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Posted: Jul 21st 2010 5:24PM Faryon said

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I used to think this was a great game, but going back to it now after playing MMOs with better graphics, animations and combat just makes me annoyed. There is also the insane number of bugs I have noticed after just playing a short time...
Hopefully a good developer will take up the challenge and make a really good sandbox SW MMO to replace this because it's pretty much unplayable for me atm.

Btw, what's up with the totally wonky aggro range system? Sometimes mobs charge you from halfway across town, sometimes they don't even notice you till you start hacking at them and sometimes they start running after you WAY after you ran past them.

Posted: Jul 22nd 2010 12:44AM (Unverified) said

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Bugs? In a SOE game?

Sorry. I couldn't help it.

Posted: Jul 22nd 2010 3:32PM (Unverified) said

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http://forums.station.sony.com/swg/posts/list.m?start=0&topic_id=1054343#11714797 -
basic tips and a link to a forum topic about what Vets do to their UI when they start a new toon

Posted: Jul 21st 2010 6:25PM (Unverified) said

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You can play around without having to use mods to get a nice UI. This is my current setup



Posted: Jul 22nd 2010 12:54AM Tristik said

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Make sure you bind "Repeat Auto Attack" (I use spacebar since Jump in SWG is animation only, and you'll be using it A LOT).

"Abilities can be fired from toolbar" should also be enabled.

I use LMB for "set intended target", RMB for "primary action", Z for "clear target only", and keep ~ as 'summon radial menu'.

Works pretty well once you get used to having to use Z to clear target. Nothing else made sense when I was setting mine up. Normal mouse click selects whatever target you're clicking on, right click does whatever that object should normally do (open, mount, NPC chat, etc).

Posted: Jul 22nd 2010 6:36AM (Unverified) said

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Nice that you decided to check SWG :)

[UI] Things that might help (how I use them):

Chat bubbles ... drop chat bubble distance to minimum, that way it won't clutter your screen
Object names ... turn off
Player names ... drop to minimum distance
Fly text ... turn off (well I turned it off)

Toolbar ... expand to 2 rows, move to top middle of the screen
Target healthbar ... move to right high
Target of target ... you might wanna turn this on, and move it below target healthbar

Menu button ... I moved it to far right side off the screen so it's barely visible

- clicking nothing untargets ... (depends, i dont use this, it gets annoying)
- toggle manual aim / auto aim ... remap it to space bar (you dont need jumping anyway)
- remap toolbar so that frequently used actions also have shortcust to keys next to WASD keys
- remap ESC key (untarget and game menu) to just (clear target only)

- there are also nice ways to make bike calling macros bound to keys, combat sequence macros ...

- depends on people, I use 256 meters range large screen lower left corner like in the old days, that way I'm accustomed to, with "consideration" turned on
- in space PvE radar is usually 1024 meters, in PvP 2048, you shouldn't need more

Chat tabs:
- not sure how it is called "modal on or off" ... well, before I type, I always hit slash or enter
- you can create two chat windows by simply drag-drop
- I personally use one window for chat + pilots chat + group + tells + system messages, the other window for guild chat + tells or I can switch it to combat chat
- for viewing combat chat, turn verbose on

I use keymapping of the old days, that's CTRL+_ combos, I find them less conflicting with other more frequently used key settings (combat shortcuts)
In the old days it was like this:
- Mail ... Ctrl-E
- Character ... Ctrl-C
- Profession ... Ctrl-S
- Community ... Ctrl-P
- Inventory ... Ctrl-I
- Options ... Ctrl-O
- Near map ... Ctrl-M
- Planetary map ... Ctrl-V
- Quest window ... Ctrl-J

Why I find this useful? Because once you launch into space, you have old mappings by default. And I think it's better to use same shortcuts on ground and in space, less confusing.

You mentioned you still didn't check piloting. Well, if and when you do, and if you are on Starsider, make sure you join pilot\s chat channel first
/chatr join chat.sfc
/sfc ...talk into it....
That way you can ask any pilot for opinions, clarifications or help.

great to have you there

Posted: Jul 22nd 2010 12:24PM (Unverified) said

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Under Options > Interface and Options Misc are most of the options for your interface. There's honestly too many to list. That's where you'll find stuff like making your toolbar two rows and dropping items into containers by dragging onto them.

Options > Graphics will have the option for centering and adjusting the camera height.

Options > Keybinds (or Keymap, I can never remember which) is for changing your keybinds. You can change pretty much anything you want there. Such as making the second bank of the toolbar the F keys instead of Shift + 1 etc.

You can click and drag the UI elements on the screen then lock them in place with the right click context menu.

There's honestly too many options to list all at once.

Posted: Jul 22nd 2010 8:29PM (Unverified) said

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Great write-up! Glad to see a new player trying the game out and finding it fun. Starsider is a very busy server, and I think it's funny that anyone who hasn't played the game in 4 or 5 years is questioning the observations in your post.

UI: there are several options in the Options: Controls menu: test out a few till you find one you like. I have never used an outside source mod either: the options in that menu and on the Keymap mean you don't have to. I would expand your toolbar to two rows, and move my elements around till they were in comfortable locales, then lock 'em in place.

