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Posted: Nov 30th 2009 10:29AM (Unverified) said

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Eve is a very social game due to the pressures of its non-consensual PvP and lack of strict levels. Two or three newer players can kill an older pilot with ease, so its better to have friends to call upon.

As we scale up from individuals to groups we see the same dynamic across corporations and alliances: those with strong social bonds to other groups rise to the top. Others, fall to obscurity.

How does this apply to the New Eden social network?

Well, a lot of tools exists outside of Eve to bring social groups together already. Facebook, corp/alliance/public forums, IRC, etc. New Eden will give a consistent and secure method to bring them all together in a platform that is stable. It will make finding other pilots or corporate forums easier, it will make coordination easier, and it will make the experience more immersive.

For myself this means I can participate with my corporation and build social ties without having to find the time to log in and sit in a spaceship. Knowing what is going on and what I can do to help when I log in is a powerful tool and I look forward to having it.

Posted: Nov 30th 2009 11:02AM Berzerk said

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All things considered, I doubt the social network will change my play style much. If I am unable to log in to Eve, I would also be unable to log in to the social network. That may change if I get more involved in the game, but I don't see it at this point.

Posted: Nov 30th 2009 1:22PM ttvp said

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me thok

me smash puny buttons with big meaty hands

me talk friends in big space balloon

sometime friend not be around

make thok sad

big man say talk get better

thok have more options now

maybe thok learn how to read

that make thok happy

Posted: Nov 30th 2009 1:27PM xgamer99 said

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I'm a college student, and like most colleges min blocks every port known to man, sans port 80. Thus, I cannot log into EVE while at the campus.

New Eden should alleviate some of this pain by allowing us to (hopefully and eventually) switch training skills via a web interface. This is probably my most anticipated feature, but the corp and alliance forums will help out a lot for those smaller corps that do not wish to invest on getting a real website.

But yeah, skill switching through port 80 = win. =D

Posted: Nov 30th 2009 1:54PM (Unverified) said

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I think that New Eden will modify my playstyle quite a bit...it is another added distraction to keep me focused on the "out-of-game" EvE rather than more important “in-game” things.

I find myself habitually checking my phone for updates on my character and his corporation...and now "New Eden" will only draw me in more than ever before.

Is this a bad thing? I really don't think so, I will just be able to be more involved with my corporation than in the past and will be able to contribute more often via New Eden.

I think that the more New Eden is developed, the more of an asset it will be to people, like myself, who work long days and cannot get in-game often. We will be able to direct our respective corporations out of game on our own time.

Potentially, I can see New Eden going one of two directions. It will either take off and CCP will add new features with content that will make using New Eden to its fullest extent a great advantage to any corporation, or it will fall short and become a novelty feature. Personally, I hope the former is the case.

Posted: Nov 30th 2009 2:14PM Nexitus said

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"New Eden" provides challenges and new tools to the heavily involved game of Eve Online.

As there are spies, rogue agents, and treacherous directors out there in the game world. "New Eden" helps to provide the more devious players to delve and create relationships with players in easier ways then ever before, through a fully functional social-networking infrastructure.

"New Eden" will make you want to second-guess your actions, information and people you want to trust with the system. It is a security concern to corporations and alliances security. While it can be embraced, regulations will surely be created surrounding "New Eden".

I welcome the ability to handle tasks outside the game, as it helps monitor and interact with the universe of Eve Online.

If I wanted to manage many aspects of the game, I now will have the ability to log in anywhere and handle communications. This is important, as this game does not stop when you exit the game client, so you are up-to-date even while you might be at work.

And having additional information like market details is handy, but if you don't have the game client available, it will be a depressing reminder how the market fluctuates.

Posted: Nov 30th 2009 2:39PM (Unverified) said

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[Contest Entry -- Part 2]

“Hostiles gone!”

