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Posted: Jul 31st 2010 11:39PM (Unverified) said

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I don't think he should get anything, I think NCSoft were expecting this to be a top notch game and got next to nothing out of it.

He got paid 100's of millions to hire him and then cost the company millions to make it to which it bombed out, he's never made an MMO, UO isn't Garriott's idea it's someone else's idea and they made 8 RPG games before making the MMO, he was just the 2nd in charge person at the company.

Think of him like Steve Balmer, Gates is the one who came up with the ideas made them happen and got the business up and going and working they retire then you have the 2nd guy coming in acting like they actually did everything and the original person did next to nothing.

even though all the customers can't stand the 2nd in charge.

did TR lose out a billion dollars or something

Posted: Jul 31st 2010 1:07AM (Unverified) said

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I suggest Tempes Magus, that you put it to rest. I won't reply to you, but I'll just suggest this as well.

He either sold the stocks to get a value on them to present it to court and have a basis for saying that he was undercut a lot of money, sold the stocks because the court would take more than six months to make a decision (six months is the time he had to sell them after "quitting", NCSoft policy), or sold them because he knew he'd win the case, but wanted the money early on. Maybe there are other reasons.

Posted: Jul 31st 2010 4:38AM Pan1 said

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The parrots really don't give up right.

They must live here or something.

All I want to know is, will this bring back TR?
Anything else is rather unimportant to me, I didn't get into space or make millions on stock. Nope I just bought a useless piece of plastic for 50 bucks.

Posted: Jul 31st 2010 11:03PM Sukiyaki said

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1.A Texan jury voted for a not quite unpopular half American half Brittish fellow instead of some random foreign Asian company in a case of appeal.
2. All the Garriot fans and NCsoft hater now act like this "court" decision is proof he must have been right in this case.

They could aswell have made a public poll on Massively about this case and the result would be as justified as the one of this Texan jury.

Richard Garriot sold his stock right away when the NCSoft stockprice was dropping continously for weeks, due to the glaring failure of his own game not because of the global crisis. The whole Online Gaming franchise wasnt even affected by the global crisis including investment into companies, to the contrary it grew stronger. Thats a point many miss, these Texans proably didnt even bother about.

He didnt even wait for a "better chance" in the months of gracetime he had left, no he just sold them the same time he quit and tried to get rid of the whole TR franchise and all finacial relations to NCSoft, as it seemed the company was fading for a time of hardship. NCSoft stock dropped close to 30% in this month.
He obviously tried to jump the train before it appeared to run of the cliff.
His about 30 Million $ worth of shares when he joined in where just about 10 Million worth left when he sold them.

But then suddenly the drop for NCSoft stock stoped, went back to previous levels really fast and even keept rising and unsuprisingly he saw his failure of jumping the train.

If Garriot had used the 3months gracetime left to him, in case of a voluntary withdrawal, he could have sold his stock for up to 30 Million with not a single loss.
But no, he just sold them when it looked like NCSoft was tanking.
Then he sues NCSoft for "forcing him to sell his stock with loss" even though NCSoft didnt make any real gain from that and the loss of stockvalue majorly resulted from the complete failure of his own game and waste of tenmillions of funds.

28 Million for failing to produce a game, run it inprofitable, drop the value of the company due to running their new long awaited flagship game into ground and failing to sell your stock, just by appealing to a few random Texan civilans.
Its really ironical this guy made a huge profit out of this game by now.
28 Million that close to the same he wasted developement funds of NCSoft into this game (the 100 Million are a myth btw).

Thats as retarded as receiving Millions of compensation for failing to drink a hot cup of coffee. Oh wait...

Posted: Aug 2nd 2010 4:23PM Sukiyaki said

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The keypoint is the that he sold his shares at what seemed a roling in huge tanking in NCSoft stock with the end of Tabula Rasa and from previous developement it wouldnt be nothing to balme to bet on the trend is going to continue or keep for a while.
But he sold them unexpectedly and unwillingly at the worst possible time in the last 2 years, even when he had still multiple months to reconsider it.
No one forced him to sell them right at that moment except his own fear of losing even more. He gambled and he lost.
Then he blames NCSoft for screwing him over for some faildeal he made himself and bawws infront of a wisely choosen Texan jury about an evil foreign company trying to screw him over ... for the lulz to see him suffer appearantly.

