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Posted: Nov 25th 2009 2:03PM esarphie said

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Elevate the human condition? Through Second Life???? Seriously?????

I have to stop... or the question mark control council will cite me.

Posted: Nov 25th 2009 7:44PM (Unverified) said

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Why not? Without trying, several very worthy endeavors in SL come to mind.

o Promoting health and the prevention of disease and hunger
o Cultural exchange and awareness
o Education
o Non-profit advocacy

There are some incredible projects going on and they really are, if in a small way, genuinely elevating the human condition though exchange of ideas, marshaling of resources or simply helping us to see others as... human beings.

If all you have seen are the dance clubs or the "welcome areas" then you are not getting close to some of the potential of virtual worlds. I would encourage you to find projects like the American Cancer Society, Rockcliffe University or Virtual Ability (a previous winner). These are to name but a very few.

Like in real life, the most interesting stuff doesn't walk up to you and announce itself. You have to go find it. When you do, I think you may see the potential of SL in a different light. Had I not done so, I would have been gone years ago.

BTW - I spoke to the Question Mark Council. They said they'd let you off this time.

A save and happy Thanksgiving to all.


Posted: Nov 26th 2009 5:26PM (Unverified) said

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Someone could have told me it was cold hard cash, when I checked the FAQ the other day it still said:

What will I win?
$10,000 USD. The exact amount will depend on the Lindex Exchange Rate.

$10,000 USD gives LL a better reputation for their part of the prize, good stuff.

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