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Posted: Apr 28th 2010 8:12PM NeverDeath said

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MF, you're an idiot, plain and simply. None of those "events" included any sort of "New Content", unless you include Hunter's Vale, which is a LOW LEVEL instance. Beyond that, there has been NO "new" content additions to any high level PvE or PvP since Land of the Dead.

WAR had great potential, which it squandered. I'm just saying, Champions Online has been out a couple months and has done more in the way of content addition than WAR has in its couple years. It's completely unforgivable for them to still have than many major bugs persistent since beta, to go years at a time neglecting particular classes and to continue favoring others which need NERFS, not buffs (cough WH) and many more major issues.

I've probably played the game since before you even heard of it (I beta tested it) and if I haven't, then congratulations, you're a blind fanboy tool who will remain chained to his sinking ship long after it's gone down. Next time you call someone a troll who doesn't pay attention, you'd best be prepared to reinforce your statements with facts, at the risk of looking like an idiot...

Too late for that I suppose. Oh well, maybe this can be a learning experience for you.

Posted: Apr 29th 2010 12:58PM ShadowWar said

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Ahhh, the spewing vehemence of the hater. The vitrol and anger never ceases to amuse.

Content, oh content, wherefore art though content?

Are you in newly created scenarios (Reikland Factory, Twisting Tower, Undercroft)? "But those don't count! Those are old!"

Are you in an entirely new PvE dungeon (Hunter's Vale)? "But that doesn't count it's low level NOW. I mean, it wasn't when released, but it is now!"

Are you in commonly released live events? "It doens't count, that's not real content, it's temporary!"

Are you in an entire zone filled with PvE and PvP content, AND sand? "It doesn't count either! LoL, LotFail! Amirite? Everyone hates that zone."

Is it in an entire new series of weapon? "That doesn't count, it's just another grind. Please ignore the imlementation of new currency systems and new artwork."

Yes, things have been added. Yes, I think a lot of us would like more. Yes, the game DOES have issues. That said, the clear, unabashed hate you focus on this game is baseless. Your arguments flounder when taking a realistic look at the reality of the game state as is.

1.3.5 is the best thing for this game right now. The biggest complaint for the longest time, affecting the most people, is the end game mechanics. Making that a fun, enjoyable experience that fits within the game design is a priority.

Posted: Apr 29th 2010 2:34PM NeverDeath said

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Firstly, I've given this game plenty of subscription money and play time, and while I agree that this seems like a positive step forward, if you disagree that there has been a dearth of content, then you obviously have not played many other MMOs to realize that what has been provided by what's left of EAMythic to this point is a very minimal amount of content for the time the game has been released.

The disappointment I have for this game is so far from baseless that your very claim is nothing short of an absurdity. In addition to a shockingly low amount of "content" (artwork updates =/= content btw, if you didn't know that), I am extremely disappointed with the unparalleled number of bugs that continue to hinder the gameplay, the complete ineptness surrounding abused and neglected classes such as the Magus and SW while classes like the BW, IB and WH continue to get buffs even though they are infinitely stronger than their Destruction counterparts and have been for some time. When Destruction classes needed nerfs, they got them plenty quick (Witch Elf, Chosen)- but Order classes just don't seem to have that problem as of late, and in a game that is based entirely off of the conflict between two opposing player factions - it is a very serious issue when one side of the scale is an elephant and the other is a snake.

While they've made a couple of fixes in the major bug department (such as to clipping issues which previously ruined the game), they aren't anywhere near where they ought to be. Mobs still tether/dance around often times when engaged, putting them out of range then back in range and pathing a figure 8 before realizing where you are and that you are attacking them, BAL, Gromril Plating and a series of other completely imbalanced abilities, and much, much more. I have and could sit here all day listing the negative sides while my mention of positives would unfortunately be much less lengthy.

Nobody wanted to see this game succeed MORE than me, because Warhammer is awesome - but it definitely has not, nor will it ever unless some drastic (not minor) changes are made. Sure we're all glad they're finally going to "fix" endgame (heard that before), yeah I know it's good that AoE doesn't dominate the battlefield as much, that I can move before being trained to death because CC is less effective, etc. There have been some positive changes, but the overall state of the game is that it has taken far too long for far too little to happen. AoC has been out for only a slightly longer time, and its game has done a complete 180. This game is still struggling at a 90, and that is why it is subpar. Does it still have potential? Absolutely, but with every loyal player lost to the ineptness and inaction of the development staff, that potential dwindles ever further from the prospect of realization.

Posted: May 11th 2010 7:37PM ShadowWar said

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First you moan about lack of content, then you cry about bugs and ramble your way into class balance like a drunk verbally stumbling through a field. Pick a topic.

Yes, there are bugs. Every game has bugs. Warhammer is fixing them. One of the producer's primary goals and wishes of the game is to refine out remaining bugs. The few that remain, and there aren't many, and none that are gamebreaking, are being steadily fixed.

As for balance, the game is more balanced now than it has ever been. It's as near to a perfect balance as can be expected. As a person who plays both sides, I can honestly say that there are very few things that I envy of the opponents playing as Destruction OR Order.

