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Posted: Jan 7th 2010 12:11PM DrewIW said

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Holy cow, that's a huge improvement!

I think I've still got a couple weeks left on my account, I'll have to pop in and take a look!

Posted: Jan 7th 2010 12:30PM (Unverified) said

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That's a huge amount of re-texturing to pull off in the short time they were offline. Damnit I almost got around to uninstalling this too >< Beat the original Mass effect last night, guess I have some free time hehe

Posted: Jan 7th 2010 1:10PM (Unverified) said

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Did they ever fix the AI or is that still completely broken?

Posted: Jan 7th 2010 1:51PM Seffrid said

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It wasn't broken on the version I played. No idea if it's been changed at all in this patch tho' as I haven't seen it yet.

Posted: Jan 7th 2010 1:40PM Valentina said

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Looks pretty cool...

Posted: Jan 7th 2010 1:43PM jpo said

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Okay....I just re-subbed after taking a month off. Can't wait to check this out.

Posted: Jan 7th 2010 1:45PM MrGutts said

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hmmmm now this looks interesting. Have they fixed that gooofy ass running the toons do?

Posted: Jan 7th 2010 1:56PM Seffrid said

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The patch notes in full (only available on their site if you're registered on the forum):-

Fallen Earth v1.2.1

Graphics Engine
· Revised the scrub render system with improved meshes, textures, and optimizations.
· Improved terrain rendering for midrange to distance contrast and detail.
· Improved fog advanced post processing for better visual depth determination.
· Enabled cloud movement for current sectors.
· Improved dynamic lighting performance and appearance on Shader 3 hardware.
· Fixed a bug that caused particle effects to sometimes get stuck on the player.

Physics Engine
· Fixed additional issues with fast moving characters moving through objects before collision became available.
· Fixed a small memory leak with dynamically created physics objects.
· Fixed a memory leak with level map descriptions.
· Optimized the loading of physics shapes.

· Added reserve room for debuffs including stuns and knockdowns so players with 20 stacked buffs will no longer be immune. These overstacked debuffs will be start being displayed with a patch soon.
· Fixed the issue that allowed you to shoot your own vehicle.
· Fixed the issue that caused a scope, when used from horseback, to aim in the direction the horse was facing rather than the direction the character was facing.
· Fixed a bug that caused a character to stutter when in melee combat and moving.
· Decreased the max-limit of the lag angle for the over the shoulder camera mode.
· Fixed vehicle first person aiming to let others know the direction of aiming.
· Optimized the angle reporting to others during aiming.
· Correctly assigned all shotguns the round reticule.

· Disabled the dismount action when airborne.
· Fixed an issue with dismounting from a horse and immediately going prone.
· Fixed vehicle engine sound pitch shift to go up in reverse gear when airborne.
· Optimized vehicle debris to emit fewer particles when no hardware is present.
· Updated first person mode so that a mounted character’s arms show.
· Fix a bug that could cause a horse to slide into water.
· Added protection to water so you stop sliding if you reach the depth limit.
· Refined orientation for vehicle landing or losing contact on some wheels.
· Fixed a scenario where a mount could be incorrectly deleted.

· Updated the Options window to add support for overall and optimal settings and resolution previously accessible only in the configurator.
· Updated UI skins to include a larger radar window.
· Added a user option to scale the radar and pack window by right clicking on each window.
· Added a wnd.ini entry for the radar's name position so it can be customized per skin.
· Added different icons and tooltips for the horse statistics window versus the vehicle ones.
· Fixed symbols so they longer activate actions when in any edit control.
· Changed the UI so that a right click will no longer activate popup menus.
· Moved the map waypoint to the top in the overhead view.
· Prevented left and right mouse buttons from being rebound to movement because it's not fully supported.
· Updated the combat message when you damage yourself to read "You are hit..."
· Updated the combat message to show the name of the rider instead the vehicle for vehicles with mounted weapons.
· Fixed a bug where the weapon window would stay hidden if you got into a weapon equipped vehicle with no weapon wielded.
· Fixed the Recipe window so the selected recipe clears when you select a new tab.
· Fixed an issue with item comparison tooltips that was making paired slots not work correctly when they included wielded and not wielded sets.
· Fixed a possible crash caused by a custom-sized Pack window.
· Fixed the Clan tab sorting so that time offline sorts by length of time and clan rank sorts by rank, instead of alphabetically.
· Fixed a case where recipes weren't correctly updating when the window was first opened.
· Prevented the selection of filtered-out recipes.

