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Posted: Jul 13th 2010 5:22PM (Unverified) said

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Doesn't seem to be a lot of reader feedback on the RoM articles lately...maybe not many players are Massively readers? Anyway...

I can't speak for a Rogue/Priest combo, but it sounds very interesting. I'm still "new" to RoM, having played 2 classes to 14 and one to 12ish, and I just multi-classed my first toon with a Knight/Warrior, which, so far, is pretty fun. I am hoping more abilities for my sub-class open up, because I found that Knight/Warrior is much more effective than Warrior/Knight, though I'd rather have Warrior as the main class and Knight as my sub.

I have to say the game is cool, though it is slightly on the grindy side. Lots of running from here to there, way too many quest items--I'm sure designed on purpose to make you buy diamonds to rent bag space or whatever the method is for getting bigger inventory slots. I would love a mount, but I'm not ready to spend any money yet.

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