discussion.

All I have to say is -- thank goodness for the Cataclysm Beta! I am actually really enjoying it. I was so disgusted by WotLK I wasn't sure if I could ever come to love WoW again to be truthful.

Posted: Oct 14th 2010 3:02PM (Unverified) said

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Look, XIV has some serious problems, but worst MMO launch to date?

Ever play Anarchy Online? Wonderful game, once you got past the fact that the servers were basically down for the first month, and the game nearly unplayable for a month after. How about Vanguard?

XIV at least works.

To be perfectly honest, I consider the first two months of any commercial MMO to be a paid beta. Am I happy about it? No, but that is the way the industry as evolved. For me, the real test will be how the game improves over the next 2-6 months.

1)The UI desperately needs sped up more then anything else. If they can get the delays down between menu selections, it alone will increase the enjoyment factor of the game 100%.

2)The market wards reworked. Yes, I know we won't get a AH system as its what they blame for nearly killing XI in its first 6 months. But a system where it scans the vendors in each ward and reports back if a item is for sale and its price would be really nice. Just include a hard cap on the number of retainers per ward to avoid overloading the system and I think it would work.

3)Yes, Quest leve of all types need to be on a 23h timer. But honestly as a semi-casual (I play for large chunks on the weekends and evenings) I really don't run to hard into the limits.

4)To those saying that everyone will be the same at top level due to being able to be all classes, have you actually played the game? I really doubt that you'll have many people with all the same skills loaded on a character at 50. Granted, you'll have some cookie cutter "optimized" builds that the uncreative will default too. But overall, more choices in character building is better, not worse.

5)Crafting, this of course comes down to the flavor you like, but I *love* the interlocking crafting of XIV. Complex crafting is what drew me back over to a FF MMO and drove me away from WoW eventually. My only real complaints are that Loadstone doesn't do enough to obfuscate crafting recipes and that some lower level equipment requires much higher level materials to produce. Both will be balanced out by the player base in time.

In essence, give the game some time to mature. If you don't want to pay for it during that time, that is more then fair. But attacking it just because it isn't heaven in a box on day one (as some people seem to be doing), doesn't help at all.

Posted: Oct 14th 2010 3:36PM (Unverified) said

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I think most are bashing it because it is a poor game period, Shel. It really only appeals to a "niche" group, that often means design decisions range from questionable to terrible. People need to realize this and stop defending it just because they're part of that "niche" group. It doesn't make it a success because a minority enjoy it, that's backwards thinking.

Besides, the game is mature. It's ages behind most MMO titles out there and really is an insult to the advances the genre has made in the last several years. Showing the arrogance its developers have for it's competition and the general mood of the market.

Don't get me wrong. I understand not wanting to just give in to the demands that come from the masses all the time. However, downright ignoring them and even disrespecting them is not the way to make a powerful statement. Often, finding a medium is the best way to approach your development strategy.

But whatever, I'm just another guy right? What do I know about marketing, developing, and in general making a decent game?

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