· Fixed a visual error that a player with no money (after the initial bet) would see after doubling or splitting in Blackjack
· Allowed players to place bets of 1000 or 10000 chips on Blackjack.
· Incorporated a much improved algorithm for finding whether or not an area is clear for placing a camp. Players should now be able to place camps more easily and in more areas as well as receive better feedback on why they can't place a camp when they are blocked.
· Fixed dance emotes so that a character using one will switch to an upright stance.
· Fixed an issue where a player bounced from a gambling machine wouldn't reset collision with the chair.
· Fixed the walk toggle so it applies to strafe and moving backwards.
· Fixed the occasional flicker in chat bubbles at the edge of the screen.
· Fixed a bug in which characters wouldn’t dismount properly when hit with a knockback.
· Fixed a bug where a lost item could be mailed to your horse or vehicle.
· Fixed a bug where items over the maximum limit could be added to a horse or vehicle’s pack. Anyone affected by this bug will have these items be mailed back to them upon loading the horse or vehicle.
· Fixed a mission repeatability issue.

· Corrected all ranks of Vital Osmosis so that it can no longer be accidentally used on hostile targets that are actively attacking you.
· Corrected all ranks of Equalizer so that it does not conflict with Group Tactics auras.
· Reduced the stun duration on Thundershot to 2 seconds.
· Corrected the reuse time on all ranks of Revitalize to 10 seconds.
· Reduced the reuse time on all ranks of Ambient Absorption to 5 seconds.
· Reworked Kinetic Shield, Reinforce and Antibody to prevent them from being blocked by camp buffs.
· Corrected the animation sequence on all ranks of Molotov Mutation so that it plays its particle fire effect again.
· Corrected Thundershot so that it properly registers under Sonic Influence in the action menu.
· Corrected Sap Stamina so that it uses the mutation activation channel.

