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Posted: Jan 2nd 2010 10:13AM SkuzBukit said

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I think 2010 will see few if any notable releases besides Allods & STO gain any kind of foothold in the genre, SW:ToR will not ship until 2011 though it may go into open beta by Chistmas 2010, & will quiet many of it's critics by having developed a comprehensive & co-operative grouping game that is still storyline driven, this will be an innovative system of itself & will have a knock-on effect on the industry.

2010 will also see the start of development on a new generation of MMO's that will try to give the player the sense that they really can affect change in the game, these will be dynamic games & several will not do well, the next breakout success may result from this paradigm design shift & many new technologies will be developed to achieve it that will radically alter the face of MMO gaming, however the earliest we will see releases of these titles will be 2014 unless a huge joint venture between a hollywood mogul / big assed game company / actual writing talent / huge investor makes an appearance on the scene aiming to blend the cinema & game audiences more ambitiously than ever before, producing a movie that heralds the game's release (timed to be released only once the game is ready for launch).

Posted: Jan 4th 2010 2:04AM (Unverified) said

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It would be great to see some news from 38 Studios in 2010.

Posted: Jan 4th 2010 3:41PM TheJackman said

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My Predictions for mmos in 2010.....

Shutting down this year: Vanguard

Delayed/not will make it to 2010: SWTOR, Guild Wars 2

Warhammer Online will not shutdown in 2010 like EA does not give up so easy on a dead horse!

Age of Conan xp will refresh interest in the game and great reviews but sadly things will turn bad before the year end like the sups will go down again like they included some bugs in the update and taking months to fix it.

World of Warcraft will release there xp and will up there numbers again and kill any other mmo or xp released at the same time. And will keep suporting there game all year long with new battle.net updates and content and make the game even more friendly for new players and people that love to make alts.

Blizzard also will give us a teaster trailer for there new mmo this year how ever no details will be release....

And the big shocker of them all: Turbine buyout by a big name but there games will not suffer.

Everquest will just keep doing what it does best, Everquest 2 will finaly update a part of there grapics

Aion will do everything to get there players back include welcome back week and so on also will add free trail.

Posted: Jan 5th 2010 1:49PM (Unverified) said

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With WoW being backed by Activision (regardless of how much of a hand the company has in Blizzard's proceedings), it will use its vast stockpiles of money from Kotick's Beverly Hills swimming pool(s) to basically do what they did with the Wrath expansion; bring something out which has a whole bunch of nice new, shiny things and the promise of more innovative endgame content but, over the course of the months which follow - once they've got the £25^14,000,000 from the sales of the Cataclysm expansion - their content patches will slowly but surely ruin any sort of linear progression and wipe off the shiny gloss coating that "new things" always have.

I have no idea why everyone is going on about how good Fallen Earth is or how well it will do in the following year. IMO, the whole post-apocalyptic shooter/MMO hybrid was done better by Neocron; a game released by a similarly-sized (if not smaller) company and, unlike Fallen Earth, its graphics reflected the time in which it was released, whereas FE is somewhat out of date in that regard. I was on the closed beta and, after about 20 minutes, I grew tired of its seemingly unclear tutorial and the game's inability to be completely uninstalled from a PC on which it has been placed. It was a nice try, seeing as I love a good sci-fi MMO and I should probably have stuck with it for a while longer to see how it progressed through the beta phase - giving it a chance, so to speak - but there were more fun ways to occupy my time... at the time.

The rest of the MMOs are either games trying to be what they're obviously not (Guild Wars - it's a PvP Dragon's Age with a matchmaking system, let's be honest), were notoriously newcomer-unfriendly (EVE), were "Holy Grails" which turned out to be less than expected (Aion, AoC) or games which have been driven down into the dirt by childish, narrow-minded racists and gold-seller bots (pretty much everything else).

Really, the only thing I'm looking forward to in 2010 so far - MMO-wise, at least - is APB. The character (body/clothing/tattoo/vehicle) customisation is almost insanely in-depth and, unlike most games which boast the same, may actually allow players to have unique characters rather than the army of Stormtrooper-esque clones that max-level players of any MMO eventually become. While RtW have previously said that APB will utilise a matchmaking-esque system, they say that it will dynamically match groups up on-the-fly in order to both reduce lag (if you've been in WoW's Dalaran/Orgrimmar/Stormwind or Aion's Pandaemonium/, you'll know the stress a significantly large crowd can make on lag and - if you're logging in there - the initial loading times to get everyone on your screen) and give players an opposition during their missions which will be more "intelligent" than pure AI.

