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Posted: Jan 26th 2010 6:19PM DrewIW said

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"Moreover, I would propose that if things like this continue in Eve, eventually those individuals who are currently pursuing an industrialist career path in Eve will leave, and those potential future industrialist players will steer clear of Eve. Over time their numbers will decline, and prices will continue to rise."

This is the exact opposite of what has happened, and continues to happen with EVE. There has always been suicide ganking, and there probably always will be. Despite this, the subcriptions continue to grow, and prices continue to fall.

I used to pay 400m for HACs. Now, even after hte price spike caused by moon rebalancing, they're around 120m.

Posted: Jan 26th 2010 7:06PM Scuffles said

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Its not that I don't enjoy the "realism" but things like this just seem like sponsored griefing.

short of amusing people who thrive on one sided fights, as I suspect the mining ships are not exactly the armor clad fleet destroyers that were coming after them, I doubt the people who enjoy mining ..... and I would probably be one of them ..... got a kick out of the event.

It takes the standard mentality of "be an Uber or QQmore and GTFO" I know that in all games there is always a bigger fish than you somewhere, events like this just make it obvious that most of the really big fish are jerks.

I don't really care for the whole "vocal minority" cliche, for two reasons the first being that had they agreed with it they would have been taken to be a resounding testament to the awesomeness of the event even tho they would still be a "minority". Secondly because almost every MMO flat out says that its generally an extremely small minority of the games overall population that even bother with the forums. This falls under the 9/10 surveys say you can make a survey say whatever you want it to .... and for that one that doesn't work out, its obviously in error and should be disregarded anyhow because you can't possibly be wrong.

I have been eyeing EvE for a while and I didn't really care for the whole AFG(away from Game) lvling system. Tho I really do love the idea of a space MMO ..... tho the last space MMO I played was pretty much pure griefing aswell, nothing says "Fun" being jumped by ships that coutclass the hell out of you.

Seriously if your that bored and really need to be a total asshat to justify your existence turn the computer off go outside and punch a paraplegic waiting for their bus to arrive...

Tho on the other hand I don't blame CCP for not doing anything, I can respect their hands off approach.

Posted: Jan 26th 2010 7:54PM Dblade said

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I had a response but it looks like the internet eated it. Apologies for doublepost if it goes through.

In short, my problem was not so much the event and the argument of risk or justification, it was the mean-spirited attitude towards harvesters and PvE that persists through the EVE community. Helicity's post both here and the forum tends to show the contempt they have, and it's one of the reasons I fell out of love with the game. It was very much "you must do this one certain way or GTFO, and btw learn to pvp. You suck."

That was the bad part.

Posted: Jan 28th 2010 10:41AM (Unverified) said

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Your "epeen" is so big! You can "gank" and "grief" players that don't even have a chance to defend themselves! Now that is a challenge and fun!! WoooHooo... you are sooooo great! You are such a hero and supa-star! BTW.. sarcasm...

Posted: Jan 29th 2010 4:21PM (Unverified) said

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As a miner... let me say that everyone who's worked themselves up in a tizzy over this needs to simmer down.

All the good points have been made. Play smart, don't AFK mine, insure your stuff (broken though it may be), and don't go running around by yourself when everyone's hunting your ship.

Pretty simple.

It made for an interesting week, it made the market do crazy things-- and it's always good to shake things up-- and it should teach us carebear folk not to let our guard down.

Seriously. These aren't difficult concepts to grasp.

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