You can also use the character search options to find folks looking for groups in your parts of Legacy or for the terminal missions: you get a bit more xp, and you both get paid, plus running with a support Medic or DPS like a commando can speed you right through some of the trickier grind bits.

I really recommend you talk to the Collections NPC in Mos Eisley as well: she's over in the courtyard past the Theatre: she will give you a lil quick intro to collections, and you can get some fun that way too, while you are running terminal missions (Kill collections for things like Kreetles, Rills, Womp Rats, etc) and show you how many other intereasting lil clickable collections there are as well.

To give you a lil hand in game as well: learn to not just loot every NPC, but /harvest from every creature mob as well: you can harvest meat, Bone and Hide from most, some you can also /milk while they are alive (gotta stay in range for this) and you can /search lairs for eggs. These resources are used by Traders to craft foods, clothing and furniture, and you may even be lucky and get collection pieces, to give your xp another boost. You can sell those resources on the bazaar terminal, or trade them to Traders in exchange for gear like buff foods or armour.

Last thought: if you didn't know it already, an Entertainer can give you a buff for your xp gain: 15% goes a very long way. I would do it before any longer gaming session and always found it it well worth the tip. Ask for protections as well: they can boost your innate armours, or give you an autoheal or improve your other defenses and stats as well.

Good luck, have fun, and send Aerys' a comm if you need any help with anything.

Posted: Jul 23rd 2010 5:05AM (Unverified) said

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I would definitely recommend the Pre-NGE UI mod.

I'd also HIGHLY recommend the Pre-NGE combat animations mod. You appear to be playing jedi, and this mod will make the melee combat animations roughly 1000 times better. Be sure that you toggle on the "disable animation priorities" box in the graphics tab in the options menu. Be sure to mess around in your UI tab to customize the UI color scheme and other options.
There are a ton of mods for appearance, UI, etc. on the SWG modsource site. Be sure to check that site out, players have put some amazing mods on that site that really do enhance the SWG experience.

Posted: Jul 24th 2010 9:39AM MihallAgamemnon said

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I'm enjoying reading someone from a newer perspective than me whose been playing this game for near on 7 years.

I love the shot you have of the Basilisk War droid but I must correct you in that it is not a creature, it is a droid and is a vehicle in SWG. If you're interested in seeing true creatures, controlled by players, feel free to send me a /tell on T'sume as I absolutely love showing off my menagerie of pets. (I have 42 of them on that character alone which could be the most for any one character in the game.)

As for the UI, I do miss the old style and haven't yet modded the HUD, I did find a couple of mods that did some cosmetic changes on what people wear, making certain accesories disappear (wings, halo's, other non SW junk that you find in other MMOs.) The few changes I've done to the basic UI is to rebind a few keys so that they're where I use them (like using U for opening my mail and T for the Datapad). One other thing that I've found that really helps me speed up interacting with NPCs and players is I rebound "select target and summon radial menu" to the right mouse button. With every new character I make it's the one thing that I absolutely must do!

Posted: Jul 24th 2010 10:20AM Krystalle Voecks said

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Aha! Honestly, we had no idea that was a droid. We thought it might have been someone's exotic pet. That would explain why it didn't eat us, though. hehe

Great suggestions from everyone! I can't wait to try out some of these things I've compiled. :)

Posted: Jul 24th 2010 11:41PM (Unverified) said

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Hey I really have enjoyed following whats been going on the past few weeks! As I said last week it even inspired me to start playing the game again after leaving from the initial NGE change.

I'll be honest, I've had a lot of fun! I've even finished a few missions I had left hanging like that last space combat with the corvette to get your faction POB ship (really loving my decimator, just need to blow up more ships to get parts for it). I've also enjoyed some of the new things they have come to put into the game over the years I've been gone. vehicles, weapons, droids, pets, mounts, etc..

I have 10 uses left on my respec device SOE gave us old guys when the NGE hit. I decided to go with jedi since that was what I was actually working towards before the NGE hit. I have to say I forgot how COOL the crafting system is in this game! Jedi really can only craft light sabers as a specialty, but its just been too fun experimenting and trying to create an uber mega-dps glow stick to smack rebel scum with >:)

My server Ahazi has a few people, but its not what it was half a decade ago.. Not a lot of places to shop for things, very little on the bazar termina... Im actually considering now just forking over the fee for the server transfer to flurry since it seems to have more and still on the west coast..

Keep up the adventure, because in a way even though Im at level 84 right now, I still feel like a new person myself after coming back after all this time and reading whats going on with you is actually helping me out a bit :D

Posted: Jul 27th 2010 5:08PM (Unverified) said

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Very nice! Don't use your respec device though, there are now profession councilors next to Mos Eisley, Theed and Coronet SP where you can change profession!

Posted: Aug 27th 2010 1:47PM (Unverified) said

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The UI has ALOT of options for customizing it. The graphics can also be turned up way higher than you have them, which makes alot of things look stunning. I promise that if you play around in the options menu (O) You will be pleased with the result.
Keep in mind that you can also move around all of the UI. Here's an example of mine.


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