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Posted: Jun 11th 2010 5:00PM Cendres said

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I wanted to add another Square Enix one:

What is the planned subscription model for FFXIV? Monthly fee? Will we be able to buy 3, 6 and 12 month packages? (This is not possible in FFXI)


Posted: Jun 8th 2010 5:19PM alzeer said

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sqaure-enix: 1- do you still firmly believe that 2010 release is possible?

2- what measures you will take to enhance player-to-developer communication since in ffxi it was very weak

3- Japanese magazines gets exclusive almost monthly news and updates
any plan to reach out more to western players?

Posted: Jun 8th 2010 5:50PM (Unverified) said

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I would just like some basic information from DCUO that we haven't seen before. Things like how the PvP system will work, will it be open, instanced, or battlefields like WAR?

Also, with the interactions that The Agency has on Facebook, are we going to see DCUO get some sort of Facebook/iPhone type game before the November launch, and will it have any impact on our characters in game.

Posted: Jun 8th 2010 8:07PM (Unverified) said

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For SOE - ask about the rumored Planetside 2.
Star Wars TOR - Space? and What the hell does LucasArts have to do with the development of the game. I seem to recall after SWG debacle LucasArts was very quiet about their involvement in the changes.

I know Telltale Games will be there. Question for them - when will there be a Monkey Island MMO?

Posted: Jun 8th 2010 8:28PM (Unverified) said

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Square Enix: FFXI 1) : While the community is quite content with the recent annoucements of "Abyssea" will there ever be another full expansion similar to Aht Urghan? You've hinted at the continents of the world and the community would definitly love to see those areas.

FFXI 2): With the planned content of FFXI to be done by December and FFXIV's release to follow, will there be another Fan Festival towards the end of this year to cater to the fans of both games?

Posted: Jun 9th 2010 2:07AM FoolishLobster said

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Bioware (SW:ToR)

Looking at SW:G, are there certain elements that the company liked what SOE did with the game, like player cities and the crafting and selling of goods?

Bioware has mentioned that there will be some sort of raiding content in SW:ToR. How is the team approaching raid content when thinking about the casual and the hardcore players?

Are there plans for open-world PvP to be a great influence on planets that both factions are able to interact with? Possibly on planets with higher-level content?

Will starter planets have some sort of higher-level content to return to once the player is strong enough to defeat it?

Are there plans for space combat for release? For a potential expansion?

Posted: Jun 9th 2010 4:57AM Andur said

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for lucasarts/bioware on the old republic:

I'd like to know why exactly has bioware opted to buy the hero engine and toolset for their mmo, instead of developing their own in-house engine (like they did for their rpgs with the infinity and aurora engine). what are the advantages the hero engine provided, excepting the faster development cycle?

Posted: Jun 9th 2010 7:39AM MrGutts said

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Star Wars: The Old Republic:

1) Tell us what features if any are we going to have for guilds, are we going to be able to make custom houses?

2) Are we going to see any massive raid type events in the game?

3) How many worlds will you be able to visit in this mmo at the start and how can you visit them. Will it be by ship or just fast transporting there?

4) If ships are in game, will we be able to customize those as well, will those be like a player house?

5) Can you elaborate on the MT system that will be in place? Will customers have to buy the game at first and then use the MT system for other goodies?

6) Will a collision detection system be in place for characters?

7) Do you have any plans on the board for playing Mandalorians in a future xpak?

8) Jumping from the light side or dark really hasn't been explained in detail. We know you can become a Dark Jedi if you happen to be on the republic side and just perform horrible deeds, but can you literally move your toon to the Sith empire and betray the Republic and vise versa?

9) Will you have a VOIP system built in game or are you just going to let the 3rd parties take care of that?

10) Are you working on a Mac client or have plans?

11) Like any Bioware game, Romances with the Companions, Yes or No?

12) If you betray the Companion, will they try and do something nasty to you?

13) How are the server farms going to be setup, are you going to have the standard East Coast, West Coast, Oceanic, EU servers and are they going to be physically located there?

14) Are you going to have a OPEN UI system to allow for customizations at all or will it be closed off for security reasons?

Posted: Jun 9th 2010 2:23PM (Unverified) said

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For THQ (Warhammer 40K)

Will I have the option to become a Chaos Space Marine if I play a Space Marine?