· Clarified many tooltips that referred to "Dodge" but actually modified Ranged Defense alone.
· Corrected the Knowledge requirement on Evasive Maneuvers 2 to be 135 Armor Use.
· Corrected all ranks of Escape so that it only drains the initial stamina cost once.
· Corrected Knockdown (all ranks) so that it requires a valid target to start its activation time, preventing it from going on cooldown without actually being useful.
· Corrected the reuse time and skill activation channel for all ranks of Body Toughening, Reflexes, and Vigor.
· Clarified all aura tooltips from Group Tactics (Defensive Coordination, Offensive Coordination and Organize) to explain that they do not stack with one another.
· Corrected the tooltip on Dreadnaught (all ranks) to properly explain all buffs it gives. No changes were made to the effect otherwise.
· Corrected the tooltip on Efficiency and Equilibrium (all ranks) to properly explain all buffs it gives. No changes were made to the effect otherwise.
· Removed the reuse time on Fitness (all ranks) and corrected its usage channel.
· Corrected the usage channel of Roll with the Punches (all ranks).
· Corrected Second Wind 6 so that it properly checks to see if you have Second Wind 5 as the prerequisite.
· Reworked the tooltips on Second Wind (all ranks) for clarity.
· Corrected Autumn Leaves so that it properly overwrites lower ranks of itself.
· Corrected tooltips on Smoke Screen (all ranks) to properly explain the buffs it gives.
· Updated the tooltip on all ranks of Extended Care, Brutalize, Defensive Fighting, Feint, Rapid Advance, Fortify, and Reckless Attack to use current terminology. No changes to these skills were otherwise made.
· Removed the status effect curing function of Extended Care (all ranks), as its use time made it an inefficient curative.
· Changed the attribute affected by Refresh (all ranks). Users should notice no functionality change.
· Corrected the First Aid attribute requirement of Sand and Stone 4.
· Decreased the reuse time on Suck It Up (all ranks) to 15 seconds.
· Decreased the reuse time on Treat Poison (all ranks) to 3 seconds.
· Decreased the reuse time on Treat Disease (all ranks) to 3 seconds.
· Decreased the reuse time on Stanch Wound (all ranks) to 6 seconds.
· Decreased the reuse time on Hold the Line (all ranks) to 3 minutes and corrected it to properly overwrite lower ranks of itself.
· Decreased the reuse time on Inspiration (all ranks) to 3 minutes.
· Changed the tooltip on Rally (all ranks) to use current terminology and changed the attributes that it references. Users should notice no functionality change.
· Reduced the saving throw bonus on Gun to a Knife Fight (all ranks) and updated it to properly apply to Mind saves.
· Updated the tooltip on Gunfighter (all ranks) to use current terminology. The Melee Defense debuff has been changed to a percentage reduction of 25% across all ranks.
· Changed the defense debuff of Desperado to 20% across all ranks.
· Reworked Perforate (all ranks). This ability now forces the victim's stamina regeneration to zero instead of draining stamina.
· Decreased the range on Smoking Sabot Round (all ranks) to 30 meters and removed its activation time.
· Reworked One Shot, One Kill (all ranks). This ability now forces the victim's Stamina regeneration to zero instead of draining Stamina. Also corrected a bug in which the ability was not costing the proper amount of Stamina for use.
· Reworked Precise Aim (all ranks). The stance now increases Rifle skill and Stamina regeneration rather than penalizing defenses further.

· Updated spider abilities to drain Stamina over time rather than remove the whole amount at once.
· Modified Nathan Kulagina at the Displacer Compound with actions similar to Displacer Renegade's abilities.
· Modified the boss Geiger with a regeneration time of 2 hours and a variance of 1 hour. Every time he is killed he will respawn at a minimum of 1 hour after death and a maximum of 3 hours after death.
· Modified the Union Blockade Boss with a regeneration time of 2 hours and a variance of 1 hour. Every time he is killed he will respawn at a minimum of 1 hour after death and a maximum of 3 hours after death.
· Modified the Chupacabra boss with a regeneration time of 2 hours and a variance of 1 hour. Every time he is killed he will respawn at a minimum of 1 hour after death and a maximum of 3 hours after death.
· Modified the Sasquatch boss with a regeneration time of 1 hour and a variance of 30 minutes. Every time he is killed he will respawn at a minimum of 30 minutes after death and a maximum of an hour and a half after death.
· Modified the damage done by the Giant Wasps in Papermill.

