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Posted: Feb 2nd 2010 7:59AM (Unverified) said

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Lol - I think 'MMO' is a term used by GA's marketeers to hype things up somewhat..

To most people, 'MMO' means wandering freely over a vast amount of land (continents), choosing and performing quests, choosing to explore, battle mobs, gather resources, interact with other players, level up your toon etc etc.. all in an open-world environment.

GA is not like that.

Dome City is basically just a 'lobby' for hanging about in between 10vs10 arena matches (some of which are of gametypes similar to TF2 such as capture points or cart escorts).

You can run around and see other players in this 'lobby', and interact with the Auction House (but only for buying items if you don't sub) and Mail (with a sub) and visiting stores for gear, but that's it.
In actuality you're simply waiting for the next arena match to pop.

In terms of pve, you and three others shoot your way through a 'dungeon' (ie a linear level) to a 'boss' and that's it.

At no time can you choose to head out and explore a 'world', as is the case with MMO's.

Yes, you can level your character with talent points and gear, but all other major shooters (BF, MW2, etc) have that function (perks, gear unlocks, etc).

So in summary - its not an 'MMO' in terms of a huge world to freely wander about and explore while leveling; it's a team and class-based arena third-person shooter, 10vs10, with a 3D lobby rather than a lobby screen.

The sub adds a 'Global Conquest' mode, the details of which are explained in this video:

If you're wanting to draw comparisons, this type of overall mechanic has been done twice before in the games 'Fury' and 'Hellgate London', both of which closed due to bankruptcy and general lack of interest.

My advice? http://www.tribesnext.com/ ;)

Posted: Feb 2nd 2010 9:00AM Snichy said

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I was always under the impression that you pay a monthly sub to help keep the game developers going to improve on content and work on expansions. Is that the case here? Is there more content being worked on?

Im happy to pay a sub on the understanding that more content will follow and the game will continually be worked on and improved, but Im not paying monthly for a multiplayer game that is just run off their server while the developers work on something else.

Posted: Feb 2nd 2010 7:05PM (Unverified) said

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And you would be correct, Super Healer. More content to come... for monthly paying customers.

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