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Posted: Apr 11th 2010 4:47AM (Unverified) said

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I don't think the silence from SE is really all that terrible, given the quality and usefulness of official forums for other games I have to wonder if SE is just bypassing a headache and nothing more. I agree that it is annoying that they don't communicate, but from another angle I respect them for it; it's their game, they do it their way, end of story.

It seems like some MMO players feel entitled to be "backseat dev's" because they registered on the forum. I'm not saying that no good ideas come from the players, but I think dev's need to stick to their "vision" and not get caught in that trap of trying to please everyone and ditching a coherent core game.

The biggest fear I have for XIV is that it won't be that much different... The headline last summer of "no exp, no classes" at this point seems like a half-truth at best, and I have to wonder how much more like "XI 2" it really is.

But then I think XI with a bit of modernization? sounds like a great game already. :)

Posted: Apr 11th 2010 6:11AM ewingmaestro said

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A very good point, vision and focus are essential for the survivability and success of MMO's. Although the playerbase and consumers are the funding, its your path that you've set for your project that they are responding too, and invested in in the first place. If they can see where its going, and like the trajectory, they will continue to support you through rough mechanics or imbalancing. As long as players can see a future they have faith.

Posted: Apr 11th 2010 5:46AM Betel said

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"A bigger concern is the return of Japan first. I'm surprised nobody has brought up that all the information we have on FFXIV are magazine translations. Why isn't SE reaching out to their English speaking fans at all?"

I think the reason for that is simply that Japan is interested about the game more than the Western world. If magazines or websites ask SE to give some input/let to test the alpha, I'm quite sure they'd let them. But they're not going to beg the magazines to make articles about the game if they don't care.

While the western fanbase for XIV is large, it's not enough yet to warrant the articles when there are more "mainstream" games coming out that generate more interest and readers for the mag. Once XIV takes off and more people will hear about it, we'll start seeing a lot more articles on this side of the world too.

As for the article, it's pretty much cynical BS as almost always. The devs don't have to TALK to us to listen. As long as they get feedback and do not ignore it, it doesn't matter if we have CharismaticPrGuyX talking to us on the forums or not. As long as the feedback is taken to consideration, everything else is just fluff.

And I don't think SE is really bad at this nowadays. They were once, but what we should be looking at isn't the past, it's the present.

World will be smaller.. welcome to MMORPG's.

Console MMO's have their ups and downs. Having the game on a console allows the devs to make a much more beautiful game for the masses, unlike PC only MMO's that often sacrifice graphical quality for playability (take SW:TOR for example- the game has to run on most PC's, so the graphics suffer). SE can create graphics as good as PS3 offers, and then make the PC version even more beautiful- without shutting off majority of it's playerbase with weak PC's. PS3 has pretty good hardware for low cost.

Looking at how SE's updates have changed over the years, I myself do know exactly what they've learned and what not. It's looking good so far.

As for the last paragraph, fuck yes. The longer we can keep those min/maxing players out of the game, the better.

Posted: Apr 11th 2010 7:10AM (Unverified) said

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"The longer we can keep those min/maxing players out of the game, the better. "

I'll never understand why people take offense to min/maxing. I find it incredibly fun to try and be the best I can possibly be. That doesn't mean I don't like to experiment with crazy combinations and such. Back when I still played FFXI I'd try and min/max my warrior as much as it's possible to in that game, but I still liked to screw around with some fun combos.

Min/maxing just brings a game to a more competitive edge.

"unlike PC only MMO's that often sacrifice graphical quality for playability (take SW:TOR for example- the game has to run on most PC's, so the graphics suffer)"

That's just plain wrong. SW:TOR, besides NOT EVEN BEING OUT YET, looks pretty good in screenshots.

Posted: Apr 11th 2010 7:11AM (Unverified) said

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What do you want because you've kinda confused me with the point of this article.

You don't want people to be able to get to endgame as fast, but then critique the method that will prevent that from happening????