Will the Tyrannid be a playable race and if so, how will their numbers be represented? Will we be able to spawn multiple pet genestealers or something to make it appear to be a swarm?

Will the races be allied and how so? "None shall suffer the alien!"

Will the Space Marine players be able to join, or already be a part of a certain chapter? (ie Space Wolves, Ultramarines, Salamanders) or will it be like the Deathwatch where each player can represent his chapter but everyone is in the same group.

Will there be any point at which when my Space Marine character dies that I can respawn as a Dreadnaught ;)

Will we be able to visit Terra, or perhaps any of the Space Marine chapter home planets like Fenris or Macragge? How about the Eye of Terror?

Posted: Jun 9th 2010 3:17PM (Unverified) said

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For Hi-Rez and Global Agenda:

1) What is the release date for Phase 2?
2) How many new PvE missions will be added?
3) Are you planning on making equips tradeable between players?
4) Will there be any missions WoW raid-esque? Such as needing ~20 players to take down bosses, better equip "drops" from those, etc?
5) Will the level cap be increased eventually?
6) Will there ever be any new classes?
7) Are you planning on adding a more diverse selection of weapons? We don't have very much of a selection.

Posted: Jun 9th 2010 6:06PM (Unverified) said

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Just... get us as much information about the KOEI Ro3K MMO as your can please.

Posted: Jun 10th 2010 7:16AM Manitook said

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These guys are not on your list, but if you happen to hear anything please pass it on.

Runic Games- Torchlight. any eta on MMO

HanbitSoft/RedBana- Mythos. Any news at all?

Posted: Jun 10th 2010 8:22AM Shanawa said

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EA: Need for Speed

The current game doesn't seem to be group friendly. There is a friends list to compare stats and to teleport to each other but there isn't a way to group up and join the same race or pursuit. Are there any plans to add this feature by release or shortly after?

Posted: Jun 10th 2010 7:32PM Cicadymn said

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Screw all of them other than THQ, that's the only one that matters.

Since we don't know EXACTLY what kind of MMO they're wanting to be and we're sure to find out more. They said it was going to be an RPG, which worries me I was wanting a planetside-esque MMOFPS. This is my question.

1. THQ- How much thought went into choosing between a Skill based progression system (ala Planetside/EVE/Darkfall) and a level based system (ala WoW, WAR, AoC).

2. THQ- How did you choose which races/factions went into the game when there are so many to chose from?

3. THQ- How closely will you be able to follow the fluff? Has Games Workshop just said flat out NO to much?

4. THQ- We all know that you've made some great Dawn of War games, but for this group making the 40k MMO, are many of the people working on it fans of 40k? Are any of the DoW team jealous?

5. THQ- Assuming the story is set Post-Heresy, are we going to see the story set in the same time as the Tabletop game? Have there been any major changes to the fluff?

6. THQ- When can we expect the first cinematic!

Posted: Jun 10th 2010 9:34PM Cicadymn said

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Couple followups.

2. If you weren't able to add all the races/factions you want, are you considering adding them in expansions (Much like you did with DoW)

SoE: Even though it's not listed I've heard rumors of Planetside 2. Confirm/Deny? If confirmed then can we get a year that they're shooting for?

Posted: Jun 12th 2010 9:23PM Kalu said

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Planetside next ? Will we see anything from soe?

Posted: Jun 13th 2010 7:06PM (Unverified) said

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Im sure you guys will be all over Turbine about the new F2P announcement for Lotro. But dont let that be the focus of many of the questions. I think a major concern for players right now, aside from that, is the lack of new content. Since launch the content has been getting more sparse as the years go on, even with a hypothetical infusion of new capital from the WB acquisition. It seems as they are trying to do bigger and badder things, many of which the players are not even asking for or expecting; skirmishes, LIs, reputation factions. All of which are basically just grind on top of grind. Ok so for a more precise list.....
- Do they have any future plans to change this grind-centric game model?
- Housing upgrade? (Personally just waited 3 months on a private kinship to get a Kinhouse....desperate for storage and more housing options!?)
- Additions to hobbies?
- Empty-content light exploration maps?
- Back-fill Eriador before moving south or east?
- Better developer-player interaction? Its all fine and well to ask us questions and our opinions on the forums, but then to never follow up on why or what theyve decided?
- The guessing game has to stop, find an appropriate content release schedule and stick to it!? It drives the players crazy and makes for a really nasty forum environment.

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