· Fixed a typo in the description of the mission item Crate of Food.
· Changed the tooltip of the Charger Bridle to indicate 32250 Stamina rather than 50000 Stamina for the Charger horse.
· Updated the maximum skill gain and field and facility construction times for the recipe Tires 3 Research.
· Changed the requirement for Reinforced Shoulder Armor from 111 to 105 Armor Use.
· Corrected the recipe Telekinesis 4 Instructions so that it produces the correct item.
· Changed the Crude Electric Generator recipe to have a stack count of 1 rather than 10.
· Corrected the Primal 5 Research recipe so that it produces the correct item.
· Corrected the Description of Adv. Small Arms Rifles 2 Plans.
· Changed the recipes for Impure Antiseptic, Standard Antiseptic, and Strong Antiseptic. Removed the second recipe for each of these, and changed each recipe to use both the previous grade of Antiseptic and the same grade of Botanic Chemicals. Rebalanced the amounts of components used.
· Changed the skill gain on the recipes for Quarterstaff and Shogun's Katana from 2 to 1.
· Changed the skill gain for the Blackened Chicken recipe from 10 to 1.
· Changed the trigger name and description for the Animal Training Kit Manuals 1-4 so that each includes the quality descriptor of the knowledge it teaches.
· Changed the Dune Buggy Tires recipe to use 20 Salvaged Rubber rather than 50 Scrap Rubber, 20 Weak Geologic Chemical rather than 30, and 15 Scrap Steel rather than 20.
· Reduced the maximum skill gain of the recipes for Horsefeed Instructions, Horse Training 1 Instructions, Horse Training 2 Instructions, Horse Training 3 Instructions, Belts 2 Instructions, Belts 3 Instructions, to match the minimum skill requirement.
· Reduced the maximum skill gain of the recipes for Improved Horsefeed Instructions, Improved Horse Training 1 Instructions, Advanced Horse Training 1 Instructions, Improved Horse Training 2 Instructions, Advanced Horse Training 2 Instructions, Improved Horse Training 3 Instructions, Advanced Horse Training 3 Instructions, Improved Belts 1 Instructions, Improved Belts 2 Instructions, Improved Belts 3 Instructions, Advanced Belts 1 Instructions, and Advanced Belts 2 Instructions to be 1 point higher than the skill requirement.
· Changed the recipe of Belts 2 Instructions to use 4 Scrap Paper rather than 2 and no Ragged Leather. Changed the recipe of Belts 3 Instructions to use 6 Salvaged Paper rather than 4 Scrap Paper and 6 Tattered Leather.
· Changed the recipes for Debilitating Weakness 4, Debilitating Weakness 5, Debilitating Weakness 6, and Debilitating Weakness 7 so that they use Common Toxin rather than Pure Shiva Samples. Changed the recipes for Debilitating Weakness 8, Debilitating Weakness 9, and Debilitating Weakness 10 to use Improved Toxin rather than Superior Titanium.Changed the Description on the Trigger of the Improved Biodiesel Formula to indicate that it teaches Improved Biodiesel.
· Corrected the recipe for Adv. Horse Training 2 Research to come from the Improved Horse Training 2 knowledge. Corrected the recipe for Adv. Horse Training 3 Research to come from the Improved Horse Training 3 knowledge. Corrected the Description of the Trigger on Adv. Horse Training 2 Research to indicate that it teaches Advanced Horse Training 2. Corrected the Description of the Trigger on Adv. Horse Training 3 Research to indicate that it teaches Advanced Horse Training 3.
· Changed the Campfire Bundle, reducing its level from 10 to 5 and reducing its cost from 285 chips to 108 chips. Changed the recipe for the Campfire Bundle, reducing its skill requirement and maximum skill gain and changing the components.
· Changed the cost of Puncture, Vol 5, from 762 chips to 1015 chips.
· Corrected the Camps 3 recipe so that it’s taught by the Camps 2 knowledge.
· Changed the description on the trigger of the Elite Account Toaster to specify that it requires a piece of White Bread.
· Changed the cost of Edible Meat from 133 chips to 354 chips.
· Changed the level of Edible Venison from 70 to 50, and changed the cost from 202 chips to 354 chips.
· Changed Fresh Crab Meat so that it counts as Fresh Meat rather than Edible Meat and adjusted its cost.
· Increased the cost of Succulent Boar Meat from 133 chips to 354 chips.
· Increased the cost of Edible Vegetables from 117 chips to 302 chips.
· Removed the skill requirement from the Crude Vitamin Shot.
· Changed the model of Scrap Paper to differ from the model for Ragged Wool.
· Increased both the optimum and maximum ranges for the 338 T&C Peregrine.
· Changed the Racketeer's Med Kit so that it is destroyed when all the charges are gone.
· Added Armor values to the New Red Top Hat, the New Green Top Hat, the New Blue Top Hat, and the New White Top Hat.
· Changed the name of the 55th level item “T&C LB .410” to “T&C ELB .410.”
· Updated the Valkyrie to count as a Pistol rather than a Rifle.
· Fixed the Old Kingman Iced Tea, Flat Beer, and Pansy Wine Cooler items so that they play the drink animation and sound when used rather than the eating animation and sound.
· Fixed the icon for the Average Pheromone.
· Increased the speed buff of the Crude Adrenaline Shot, Impure Adrenaline Shot, Average Adrenaline Shot, and Improved Adrenaline Shot to 5%, 8%, 12%, and 15% respectively.
· Added an injector sound effect to many relevant items.
· Changed the Crude Spore Culture so that it stacks to 20.
· Corrected the tooltips on the Siphon Energy injectors (all ranks) so that they properly reflect the actual numeric effect outlined in the tooltips.
· Increased the bonus on the Marksman Goggles to +13 Pistol.
· Increased the bonus on the Polarized Goggles to +15 Rifle.
· Corrected a tooltip error for the Dirty Drug Dose.
· Corrected a stacking conflict with Reactive Armor and the Insulation mutation.
· Changed Battery Beer and Top-Shelf Gin so that they count as beverages and not Group Tactics buffs with regard to stacking.
· Fixed Antiseptic Foam of all varieties so the effect does not expire on logout.
· Corrected the tooltip for Hot Sauce. The effect was not changed at all.
· Changed the name on the Gunfighter's Stance training manuals to properly refer to the skill as Gunfighter.