As the scout’s announcement echoed, Lieutenant Panzerkom breathed a quiet sigh of relief. “We’ll stay a little longer to make sure. Relax a bit, but do stay awake,” he ordered his stealth bomber squad. After issuing the order, he heeded his own advice and opened a comm-link to his favorite game -- “Information Age.” In the role-playing game, Panzerkom’s character was a writer for an entertainment company called Massively -- a peaceful life that was a far cry from the frantic combat and bloodshed he faced everyday.

The game was wildly popular, with millions of players across the entire galaxy that is New Eden. The game was immersive with intense in-game social interaction, so much so that Panzerkom would sometimes think that he was really living with his wife and kids in a primitive time when inter-stellar travel was still just a dream. The best thing about the game was that one could manage in-game communication and character development without logging into the game. It was a feature greatly appreciated by those working for mega-corporations where entertainment during work-hours was strictly forbidden and opening a game-link could get one fired, if not worse.

[End of Contest Entry]

Posted: Nov 30th 2009 5:31PM (Unverified) said

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EVE-online has always been ahead of the curve (maybe even at the bleeding edge) when it comes to accessing the game when not in game. Due to EVE’s support of API I can use a program to track my character’s SP progression and plan for future skills, test out different fits for different ships without having to spend money in game. All this and so much more have made EVE so much easier to use whereas as games like World of Warcraft actively seek to ban users who make use of any third party applications.
Where does EVE’s New Eden fit into all of this? Well a simple explanation would be to say it’s a continuation of EVE’s support of API, but that doesn’t do it justice. 3rd Party applications have been a large boon, but data only flows one way; out of EVE. With New Eden players will be able to have a plethora of interactions within the game and other players be done outside the game, while they are at work, traveling, or just simply not in front of their PC. New Eden will connect me to my passion.

Posted: Dec 1st 2009 2:40AM (Unverified) said

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Eve is by design a social game, but like a dirty bar your interactions are mostly limited to when you bump into people randomly, who are usually hostile for no good reason. A social network provides a means to recruit and break the ice with other players. It has the potential to become a tool to fully manage corp and alliance matters without needing to launch a private site or forum, great for the growth of small corps like mine. Which isn't to say it'll ever replace private corp/alliance websites and killboards, of course not. New Eden simply acts as an encouragement for many to step out and look at the bigger picture as one common community.

I'm sure some people will get increasingly afk as the New Eden skill queue management and other tools lets them do what they want to do for the day without logging on, maybe someday even doing all of it from a cell phone. However, for people like me I see it letting me get more done, conveniently, by putting almost everything I step out of the game for in one place. The more there, the better.

Posted: Dec 1st 2009 1:44PM (Unverified) said

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“New Eden” will change community interaction in MMOs. LoTRO had their version, but EVE’s is set to take it to the next level. Interaction with game functions outside the game will bring a new level of connectivity to both a player’s character, and the community with each other. It will give a more hands-on feel to the offline aspect of EVE so thoroughly critiqued by its expositors.

This will give me a deeper sense of connection to my character. Managing aspects of my character outside the game allows for much closer speculation at how to build my character and play the game. The most enjoyable aspect of some of my past online games was talking with the people I met there. Too many companies neglect the friendship and camaraderie between the people who play their game. “New Eden” intends to nurture that bond and strengthen it.

When Dust 514 comes, the communities will be able to communicate and interact in ways never before imagined in MMOs, and “New Eden” will only make it easier for the players of both games to become involved in the same wars, stories, and politics. “New Eden” is an innovation I can’t wait to experience.

Posted: Dec 1st 2009 5:58PM (Unverified) said

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As a casual player, I hope the advancements brought on by New Eden help me to dive deeper into the game. CCP is always talking about breaking down the barriers to entry for the new and casual player and I believe New Eden will help tremendously by providing them access to game from anywhere.

Real life often keeps me too busy to log into EVE, but having outside access to EVE will really open the possibilities of interactive more with the EVE universe. I imagine myself navigating my buy and sell orders, chatting with members from my corp who are in-game and completing administrative tasks to prepare for that night's operations, able to get down to business immediately after logging in.

