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Posted: May 19th 2010 2:51PM (Unverified) said

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I will not be attending for a few reasons:

1) $150...
2) I am WAY too far away and it would cost way too much to go

Won't watch the stream either because:

1) $40...
2) I'll just find out about the information shared there for free days later via the interwebs.

Attending things like this is so out dated when the spread of information is as rapid as it is today. If you're close, sure, why not? However, the $150 price tag for the average gamer (mostly students) is not within their budget.. however, gamers these days spend money on the most ridiculous of things ($25 dollar mount, hello?) so maybe it's just me being overly reasonable.

Posted: May 19th 2010 2:58PM (Unverified) said

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The last convention I went to was PRSA. It was $950 for three days of seminars. I didn't even get a free hat.

So the nerdrage about expensive conventions is unfounded. Go back to crying about the sparkle pony or better yet, stop playing WoW and go support some of the struggling MMOs that are out there.

Yes, Comic-con is cheaper (last year was $75 I think) but I wish it was more expensive because it's already sold-out! Not to mention it was nearly impossible last year to even see anything because it was so crowded.

Reportedly, last years Blizzcon was too crowded and a mess - so upping the price is the logical way to go. It's called supply and demand.

Posted: May 19th 2010 5:06PM Graill440 said

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Blizzcon and anyone associated with it can burn in hell.

(cue maniacal laughter)

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