I know you can't please all of the people all of the time, but there's no pleasing you at all. ;)

Posted: Apr 11th 2010 7:37AM Betel said

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"I'll never understand why people take offense to min/maxing. I find it incredibly fun to try and be the best I can possibly be. That doesn't mean I don't like to experiment with crazy combinations and such. Back when I still played FFXI I'd try and min/max my warrior as much as it's possible to in that game, but I still liked to screw around with some fun combos.

Min/maxing just brings a game to a more competitive edge."

The problem is that once all the min/maxing is done, there are no crazy combinations. There's only the one best way to play a class, and if you don't play it that way, you suck. That's what I hate to see.

It's not like being 5% worse than others is so damn important that it ruins the whole game experience. Once the game is out, people don't mind that, as long as the combination is at least somehow viable. Not dealing the most damage or killing enemies as efficiently as possible isn't the point, having fun is.

Once the game has developed up to certain point, then efficiency can take over because at that point efficiency = fun. You're doing the same things over and over again, so being able to do it as fast and efficiently as possible is a good thing.

But when the game has come out, not knowing everything makes for much more enjoyable experience (for most). So what if the mob is dying 10% slower than it could? Who the fuck cares? As long as we're all having fun, things like that couldn't be less important.

"That's just plain wrong. SW:TOR, besides NOT EVEN BEING OUT YET, looks pretty good in screenshots."

It looks nowhere near as good as it could. The graphics have been toned down so that as many people can play it as possible.

The same thing happened with WoW. Their priority was that as many people could play the game as possible, not that it would look as pretty as possible. It's not wrong thing to do, and Bioware seems to be doing the same thing.

Or they could have just released the game on a console, thus being able to make the game as good looking as possible with the standards of their time.

Posted: Apr 11th 2010 11:52AM Rialle said

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I don't think Square-Enix is ignoring North American and Europe (which I will collectively refer to as the West), but I think they could approach pushing the game better in markets outside of Japan.

Final Fantasy is a very well loved, well known franchise. It is very familiar to just about every gamer out there, and most people have fond memories of their favorite FF game moments. So I honestly think this game could get a lot of subs if properly marketed. Many people don't even know FF14 is on the horizon, though.

If I recall the sales numbers of FF12, it was roughly 50% in Japan and 50% in the West. So in theory, Western gamers are as an important group to cater to as Japan for a standard FF game. Given that a large number of the most successful and hardcore MMO gamers are actually European, it is possible the West could potentially be a bigger market... if SE takes the right approach to things.

Right now I believe that Square-Enix is making some mistakes in their approaches. Releasing info to Famitsu is great for the Japanese market, but they need to generate hype for the West and not rely on their most hardcore fans to do it for them.

- Right now they seem to be aggressively going after leaked content on Youtube and other places and shutting it down. There was a 2-hour long gameplay video that they had pulled. In reality, they should be letting this stuff go viral. WoW thrives on hype and speculation generated from data mined content from new patches and new expansions, as well as leaked content from Alpha/Beta content.

- They need to improve their Square-Enix community portal. I'm glad they have a unified portal now and are pushing it, but it feels like a DIY community builder. They need to improve it and have some people there answering questions about the game and helping to build the community in some sort of official forums. Players should not have to search for 3rd. party communities.

- SE needs to allow for control schemes that are favored by Western PC gamers. It should be configurable to control in a very similar fashion to other MMOs, while still retaining the console-like control scheme as an option for PS3 gamers or those who prefer to use a game pad. I also (as I've said several times) think mouse + keyboard support for the PS3 version should be available.

Right now, I could take any MMO player and stick them in front of WoW, LOTRO, DDO, WAR, RoM, Allods, or just about any newer MMO and they would be able to figure it out within 5 minutes regardless of their previous game.
SE wants their MMO to be easy to get into.

