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Posted: Aug 11th 2010 1:12PM (Unverified) said

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I was very excited for this game but the lack of information is kinda got me nervous. So far all they have shown of the game is one zone and not much in the way of boss battles...just player's killing rats.

Posted: Aug 11th 2010 1:47PM (Unverified) said

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Aye... better not be a grind fest. I love story driven quests.

Posted: Aug 11th 2010 2:34PM (Unverified) said

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The beta is a piece of garbage, the interface and combat are actually all WORSE in XIV than in XI. The game is wrapped around PS3 controls/gameplay, making it downright painful to play on PC. Even a friend who was devoted to XI has cancelled his pre-order after playing the beta. Enjoy your long excruciating (and pointless) wait fanboys, Square is ready to milk you dry with another sub-par franchise-killer.

Posted: Aug 11th 2010 3:34PM (Unverified) said

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I'll be eagerly awaiting the first impressions/reviews of this game when it comes out. It's going to provide more fuel to my cynicism fire and prove yet again not to believe a word of hype any developer puts out.

Posted: Aug 11th 2010 3:53PM Cendres said

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What hype? This game doesn't need hype it's fueled by raging fans and naysayers all on it's own.

Hence the serious lack of info and marketing on SE's end. This doesn't count as marketing per say, it's show casing what games they have.


Posted: Aug 11th 2010 4:08PM (Unverified) said

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It's too bad that so many people are treating a beta as a demo. SE is beta testing their systems making sure the concepts work, that the code in place is stable, the server structure is sound. The beta isn't a content testing beta. All the sneak-peekers are crying that they are limited to the content that are able to experience. Sure running around the same field repeating familiar quests killing some of the same mobs over and over gets boring.... But the beta isn't to entertain the testers. Its to make sure the game works when it launches.

When the game goes live, there is a whole world that is unknown and unexplored for the players to adventure in. I commend SE for holding their cards close to their chest and not giving in to the lookie-loos.

Posted: Aug 11th 2010 4:42PM (Unverified) said

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Drossrocket, here is a list of why you are uninformed and stupid (and possibly a SE employee).

- when whispering someone, it doesn't display the name of the target, it displays YOUR OWN name (in case you forgot who you are). ...when you get multiple whispers back, you don't know who sent what.
- camera and mouse control are intentionally lagged, which makes navigation feel like you're walking through a tank of molasses.
- the graphics are both (a) exceedingly crisp and (b) unbelievably dreary grey/blue. ...never have I played a game that made my quad core tower work so hard, for such little payoff.
- the quest/party system is confusing at best, with little to no explanation on how to scale the difficulty for X number of party members (a hint for SE: auto-scale based on level/skill and # of party members)

Nevermind that the late content will probably be beautiful. SE has stated in interviews that they only made a new MMO because they couldn't compete with the competition in terms of graphics power. Translation, they're afraid of losing money. There is no inspiration or meaning behind this, it's simply a technical upgrade to keep their subscribers happy. But the game is so much worse than XI (that says a lot) because they ignore Beta input (the above is listed on 90%+ of all beta feedback posts, but no fixes) and because they ignore innovation. They're making mistakes in this game that other developers LITERALLY learned to fix 5 years ago.

WoW 1.1 was more polished than XIV, what a piece of shit.

Posted: Aug 11th 2010 6:28PM (Unverified) said

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Congrats you found me out. I'm a SE employee. as a reward you'll receive the Internet retard of the day metal.

I've been testing FFXIV since alpha. I've watched the game grow and change over the last 5 months. However, unlike a certain group of people (the sneak-peekers) I accept how SE is operating their beta. Like I said above this isn't a content test.

If you are looking for WoW with a FF wrapping this isn't the game for you. If you are a fan of the FF series and want to share a FF experience in a persistent multiplayer world this game is for you.

Apparently you aren't in beta and your above information is coming 2nd or 3rd hand. If you were you would know that:

a) sent tells have your name , received tells have their name.
ie: (this is a convo of you sending me a tell)

Jason>> you're stupid, you SE employee
Drossrocket>> bah... you hurt my feelings (ToT)'

b) graphic options can be scaled and turned on/off. (if you find the game is choppy turn down your res and settings, You might just not get to play @ max boohoo welcome to next-gen gaming)

c) the controls have been reworked and mouse/keyboard work wonderful (now)
but seroiusly give the game a try with a gamepad, it works really well.

d)guildleves (quests) I admit still need some balance as, you can choose the level of difficulty (1-5). It's easy to solo settings 1-3. Difficulty 4 is easy for a small PT and level 5 can be difficult for a PT of 5-6 people.

Like I said before SE is having the testers test systems of the game not the content. It's sad to see people treat the BETA as a DEMO.

Judging from alpha -> beta1 -> beta2 -> beta3 (current) SE is on track to release next month. They have implemented changes based on tester feedback though each phase, optimized the code to run better on systems and have made the servers very stable for 24/7 operation. the FFXIV has few more weeks to bang out other changes and optimizations before launch. If they keep up their pace between phases of beta they have plenty of time to implement them before go-live.


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