General Content
· Moved several buried or floating harvest nodes.
· Removed a sign from the wilderness near New Gallows.
· Changed the way many bounty hunter style mission targets behave so they should now more quickly react to the player being in close proximity and attack.

Sector One
· Fixed a map glitch that showed up in the Lower Toro Valley.
· Updated the Blade Dancer leader “Edge” so that he is always hostile.
· Corrected the waypoint of the first step of the mission “Trouble in Jannix's House.”
· Added paragraph breaks to the greeting text of the mission “Mercy Killing.”
· Fixed the bug that could cause you to float at a certain point in the Cave of Beasts sewer.
· Fixed some pathing problems in the Cave of Beasts.
Clinton FARM
· Updated the following support missions so that they will accept higher ranks of the skills required.
o “Anti-Venom”
o “Bethesda”
o “Duct Tape and Super Glue”
o “First, Do No Harm”
o “Scorpion Bites”
CoGs Storyline
· Corrected a title in the CoG mission series that mentions a town by an old name.
· Added many item rewards and additional chip rewards to the CoG storyline mission series.
· Corrected a typo in the text of the mission “Coppermine Waystation.”
· Fixed issue with an NPC having invisible thighs.
· Corrected Rafe Blazkowitz's facial tattoo.
· Added information to the story text of the mission “Marching Orders” make it clear that the goals for this mission cannot be completed inside of the instanced content within the mine level.
Depot 66
· Moved a Prairie Chicken Nest so that it doesn’t interfere with scavenging nodes.
Embry Crossroads
· Corrected a typo in the NPC Tam Nguyen’s dialogue.
· Fixed the camera collision on the roof of the VIP bank.
Hotel Nevada
· Moved a tire that was sticking out of a wall.
· Improved the respawn time for the bounty mission “The Prime Tracker.”
· Adjusted collision on a Midway rooftop.
· Raised a tow truck that was sunk into a sidewalk.
· Adjusted terrain and NPC placement at the Found Worshiper Camp to improve the pathing.
· Adjusted scrub placement.
Needle Eye
· Added a ladder to the bunker bar.
· Adjusted scrub placement.
· Repositioned some floating chairs.
· Moved a street sign to the correct location.
North Burb
· Removed scrub from the roads.
· Moved the Science Merchant to the Science facility.
· Allowed scrub to grow again inside of the holiday campground area.
· Lowered a floating dresser in a building.
· Adjusted scrub placement.
· Adjusted scrub placement.
· Made the gate near the oil rigs triggerable.
Old Kingman
· Corrected a typo in the description of the mission item “Box of Gun Parts.”
· Fixed an issue with collision in the Kingman Prison stairwell.
· Moved several shanties down in the Kingman Prison courtyard to correct their pathing.
· Removed a stairwell that was too short from Kingman Prison.
· Raised a building to fix the location of its air conditioning unit.
· Moved a car that was sticking through a wall.
· Adjusted scrub placement.
· Adjusted terrain to eliminate an awkward change of terrain tone.
· Removed scrub from a building interior.
Pass Chris
· Moved several raiders and harvest nodes that were inaccessible on top of a bridge entrance.
· Changed some of the mission item drops to also count as tradeskill items.
· Removed extra Basic Armor Repair Kit from armor merchant.
· Gave the items required by the mission “Shoot on Sight” a lower chip value.
South Burb
· Lowered a floating traincar to ground level in the warehouse.
· Removed scrub from the quarry.
· Raised a sunken car.
· Changed the waypoint for step three of the mission “You Reap What You Sow” to the targets’ location and removed mission “Did Someone Call for Backup?”
· Adjusted scrub placement.
· Removed scrub from the roads.

