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Posted: Jun 27th 2010 12:51PM Verus said

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I think the biggest problem with the game is still the technology behind it. When the game was released I brought a bunch from my wow guild over to the game. After just a month or two everyone except me and another guy had left.

People simply hated the way the zones donĀ“t feel connected. As you move around it feels like the zones are in a way disjointed places connected only by a loading screen. And then you get everyone in the same zone it turns out the others are not there. Because not only are there zones but theere are zones within in the zones. I hope the next game is not divided up this way.

The graphics engine is also highly unsuitable for an mmo. When we tried to do anything large scale the framerate would drop to single digit. Even know the hit one takes going from dx9 in the game to the dx10 beta is really big.

Then fast forward two years and we try again. Lots have improved in the game. Like actually having a pvp system ;) But it feels like the basic underlying problems are still the same for the game.

Posted: Jun 27th 2010 9:17AM (Unverified) said

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@Craig Morrison
"The credit though goes to the team, not to me, I am just here to make sure the folks here can do their jobs properly, they do the hard work!"

Yes and word has it that you've just let the 'folks' there go. So please tell us without resorting to your typically excessive verbiage how you're exactly are you going to meet your recently stated commitment to the game when ther are few designers, few programmers and apparently no art team left to complete the task?

Posted: Jun 27th 2010 9:24AM Deadalon said

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RPG is just part of the MMO world. But thats only based on BUISNESS rather than actual game features and gameplay. The fact is that the old days of single player boxed version is gone cause alot of gamers play cracked games that they download as torrents. Part of that is because the games are not worth the money they are charging for it. And many of those games are not what the gamer is after anyway. He just tries the game and then quits within few days if he doesn't like it.

Online gaming forces ppl to pay... thats why MMO is put infront of any crap of game that is released today. In many cases tho.. ppl are not gonna be paying. Specially since alot of these games charging money are no better than games that are offering free enjoyment. After all - games are just for fun - not a lifetime comitment.

PPL say that quality costs money. Maybe it does - but money does not guaranty quality. Neither does it guaranty fun gameplay or even playable game. And thats the main point. Many of those companies that are still stuck in the old days of forcing ppl to pay for every bite - dont realise that their products are not quality enough to charge ppl for it. And quality means quality on ALL fronts. Not just billion pixels and then laggy servers or boring gameplay with endless one ended grind.

If you charge ppl then you better have the quality on ALL these fronts. Alot of companies today dont have that. Thus we see a pile of games that are released in crap state and still charged full price for it. Most of the ppl that then pick up those junk games that are gonna be the next "blockbuster" acording to adds - but turn out to be boring soap opera with same plot as all the others and bad production written all over it.

The game industry in current form is on the way to kill itself. And thak god for that. AOC is just an example of how alot of money can be put into a project that delivers absolutly nothing. The game has lost over 30 million USD and the so called path that Craig is talking about - is based on very limited budget and no long term plan or vision.

Then its best to hire a producer that does nothing but answer topics from gamers - making it sound like Funcom is actually doing something. He has to do something anyway for the money they are paying him.

Long term future of AOC is still very much in the dark. Thats why no true answers come from ppl like Craig about whats next... Cause there might well be that there will be no next - other than ofc the same old statement of "we will continue to support the game". Thats not much of a plan.. is it ?

Posted: Jun 27th 2010 3:51PM EdmundDante said

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Creating a more dumbed down version of an MMO so it appeals to the more casual player is easier to develop - and thus less money has to be spent upfront.

You don't have to work so much on realism, or well designed interesting dungeons, or rich character construction and crafting. It is all made easy and simple for the "wide audience."

It's very much like what the film industry adopted with the production of wide release movies this last decade or two - dumbed down, low-budget movies.

The rationalization behind it is that if you dumb down your design - 1) you don't have to work so hard with software development and spend so much 2) you will broaden your client base and make even more money

And oh how so many MMOs are beginning to fall into this trap. It reminds me of the old saying "Penny-wise - pound foolish."

I will not go into a long argument of why this is a poor choice to MMO development - but certainly quality and longevity of product would be the first thing I would mention to the bean counters who decide to dumb down their MMo.

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