If I stuck the average MMO player in front of FF11, they wouldn't get it. It would probably take them several hours to figure out how to do things that it would take little time to figure out in another game. I think that FF11 would have more subs outside of Japan if they just allow for some UI/Control tweaks such as "right click for auto-attack."

So far it seems they are improving the UI greatly, so I am hoping that they are aslo taking the control scheme into mind for FF14, and make it so that someone coming from a Western MMO background will be able to pick it up quickly and start playing the game rather than fighting against the UI and controls.

Posted: Apr 11th 2010 5:11PM (Unverified) said

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Ultimately, more than anything, what I want from an MMO is to have a deeply personal experience that exists in a multiplayer environment. I want life that is better than real life. I want it to fulfill in the ways that the real world lacks. Exploration, , beautiful environments (that I don't have to pay air-fare/vacation time for), treasures, secrets and adventure.

I don't want to have to party/group/raid with people to get the best things in the game, and that's always been a bit of a thorn, when it comes to WOW. This isn't the way an MMO HAS to work. Time, involvement, money, and skill are just as important to me as getting people together to hit a piƱata.

I want a MMO (instead of an rpg) because, quite simply, it matters more.
More players sharing the economy,and being able to recognize your achievements makes everything you do matter more. Simple as that. I want you there, but sometimes as an observer more than a playmate.

I loved FFXI prior to the BST changes. When they changed BST, I lost heart and quit. I've never enjoyed being a "tank" or a "healer" or a "dps" in a party.
I really hope soloing in FFXIV is going to be significant and worthwhile.
I just won't play otherwise and that will really suck because I WANT to play. :/

Posted: Apr 14th 2010 9:38AM (Unverified) said

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Uhh.. PS3 limitations? Does anyone remember why FFXI had the limitations? because it was a PORT. FFXIV is not a port it has been made for both PS3 and PC separately. Different textures and everything. I for one love that it is cross platform as well as true global. It widens your player range and makes it so that there is always people on.

Posted: Apr 12th 2010 12:57AM (Unverified) said

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Wow, you sir are an idiot..
SE Don't advertise like crazy like a lot of other companies, remember Aion? So much bragging and advertising features that didn't work in the damn game.

The World will start much smaller..wtf? You expect the initital release to have as much as FFXI + 4 Expansions + 3 addon scenarios?

Console controllers are fine, I know a lot of FFXI players who prefer to use them rather than keyboards, and with no auto attack(yay for no retard dps who go afk half the fight) I'll probably switch to a controller for this.

If you watched any of the alpha footage you'll know FFXIV is nothing like WoW, it looks like FFXI on steroids, but it seems to play like neither.

So, let me get this straight..After so many people complaining about japanese players getting a year headstart, you're bitching because you won't know quest locations, mob drops, how to spec your character right from the beginning?

Damn lazy gamers, I hope people who agree with this article don't buy FFXIV, the community would be all the better for it.

Posted: Apr 12th 2010 2:27AM (Unverified) said

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What a garbage article.

Especially the part where the author has a problem about learning the different systems inside a NEW game.

The author was probably spoiled by WoW and its QuestHelper add on.



Posted: Apr 13th 2010 12:51AM (Unverified) said

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What are you talking about? lol

I think someone wasted a lot of time writing this article.

We'll be flying completely blind? Lol.. God forbid for you to have to figure it out on your own! Give me a break.

Posted: Apr 16th 2010 11:58PM (Unverified) said

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Why complain just to complain?

Posted: Apr 19th 2010 12:53PM MrCassian said

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Looks like people will complain about anything.

Posted: Apr 28th 2010 1:29PM (Unverified) said

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You do realize that the US playerbase actually had to come up with their own tactics and such for ever job released after the Zilart expansion. Not only that but we've came up with more and better tactics for the game overall over the past 5-6 years than the japanese. They were the ones stuck in the tank and spank xp party grind and we changed it to tp spamming. That's just one expample

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