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Posted: Aug 23rd 2010 5:20PM Tersion said

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Speaking as an endgame Healer I found that healing had, finally, become a challenge. No more single Priest spamming Group Heal through everything. The people who complained were often the very priests who stood still and pressed the hotkey for Group Heal and it was great fun to see a priest complain that his group wiped and that places like DoD, ZS and DL were to hard for them when I and my friends had gone through it without much trouble.

The only problem I had is that, the old system has encouraged stacking alot of wisdom to get bonus to heals and mana. When the new system came out it punished endgame gear for healers a little to much and made our primary stat akin to nuclear waste in the fact we got the bonus to mana and healing at the expense of being able to regen mana via other means. More wis means mana regen became more useless which means in boss fights you were pretty much useless.

Now we are back to the old system, it only rewards the lazy healers once again.

Posted: Aug 23rd 2010 5:38PM (Unverified) said

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If bloated mana pools are the problem, wouldn't it, you know, make sense to reign in the mana pools rather than engage in a game-wide mechanics change? If mana pools are the problem, why not put diminishing returns on the stat (or stats) that provide that mana? That wouldn't affect low level players at all, but would stop high level players from having bottomless mana pools.

*shrug* I've only played low level RoM, so I guess I don't understand the difficulty. If the mana pool is the problem, change the mana pool, don't up the cost of spells. It's always better to reduce the total amount of "currency" than make things more expensive.

Posted: Aug 23rd 2010 6:44PM Distaste said

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The would be an issue since it's mostly from items that have been stated out by purchasing a bunch of stuff. So to change it they would need to redo the stats and then people will complain that they paid money to get such and such stat on their item so they want a refund, etc. Not to mention that the other stats would then be out of balance with the mana pools, like HP. It's a situation a p2p mmo could solve but since it's f2p with bought stats it's a lot harder.

Posted: Aug 23rd 2010 9:01PM jeremys said

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A great idea.

Stacking wisdom give you more mana. Taking into consideration the pool size between a low-level unmodded character with a high-level unmodded character, and then, considering the fact any level can stack to their hearts content, it may pose a problem to simply make a smaller mana pool.

An extreme example is that you may end up with low-level highly modded characters with the same size mana pools as high-level mod moderately modded characters.

Anyone care to run with this idea?

Posted: Aug 23rd 2010 11:32PM Tersion said

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Its more than just bloated mana pools. It is also Priests Group healing spell thats the problem.

Coupled with the bloated mana pools then it become easy mode healing through every instance. Its the reason I stopped playing Priest and laughed at all the lazy healers crying when the changes went through.

Posted: Aug 24th 2010 8:53AM Titansgrip said

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Unfortunately, the healing system in ROM is almost backwards from all other MMOs.

Wisdom's only benefit is in the mana pool. Very few endgame healers "stacked" wisdom BEFORE the % based change because it already has a limited effect on heals. Wisdom is so ineffectual to heals one may as well have none.

The change to % based skills simply hurt players with large mana pools in that the total mana needed COULD NOT be replenished via normal potting.

This became more and more egregious as players with high end gear tried to heal raids during the nerf-ing period.

For example, a healer with a 50k MP bar under the % based system could except to run out of mana completely after 45 seconds of continuous healing. This was the average length of time most player testing found to be the breaking point for healers with MP bars in the 40-50k range. Typical for endgame.

Now, the problem.

Using the best assemblage of potions, a healer could expect to recover on average ~5k worth of mana. Each of these mana potions trigger a 20-30 second cooldown.

The cost of a single group heal under % system was ~6k mana, a single target heal ~4k mana. There is unavoidable AOE built into the game.

So a large mana pool became hurtful in that a player could not refill their mana bar efficiently with normal potions. Even using the best array of alchemy potions [an EXPENSIVE practice] one's ability to recover mana at a rate necessary for the length of encounters was unsustainable.

Not to mention the incurred cost of gold and materials on healers alone per run now ran in the millions.

The same week the % system was enacted the Cash Shop of Runes of Magic introduced new % MP potions for the purchase of diamonds. Which, of course, costs real money.

In this case, the community was in the right to be offended by the move to a % system. Particularly one that most hurt those well geared. Again, a process that cost many players real life dollars measured in the hundreds for current ROM endgame content.

This left many endgame healers in the dark.

What were healers suppose to do; spend even MORE money to re-mod their gear and strip off wisdom mods?

What were guilds suppose to do as their raid healers could not afford to run an instance, in game gold and real life money?

The value of wisdom mods within the game's economy plummeted to such degrees, wisdom stats were being sold at a lost to the seller or outright trashed.

One more slap in the face by the % system was that the struggling Mage class now had even less cycles for DPS. With the reduced DPS, reduced instance CC role needed and undesirability of the mage class at endgame; the idea of magi going OOM within the first 10/s of a pull yet delivering only 1/4th the DPS output needed left many Magi without reason to continue with the class.

Magi DPS does not scale at all-- as in there is no % scaling of DPS for magi as there is for all other classes. Magi plateau out.

While I agree the "infinite mana bar" syndrome was a problem, the move to a % base system was very ill conceived and poorly implemented for the current content and gameplay of ROM.

In the end, the % system only hurt the three major mana using classes to a point which could not be sustained. Literally.

Posted: Aug 25th 2010 7:50AM (Unverified) said

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I really love this game. this and WoW just waiting for expansion. allods a big time joke now, aion is the same. resubbed to WAR for pvp/RVR, waiting for lotro F2P, but this game rock the boat when it comes to questing and dual classes! yep!

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