I can only imagine the possibilities for my corporation's officers. As I'm sure their administrative tasks are many, New Eden should help ease the burden for them as well make the whole corporation run smoother.

New Eden brings so many possibilities and questions. Only time will tell how much it will effect my playstyle and the EVE universe as a whole, but these truly are exciting times. So, for now, I will be patient and look forward to whatever may come.

Posted: Dec 2nd 2009 4:53AM (Unverified) said

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The ability to handle tasks when I'm not logged in will probably not affect me, I am always able to log-in. However, if there were some possible way that I were unable to (Perhaps if an asteroid was plummeting towards earth and I had to drill a hole in it and explod... wait, n/m), then I'd have more thoughts about it.

The important change will be the New Eden social networking site. No, not because I'll have the ability to make new friends or any such malarkey. Rather, it will affect my gameplay in a most terrible way, I'll be able to humanize my opponents. Currently, whenever I get into a scrap with someone, I imagine them as a big hairy ogre who hates everything that I like. Or, if I'm really wanting to be riled up at them, I just imagine that they enjoy World of Warcraft.

Instead, once "New Eden" launches, I'll be able to look up information about whatever "villain" I had just killed. Rather than lording over the task of vanquishing the utter and complete EVIL my imagination created... I'll just feel bad that I ganked Tom from Denmark.

Poor Tom :(

Posted: Dec 4th 2009 9:27PM (Unverified) said

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The professor is lecturing about glacial deposition; but, I’m not paying attention. In the back of the room, I steal glances of Natalie, a fit brunette in a miniskirt that I’ve been flirting with recently. Not catching her eye, I pull out my iPhone and start reading corporation messages with the New Eden application.

My phone vibrates as a new message appears…

>> 2009.12.02 14:27:32 – Solstice Industrial Group’s station in J100015 is under attack by BlackCross BlackShield. The station’s shield is at 90%.

Pulling the corporation finder up in New Eden, they look small and aren’t in an alliance.

Idiots! They have no idea what kind of fight they just walked into.

Typing up a broadcast message with New Eden, it will be delivered to corporation members wherever they are because New Eden is required.

“POS is under attack by a small corporation. Get online and send covert ops ships out to find their entry points. Then, get bubbles up on the exits and send them home via our express service. Happy Killings!”

I feel her looking at me.

Finally catching Natalie’s eye, mobilizing the wormhole fleet, and earning college credits… it’s good to be the CEO.

Posted: Dec 3rd 2009 9:43AM Thorium88 said

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Yay. Really... great. Good grief, it's not bad enough that I sit around the house comparing ship statistics the way gearheads compare performance cars. It's not bad enough that I'm actually using spreadsheets to figure out the best tactics and munitions to use. Not even bad enough that I go to bed at night thinking about my skill training plan. No, Eve has to be on my phone, my television . . . yup, I can't wait to install the Jita Market Dashboard in my bathroom, you betcha.
Jeepers, people – it's a game and it's supposed to be an escape – how the heck is Eve going to feel like an “escape” after it takes over all my household appliances? I suppose this is the ultimate acknowledgment that 'persistent world' also means 'persistent gaming'. I love Eve, but let's just keep it in the game, shall we?

Posted: Dec 4th 2009 2:12AM (Unverified) said

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Much can be said about the ubiquity of social networking sites today,
And I must confess that in many ways it pains me greatly to
See so many in the gaming industry jump on the bandwagon.
So far Turbine and Bioware both seem to have grasped the basics of
It, but CCP truly seems ready to bring social dynamism and interactivity in a
Very new direction. Sure, some of it has been done before, but I am
Extremely excited at its potential to completely revolutionize my playstyle, both
Long and short term. I could be sitting on a raft in the
Yangtze and still connect. (ISK spammers won't find me there! . . . I hope!).