Sector Two
All-Mind Storyline
· Corrected several text errors in the mission series “Between the Lines.”
· Converted step eight of the mission series “Between the Lines” to a Defend mission.
Barret Manor
· Fixed the Franklin's Riders missions so that they give Franklin's Riders faction as a reward instead of townsperson faction.
· Fixed abrupt changes in terrain level.
· Raised the Science facility flush with the ground.
· Adjusted scrub placement.
· Fixed abrupt changes in terrain level.
Bug Farm
· Fixed a gap in the path.
Credit Bend
· Updated the Lightbearer Campers to allow them to roam.
· Extended the respawn time on the mission target Bobby Lions to 90 seconds.
· Removed the invisible walls around several buildings in Credit Bend.
· Adjusted scrub placement.
Cult of the Dead Lair
· Fixed several pathing errors in the level.
Devon Township
· Gave one male NPC a male name, and changed his animation so that he is poking around in a dumpster rather than hammering on air.
· Removed the medical facility functionality from the Auction House pavilion.
· Corrected Megan Mazarik's clothing models.
· Added a door to a local building.
· Lowered a floating building and adjusted the underlying terrain.
· Removed scrub from the sidewalks.
· Fixed abrupt changes in terrain level.
· Added punctuation to the story text of the mission “Allies or Enemies.”
· Added punctuation to the reward text of the mission “The Root of the Problem.”
· Added punctuation to the story text of the mission “It’s Not the Plague.”
· Removed text that implied the mission “Bits and Pieces” was repeatable.
· Fixed abrupt changes in terrain level.
The Dump
· Moved several Enforcers outside of their tents so that their names and mission icons show.
· Fixed a falling-through bug on the underground level and raised the terrain over it slightly.
Encounter Areas
· Fixed a typo in the mission “Rome Wasn't Built in a Day”.
· Updated Human League NPCs that should have been hostile to make them so.
· Fixed typo in the mission “Enter the Gamburians.”
· Added Resuscitation books to the First Aid trainer.
Hollister Point
· Edited the story text of the missions “Metal!” and “More Metal!” to reference the correct items.
· Added punctuation to the story text of the mission series “Devil’s Whispers.”
New Flagstaff
· Updated the missions “Provident Elixir 5” and “Revolution’s Heir” to clean up the collected items.
· Added additional item and Banker faction rewards to the New Flagstaff Banker missions.
· Added a new banner object to replace the one that had a Sunshine Corners logo on it.
· Removed invisible pillars from the CoG level.
· Removed scrub from the roads.
New Gallows
· Removed clutter rocks from an NPC camp near.
Picus Ridge
· Added Resuscitation books to the First Aid trainer.
· Adjusted scrub placement.
· Fixed abrupt changes in terrain level.
Post 23
· Adjusted scrub placement.
Sunset Hill
· Increased the drop chance of the emblems dropped by Pale Ones.
Sunshine Corners
· Fixed a scavenging node that was spawning several nodes in a stack.
· Altered the Sunshine Corners banners to show text on both sides.
· Raised a sunken house.
Thorne’s Bluff
· Replaced the extra Mutations trainer with a Group Tactics trainer.
· Updated Beetle Dung dropped in the area to count as Weak Biologic Chemical in crafting.
· Fixed abrupt changes in terrain level.
· Adjusted the collision on both staircases in the reptile house.
· Fixed the rewards on the mission series "Mechanical Advantage" to make the player choose only one reward.
· Corrected Zaida Sole's clothing models.
· Fixed a floating AC unit.
· Adjusted scrub placement.
· Fixed overlapping objects in a rubble fence.
· Moved a trash pile under a floating head so that it’s no longer floating.
· Replaced the CHOTA armor on an Enforcer Representative with Enforcer armor.
· Moved a buried mining node.
· Adjusted scrub placement.

