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Posted: Jun 1st 2010 12:54AM Enikuo said

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I actually think the equipment-copy idea sounds cool. I like the idea of an incentive for taking on a better-equipped opponents.

Posted: Jun 1st 2010 1:12AM Birk said

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Ohh man, I dont know about Equipment copying on PVP death. People would be duping items for guildies and alts til there was no tomorrow. And then, gear would mean nothing.

...which is my preferred idea of how gear should be. So whatever!

Posted: Jun 1st 2010 1:49AM jeremys said

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There's great news if you don't like the sound of Runes of Magic's PvP system: They have many PvE servers. So if you want to try the game but don't like PK, you can join a PvE server that still has dueling and battleground options.

Posted: Jun 1st 2010 3:48AM HackJack said

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Gosh so many carebears these days. Risk is something nobody takes anymore. Not even with virtual stuff.

Yay! It's so fun being immortal, lose nothing and only be able to win or not win in PvP... NOT!

Buy some guts tbh :|

Posted: Jun 1st 2010 4:21AM Birk said

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I have to support your movement there, HackJack. I think that item-loss is a fantastic concept that has not seen enough life in modern MMOs. One of my favourite old-school games, Ashen Empires, is completely full loot. But, of course, the gear that you dropped was random (you would only drop 1 or 2 pieces of a possible 10, PLUS all the other stuff you had looted from people in the first place).

It was fantastic. But if you lost your +5 longsword, you didnt sit there and cry about it. You either got your guild to smash the crap out of the guy until he dropped it or gave it back, or else you farmed a new one. Tough noogie.

You were still effective without the best sword ever, by the way. But I mean, try using a vendor-sold sword in a game like WoW and you will be laughed out of town.

So in summary, Im down with going back to grassroots and giving a little life to PVP again. EVE was the closest I got to that heart-pumping early experience, but I found the combat in that game a little too AFK for me. Age of Conan is proving to be an awesome game, but I genuinely find myself mad that the PVP system has virtually no repercussions.

Not even a corpse run.

Come on!

Posted: Jun 1st 2010 4:22AM Birk said

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I might also add, that the severe consequences of PVP caused there to be a lot of PK guilds...but also an almost equal amount of anti-PK guilds that would be there in a heartbeat if someone came around wearing the dreaded F34R tags.

Heh....F34R. Oh nostalgia....what cant you do.

Posted: Jun 1st 2010 4:54AM (Unverified) said

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I love the way the system is designed, and the game looks good but, but, my machine which can run WoW at 60fps or better all the time fails to not chop while moving, this is an eyesore, and the game just feels laggy, but also, the interface is hard to read, and the game itself is too bright (i think)

But as far as game mechanics go, it looks great!
The only game mechanic that I dont like, and this is a big one, is the ability to take armor graphics and place it on to pieces, mind you, this feature is great for... different reasons, but it defeats the value of hard earned items.

On Anarchy Online (yes again!) and World of Warcraft, and many other games, but specifically AO, there are specific dungeons most players visit for xp and items at certain levels, these are, literally areas to grind in. But since its a shared spawnrate non instanced (well instanced after limits are met, per group) actually getting the spawn to spawn, getting the spawn to yourself, and getting the drop was, infact, HARD!

2 examples, first one!

#1 Guardian of Tomorrow AKA "The GOT" a monsterous mechanical Squirrel, thats right, usually drops an ncu belt (adds space for magical enhancements, yes, buffs are limited!) this boss has a 20minutes respawn timer, he's not easy, out of 40 people I think in 5 man groups, every single one of them needing this piece, its still like a 4% chance to drop. Its the first tank armor anyone can, or should, ever wear, it looks great, and the alternative is a body robe thats also known as the Welfare Robe. (Ive camped this for 20 hours before)

#2 Enhanced Pads of Dedication, this quest once took me only 14 hours, but took my best friend 3 months to complete. It requires farming rare drops from 8 separate sets of mobs in separate zones. It requires tagging 9 bosses (easy) and then coming back and killing those 9 bosses. Not easy, because the last one is synonymous for making "Camping" an activity of hardcore MMO's, alot like old school Ultima.

The Trash King* has a spawn rate of every 2 hours with a 20% chance of spawn every 20 minutes after you have tagged him. Mind you, this is in the open server world, and ALOT of people are out there to complete this quest as low as level 80, and its not singular people after trash king, he does not drop more than one quest item, and killing him requires at least one level 200+ so, bring soda or some form of caffeinated beverage and snacks, and stealthy burst damagey friends, because you too might take forever to get your piece of him.

The Enhanced Pads of Dedication are for this reason, the only one of their kind, nothing else looks like them, there's no easy way to get them, and wearing them is rewarding. Its another status item, that lasts forever.

My point is, if someone could just paste the graphic of the hard earned items I aquired to their junk armor (that will get replaced. I would instantly hate the game.

IF there was downtrading of graphics, or perhaps, a limit to the ability to plaster graphics on epic items so that the best pieces still remain the same, unchangeable, then I would accept that in any MMO.

The moral of this story is this, "Funcom, AoC sucks and you just need to bite the bullet and make AO2 in conjuction with Activision Blizzard's engine that made WoW, and keep the game THE SAME." "Never mind that they wont pay you any money or more likely fire you after you've created this masterpiece, but isnt the means justifying the action?"

Posted: Jun 1st 2010 9:35AM Tom in VA said

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Just have to comment on the ridiculous armor sets in the graphic accompanying this story. Why females have to wear "bikini" versions of everything is just laughable, imo.

It's hard -- for me anyway -- to take a game with armors like this very seriously.

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