Hopefully, Realtime Worlds will not fall into the same pitfalls as other developers and we'll have on our hands an online version of GTA which won't require a fan-made hacked EXE in order to play it. My cynical side is advising against me getting my hopes up but, if I get into APB's beta, I think that will likely tell me once and for all whether it will be worth putting the money down come the Spring release.

Posted: Jan 5th 2010 10:49PM (Unverified) said

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The only MMO im looking forward to is FFXIV, the rest is the same old junk.

Posted: Jan 6th 2010 9:45AM (Unverified) said

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Sadly, the MMO I am most excited about in 2010 is the emulated reopening of Shadowbane. I'm still waiting for the next actual generation of MMOs -- something that isn't just the same old item grindfest dressed up in tarty graphics. An actual new sandbox MMO would be very welcome (No, Fallen Earth, nothing about you is sandbox...sorry), but I'll settle for one that actually does something creative with the levelling / character development aspect of the game.

Posted: Jan 7th 2010 1:47PM (Unverified) said

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Some of my predictions:

STO will fail, but will have a nice 3-6 month run.
WoW will continue its decline. During BC WoW was at its peak.
Cataclysm will be fun for a month or two and then get boring.
FFXIV will suprise many people and will be a hit, but not attract mass market.
Aion will be stable might drop a few subs, but will continue on during 2010.
Global Agenda will be a fun MMO but won't have many subscribers.
SWTOR will probably come out during Q1 '11. It will change the face of the current MMO industry and set higher standards.

Posted: Jan 7th 2010 7:21PM (Unverified) said

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I'll add my 2 cents to the mix:

STO will have a huge debut and will flourish even if no new content is added...ever. ST fans will just sit in their own Enterprise and just nerd-off to the fact that they're actually Captain of the Enterprise and can beam down to planets and shoot Klingons. I've already pre-ordered my copy complete with gaming bib for drool.

Fallen Earth is an easy one to predict since I'm currently playing: Get past the tutorial and experience sandbox play like nothing since pre-cu SWG. The crafting system is wonderfully complex and exploring a virtual copy of the Grand Canyon with either a Horse.. ATV...Motorcycle...Dune Buggy or Interceptor Muscle Car with guns mounted that you can make...well...lets just say that calling this game a sleeper is an understatement.

Also - the graphics are NOT bad despite what people have been saying....if you're on an 8 year old computer...oh well. FE has a great dev team dedicated to smoothing out all the bugs and releasing new content which will solidify it's place in the MMO world.

SWG should have died a LONG time ago and will when SWTOR is released...if not before. But...that's ok...only a half dozen people will be found crying in the corner of their room. Oh...and new Smedley dart boards will be released with realistic blood spurting effects!

WOW will prosper and continue to grow as the eBay of MMO games - Cat will be a snoozer....but will be loved by all who worship in the Blizzard.

EVE ..well...I've read the comments about this being an unfriendly game to newcomers...THAT is an understatement. It will continue to do well with a certain geekified type of gamer who wants to take years to get to sector 00 and is willing to die over and over again losing his/her ship and everything onboard in the process. Oh yeah...lots of fun.

I will cry when Stargate Worlds is rendered dead - I loved that show.

Earthrise will be one to watch and if it makes it to launch I predict a dedicated cult following kind of like Fallen Earth will have.

Posted: Jan 8th 2010 11:57AM (Unverified) said

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Looking at 2010 is allright. We know what games there will be, and SWTOR is the big highlight.

However, looking 5 years ahead we will get something alot better. Consider 4th generation graphics with Cryengine 3 run through ONLIVE!

Imagine this in an MMO, influenced by Arkham Asylum, Mass Effect with a flavor of GTA.

Now that is what we want! Perhaps 5 years ahead is a dream that won't come true. But within 8 years I believe we will be there.

Posted: Jan 11th 2010 9:51AM (Unverified) said

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The only things I see above is wishful thinking.

The intelligence with the posters and the authors above them shows how easy it is for Blizzard to maintain momentum.

800 million in 2006, 950 million in 2007, 1200 million in 2008, 1300 million in 2009.

Dollars that is.

The rest is at 3 to 5 million.

This will not change in 2010.

Blizzard is the only developper with half a brain out there.

Predictions need to be based on facts instead of dreams.

Posted: Jan 11th 2010 12:48PM (Unverified) said

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So are these predictions being kept in a mayonnaise jar outside Funk and Wagnall's porch?

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