Sector Three
Banker’s Hole
· Adjusted the terrain under a floating wall.
Black Hill
· Moved an NPC that was being clipped by an opening door.
· Fixed road texture bugs.
· Updated the mission “I’m Rubber” to accept Infuriate 3 or higher.
· Fixed road texture mismatches.
· Lowered a floating piece of road.
· Lowered a floating telephone pole and a floating knife in a nearby camp.
Docuer’s Court
· Adjusted scrub placement.
· Corrected a typo in the goal text of step two of the mission series “Direct Deposit.”
· Fixed road texture bugs.
Encounter Area
· Replaced a fire pit with a well for the mission “Not Feeling Well.”
Fender Gate
· Lowered a floating tow truck northeast of town.
· Corrected the number of kills specified in the greeting text of the mission “Increased Threat Level.”
· Updated Mutant Gorilla Hide to stack.
· Replaced an NPC’s skirt, which was making her legs disappear, with shorts.
· Replaced several level one timber nodes with higher level nodes for the mission “Hackjob.”
· Lowered a floating tow truck.
Park City
· Corrected Dolores House's clothing models.
· Replaced a strange bump where roads met with broken road debris.
Spider Maze
· Fixed the story and goal text for the mission “Dirty Deed Done” to say Sada instead of Sarda.
· Moved the target location of the mission “Cold Blood” so that it can be completed.
· Added more Grendel to the area and reduced their respawn time.
· Added more bone harvest nodes.
· Raised the road under a floating staircase and lowered a corpse that was floating in the area.
· Adjusted the layout of Timberland to keep players from getting stuck.
Trader’s Flat
· Removed the gloves, which were clipping through his shirt sleeves, from the NPC De’Andre Hicks.
· Fixed an issue with hair showing through head towels on raiders.
· Put shoes on the Changed the Cult of the Dead models.
· Updated the mission “Typhoid Mutie” to accept Debilitating Weakness 7 or higher.
· Reworked road positioning to fix ground textures.
· Removed mushrooms from the pond.