If he would have sold them at that point but later his words would sound far less like a made up sobstory over his majorly screwed up stockgambling.

But who really cares what going on behind the scenes?
All what most will see is:
"Richard Garriot won the lawsuit against NCSoft, blaming them for screwing him over his shares and fraud in the case of his withdrawal."
What do you think will people think of?
A: "I dont really have a clue about the situation, was the judgement really reliable and justified? What was the background of all this?"
B:"Lol those greedy Koreans got pwnd trying to screw us over! GOGO GARRIOT! Truth and justice prevails and the decision of this court is proof of it! They are really the worst! I shall quote and use this for further rant about NCSoft in the future!"

Posted: Aug 3rd 2010 5:49PM (Unverified) said

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"Thats as retarded as receiving Millions of compensation for failing to drink a hot cup of coffee. Oh wait..."

Learn about the case. In the course of it, it was shown that McDonald's, at the time, unlike the other major fast food chains, superheated its coffee (kept it at a temperature of 180 degrees+) to make certain it would "stay warm longer" and that McDonald's used very flimsy styrofoam cups for the coffee, much thinner than its competitors at the time. These two factors, in addition to the injuries the woman sustained when the flimsy cup in effect crumpled, spilling superheated coffee into her lap, were sufficient for the jury to decide that yes, McDonald's had in fact been negligent.

The award was based on the profit McDonald's earns nationally from coffee in one day. Regardless of what a plaintiff and her attorneys come away with, the purpose of damages in a court proceeding are to change a defendant's behavior. Given the size of McDonald's, what kind of monetary judgment do you think it would take to change their behavior?

Posted: Aug 2nd 2010 1:21AM diamount said

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Shame, I never actually got to try out TR. But obviously they tried to screw him over, that part is evident.

Cryptic just beats them in the worst MMO studio department anyway as most of their games has been grinding crap.

Posted: Aug 3rd 2010 5:11PM (Unverified) said

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Hmm. How about reading the briefs and any motions filed? The counts would be there, and you could see what was alleged. I often find it's helpful to find out what was actually asserted as well as the basis for a jury's decision before wagging my tongue.

Some points to consider, though:

Unlike folks hanging out on a blog for mmos, I would hazard a guess that most Texas jurors wouldn't have a clue who "Lord British" is. RG is not O.J. Simpson.

The burden was probably on RG to prove that he was fired and did not quit. The burden was certainly on him to demonstrate fraud. Given the outcome, the facts probably spoke to this. He had to prove this at least by weight of a preponderance of the evidence, if not by a clear and convincing standard.

At the time, he may well have been coerced into selling off his stocks, or this may have happened automatically - the company may have said "per your contract, we have repurchased your stock - here's your check".

The monetary award has nothing to do with how well or terribly TR did. It has everything to do with what the value of the stock was at the time he was forced to sell it versus what it is valued at now. RG as a stock owner is independent of RG the failed game designer.

Of course, we don't know any of this for certain because we haven't looked at the court proceedings.

Posted: Aug 3rd 2010 5:37PM (Unverified) said

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As a point of clarification, having read the original complaint, he did not own the stock, but rather held stock options. If he had not exercised them at the time, he would have lost them.

What the jury had to decide on was:

1. Was Mr. Garriot fired, or did he leave voluntarily?
2. If he was fired, what compensation, based on the terms of his contract, is Mr. Garriot entitled to?

That Mr. Garriot executed his options at the time only has a bearing on this decision if it indicates that he accepted the terms of the contract as stated for a voluntary departure. However, clearly, he was able to demonstrate that he only did this for purposes of mitigating the economic damage of a breach to him, which happens in contract disputes *all the time*.

Posted: Aug 6th 2010 5:12PM (Unverified) said

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And the only people who will suffer due to this are the subscribers to NCSoft games when they can no longer afford to create new content and low end employees let go because NCSoft will have to cut expenses to pay off this guy who already has more money than he knows what to do with.

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