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Posted: Jul 16th 2010 2:51PM (Unverified) said

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Wow, no questions yet?

Here is one:

Could you folks add some videos to your Choose My Adventure, Rise and Shiny, and some of the Massively groups that are playing together in several games? It could just be some game play with voice overs by the column writer, showing some of the things they are talking about in the article? For the groups it could just be some footage of some of the places they explored that night and maybe a group wave at the end of the session. I can't make any of them (or don't play the game) and it would be interesting (to me) to see where they have gotten to since the last installment.

Yeah, I know, bandwidth costs and such, so just put them up on YouTube and embed it in the article, if that is allowed. :)

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