· Remodeled and textured the merry-go-round model.
· Updated the pathing on several prison buildings.
· Created two iterations of the tavern, one with and one without gambling.
· Removed a collision anomaly on a missile silo.
· Removed the blast doors from the missile silo elevator to comply with frontend elevator setups.
· Removed the wooden boards that were clipping into the ceiling of a boxcar.
· Removed overlapping geometry in a large motel building.
· Fixed some collision problems fixed with the floor of a cave.
· Removed several clutter rocks that were clipping through objects throughout the game.
· Fixed collision on bridges throughout the game.
· Fixed the i-beams in a parking deck level.
· Scaled up the chairs at the gambling machines to prevent character models from clipping through.
· Removed gaps in the bricks of a cooking pavilion.
· Excluded scrub from campfire models.
· Added wood textures to the window frames in a log cabin.
· Added collision to a small Lightbearer tent.
· Fixed the collision on a small desk.
· Adjusted the orientation and height of several walls and rubble piles to correct their pathing.
· Fixed the spawn placement of the Traveler faction camp tent.
· Added missing objects to the large rubble pile and deleted a column that shouldn’t have been there.
· Removed floating objects from the warehouse model in multiple locations.
· Adjusted scrub exclusion around mountain objects.
· Fixed the Marauder Belt so that it doesn’t turn a female model’s torso invisible.
· Fixed a bug that caused a character’s forearms to disappear if he or she wore a Lightbearer armor suit over a long-sleeved shirt.
· Fixed a bug that caused Lightbearer NPCs’ belts to be invisible.
· Fixed a clipping bug with the female version of the Steam shirt.
· Fixed the Tech Master Technician’s Boots so that pants don’t clip through them.
· Enhanced the color of the Black Riding Boots.
· Removed a black texture that would appear on a character’s hair when the Brown Baseball Cap was equipped.
· Fixed a gap in the waist of the LifeNet jacket.
· Enhanced the color of the Red Leather Pants and Gloves to make them redder.
· Fixed top hats so that the hair on a female model won’t clip through.
· Adjusted the location of the labret lip piercing on the female heads.

· Added camp building animations.

Posted: Jan 7th 2010 2:07PM tk421242 said

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Longest comment ever

Posted: Jan 7th 2010 2:53PM archipelagos said

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Dammit. You beat me to it.

Posted: Jan 7th 2010 2:47PM HackJack said

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Holy sh*t! That's a lot of changes and improvements! This team has got it going! Nice!

Posted: Jan 7th 2010 2:56PM Lateris said

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This is a great team. I am going to try the game.

Posted: Jan 7th 2010 5:12PM (Unverified) said

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Started playing this week, couldn't be happier with the game. Everyone in the /help channel is really great.

Posted: Jan 7th 2010 8:56PM Bueno said

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Impressive. This was one of my turn offs to the game was the horrible ground and brush textures every 2 feet. Looks like a HUGE improvement.

Now once the item degradation kicks in and puts the game economy into the right gear. Then I will be back and give it another go.

Good job!.

I liked the Massively Speaking interview also. Try for more developer interviews!

Posted: Jan 7th 2010 10:35PM (Unverified) said

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Going on week two of the game, and still pretty fun with crafting and inventory being the only things bugging me at times (I'm a packrat, which means constant overflowing inventory. I'm also a poor planner, and don't use my time wisely. So that means my crafting has a huge backlog of stuff waiting to be made, with no relief in sight. I blame myself though for that...mostly. At least I can still quest while crafting, so that part is pretty sweet.)
Graphics update is pretty awesome, but I notice that since this update I tend to have "near sighted" syndrome. The higher textures only pop up on cars and buildings when I'm REALLY close to things, making me feel like I have poor vision or something. :P
Hope thats just something temporary, cause the graphic upgrade is really nice overall. I love the new scrubland bushes. The old ones looked like cardboard cutouts!

Posted: Jan 8th 2010 2:01AM (Unverified) said

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That "nearsighted" texture issue has been around since beta. I reported it many times. It was a game-breaker for me, but it did really suck to have textures popping-in so painfully close and obvious.

Posted: Jan 8th 2010 12:45AM Lionhearted said

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Wow, looks a whole lot better. I don't think I'm interested in the game, because I'm not into the apocalypse setting, but still I find that they did this much work, in such a short time, very inspiring for the company. While it may not make me much more likely to try this game, it certainly will be remembered for the next game they make.

Posted: Jan 8th 2010 1:09AM tk421242 said

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Arghhhh... stuck at the day job all day reading about the patch.... work the night job listening to the massively podcast.... get home and the launcher will not run properly.

I love MMOs, but the sure do test your love!

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