Also, your comments about the state of the Shadow Warrior make me /lol. For what should be obvious reasons.

Posted: Apr 30th 2010 1:45PM (Unverified) said

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Truth is, Warhammer IS an AMAZING GAME, in almost every way too!

There are six entirely huge and completly different series of zones of quest and level up in depending on the race you choose, the pvp is exciting and fun, everything is absolutley great in this game.....

BUT...... there is one MASSIVELY(lol get it?) HUGE PROBLEM and the devs are so ridiculously stupid they havent put 2 and 2 together and realized that what I'm about to write IS the main reason why their playerbase is crap.

When players heard about/saw Warhammer, they were excited to have a great pvp/pve game, especially excited for the pvp. But when you actually got into the Rvr and city sieges what did you realize?

THE PLAYER COUNT IS GARBAGE> @20vs20 or 40vs40 you will see A LOT of at times in the rvr battles across the map, but all that is leading up to the final CITY SIEGE. The ultimate conquest /endgame of the game.

And what happens? You are put into an instance of up to 24vs24 - 48 fracking players???????????????????????????

Million dollars says if they made it so you could have 100vs100 or more, this game would double subs in less than a week, guaranteed.


Oh, and if you like pve, this game is amazing, but the pvp is lacking in teh city siege part most def.

Posted: May 11th 2010 7:54PM NeverDeath said

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You can outfit a Gremlin with a spiffy interior if you like; But it's still a piece of shit car.

Same principle applies here. I don't have the time, patience, nor concern to play semantics with you, since most of what you offer in the way of such an argument has little to do with actual semantics and more to do with your own fucking opinion, and your inability to realize it as nothing more than exactly that. To say that the game is more balanced than it has ever been while things like BAL and GP still exist in full swing is, while quite true, a terrible tragedy to say the least.

I am very happy (actually indifferent but for the sake of falsified courtesy) to know that for you, there is nothing gamebreaking about the state of the game. I am glad that you are pleased with a shoddy foundation piled high with fancy clip-on novelties, but for players like me who have been playing far before MMOs have existed, we will not be pleased with a game that could (almost) pass for a BETA that through some manner of gall (or lack of self-awareness) dares to carry a subscription fee. Primary mechanics still exist which are quite subpar to those in other games, from pathing, pets and collision detection, to the massive uncertainty and general lack of understanding that EA/Mythic(and now /Bioware lol) have displayed when it comes to making an endgame in a PvP-centric game, that is based on PvP. From Willpower and Strength on epic-class Magus gear to massive imbalances between supposed "mirrors" such as the Ironbreaker, Witch Hunter, Engineer and Bright Wizard.

They have made some noticeable improvements to many aspects of the game, but sadly it was SO terribly broken beforehand that even after all of the work undergone (and the many many Mythic misfires therein) it still feels horribly underdone, when compared to other games which have suffered similarly large launch-date inadequacies such as Age of Conan and Champions Online.

At the end of the day, I exhibit facts to support my statements, and experiences which are steeped in truth. You do not. That is why you have brought your trolling from the official WAR forums to this medium instead. People over there generally ignore you, and now I am reminded why.

Posted: May 13th 2010 1:37PM ShadowWar said

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You are still merely representing your opinion on all of these things.

"....still exist in full swing is, while quite true, a terrible tragedy to say the least."

"...mechanics still exist which are quite subpar to those in other games..."

"...massive uncertainty and general lack of understanding..."

"...to massive imbalances between supposed 'mirrors'..."

Each and every one of your points are inherinitly qualitative statements. To suggest otherwise is ignorance at best, and deceitful at worst.

You decry the games content, I showed quantitative additions to the games content.
You complain about balance, I suggest your apparent absence has left you out the loop.

You ad hominem attacks to suggest a superior level of knowledge based on supposed greater depth of experience with the genre is all the indicator of a weak argument. Your one sided examples of career balance can each be met with an equally opinioned evaluation that goes the other way.

The superiority of the Squig Herder to the Shadow Warrior.
The vastly superior tools of the Marauder to the White Lion.
The ridiculously greater toolset of the Chosen to the Knight of the Blazing Sun.
The massively better utility of the Black Orc over the Swordmaster.

If you wanted specifics, I could go into all of them, and explain each, but there's no point in doing so, not with you, or anyone because many of the things that I mentioned and you mentioned are being addressed. I recognize that my opinions are only that opinions, and judging the quality of something like that is a subjective action at best. I don't know you from Adam, and I don't particularly care, but don't expect to speak negatively about something of which you are woefully unqualified to speak on due to lack of first-hand experience, without being called out for it, and having your opinion challenged.

Posted: May 13th 2010 1:43PM NeverDeath said

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You can take quotes and isolate them out of context but I did indeed provide supportive evidence to all of them. Read a little better next time. I can see that you're stuck in belligerence mode so I'm not going to bother reading the entirety of your post, as it is a waste of my time to talk to a wall. Just thought I'd point out that you're full of shit, whether because you lack reading comprehension skills or because you are ... "deceitful, at best". ;)

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