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Posted: Aug 16th 2010 9:06PM (Unverified) said

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''Before Dominion, fleet battles took place with over a thousand ships on each side''

is a tad wrong. Largest fight I have ever seen had around 1200 people involved before the system crashed. If you meant regular fights involving 1000 people in a system pre-dominion then that would be correct.

Posted: Aug 17th 2010 4:14AM (Unverified) said

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I was in a pre-dominion fight with 1000 on our side. I guess there would have been similar numbers on the other side. It was magnificent. There was lag, but it was playable.

Posted: Aug 17th 2010 4:42AM anduz said

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Pre-dominion you had large fights, whether you'd call it playable or not is probably a matter of personal opinion. I mean, having to take your guns and modules off auto-cycling and press them manually every 5 minutes because they'd lock up for the rest of the fight due to lag if you didn't isn't exactly what I'd consider awesome gameplay.

However you didn't have those mass disconnects and server lockups on jumping that you do now, which actually render the game unplayable because your ship will be floating around helplessly without a pilot while you stare at the login server load screen.

I don't see any reason to kiss CCP for this though, it's damage control and until they actually fix the game they can sod off with their devblogs.

Posted: Aug 17th 2010 8:44AM johnnliu said

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Honestly, the devblogs list looks like a bunch of fluff that doesn't address anything. Designed to make lots of noise without any actual plan.

> Topic: Singularity Mass Testing Report, CCP Tanis

Summary: your tests are helping us, really! we got some ideas, may be. but look at all our logs! it will take us 18months to get to the bottom of this trust us.

> Topic: The Long Lag and MMO Scaling, CCP Warlock

Summary: This is how we did it before and honest it worked last time... We even got this presentation prepared where we showed how awesome we are. Not sure what broke now but.

> Topic: "Thin Clients" and Automated Testing from CCP Atropos

Summary: We do automated testing just like any other modern software projects. But we aren't simulating mass player tests or player behaviour. Just the simple stuff. So that's why... oh did you see how much logs we had from the test server!

> Topic: Carbon, CCP's Core Technology , CCP Unifex

Summary: It is extremely important for us that the core group are assigned on the next biggest thing. But don't worry we have got all the interns (but we call them "special developers" ) doing maintenance work. That's why they don't know how to read the logs, or see what they are supposed to see.

I may be vastly simplifying things, but:

1. You simulate real situations and look at the performance logs
2. You nail the features that are causing the most performance degradation. "auto-cycling" causing problems? Why not turn off a few suspect features on the Singularity and ask the players to show up for a big test event. Get some real numbers to validate your thoughts and then narrow it down again.
3. You want to tell your players what's going on? POST the results after this big test: In our studies if we switch off auto-cycling we noticed we can now handle 800 ships without anyone disconnecting.

If it works before but not now... the "possible culprit" can't be endless.

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