Really, when you think of it, personal communication devices are nearly
Omnipresent in our lives, and there is very little else that CCP
Could do to keep us more connected to their game than
Knit a neural implant into our brains. Here’s hoping it’s just
Slot 5, I mean after all, social networking is about Charisma.

Posted: Dec 4th 2009 3:58PM (Unverified) said

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Our corporation has been fighting a grueling war for 3 months straight. I sit at work, staring at the computer, wondering how the fight is going. Are my men alright without my leadership? My phone vibrates, I jump and my adrenaline starts pumping. Is it an update on the fight? No. It seems my sub director has added a new Fleeting Nanopropulsion Barn to his space farm. Ugh! I need to know how the fight is going! Another message. Could it be? No, it seems my mining director needs my help in assassinating the mob boss on Ildrad 3 Moon 4 in Space Mob Wars. How irritating…
That evening I get home, my nerves are shot from the worry of the day. I grab a glass of water and sit down at my computer. Ready to login, I just hit the last letter of my password and then the wife comes in. How could I forget!? It’s movie night. I put on a good face and silently bite my nails. No word all day, just information on my recruitment officers new space restaurant. Finally around 11pm a message, we’ve won the war. Now I can sleep, now, I’m at peace.

Posted: Dec 5th 2009 1:14PM (Unverified) said

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Communication in Eve is a very important aspect of the game; actually carrying out orders and whatnot merely means that plans have been finalised and have been set in motion. The faster and easier it is to communicate, the more efficient a group of players can be. New Eden is an official tool designed to facilitate easier and faster communication between groups of players.

Currently, my real life eats up a lot of time and I am unable to spend very much time logged per week. When I am logged in, I can't do anything for extended periods of time and and reduced to activities that are generally quick.

Eve's new social network will allow me to keep track of my corporation's events much easier. We're currently going through a fairly turbulent time, and the ability to check up on events or messages through this system will be very useful.

For me, this means I can only contribute to the planning phases of most of the actions that my corporation embarks on. Proper planning, however, is arguably just as important than showing up to the following slugfest.

Posted: Dec 5th 2009 2:56PM (Unverified) said

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The 'social network' for Eve will definitely add new depths to my playstyle. As being only able to play while I am at a home computer limits the interaction between people when I am not online. Being able to see what is happening from anywhere, even while at work, presents new and interesting opportunities to reach out an make new friends. While liking the game as is, new interactions will allow me to completely immerse myself into the game and love it even more.

Posted: Dec 5th 2009 5:56PM (Unverified) said

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To EVE, or not to EVE: is that a question?
Whether ‘tis nobler in a day to suffer
The oppression and humdrum of everyday reality,
Or to take advantage of new social tools, and by embracing,
Escape to New Eden? To interact: to command;
Sans log-in; and by interaction to say we can affect
New Eden independent of an unavailable game client
Due to circumstance, ‘tis a situation
Devoutly to be wish’d. To command, to interact;
To interact: perchance to know: ay, there’s the rub;
For in that interaction via social tools, what communication may
Necessitate our need to log-in when knowledge is had
Must give us pause: for in the reality that is not New Eden
Circumstance may not favor us, and indeed prevent
Our direct interaction, thus increasing our yearning to be
Where we can in peace, enter into EVE: Online.

Posted: Dec 6th 2009 1:43AM (Unverified) said

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The availability to control several ingame actions, and not being logged into the game client presents a fresh way to play within New Eden, a first to be endorsed, and acted upon by any online game corporation ever. This has to be said; it is the elephant in the room here. The effect on game play will be a positive experience for anyone who chooses to utilize these unique tools; as it will not change what is done, but how it is done, by the actual person, not the toon; it leaves the game play experience as it was. Very smart. Bussiness as ussual for CCP. Being the forerunner for many ground breaking ideas and concepts, taking them for action, and running with them. The accolades for such actions prove CCP is doing it right, and with a sexy flair to boot.

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