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Posted: Nov 27th 2009 5:50PM (Unverified) said

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The New expansion wont affect my Corp or alliance at all, we operate in Empire. How is that for less than 200. Do i win?

Posted: Nov 27th 2009 8:27PM (Unverified) said

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With Eve's new focus on developing infrastructure in 0.0 space during the Dominion expansion and beyond, the changes to sovereignty will impact our corporation and alliance indirectly.

We have an Empire based corporation; our alliance is through our fellow clan members and not through game mechanics. We seldom venture into low sec, and even less into 0.0 space. The upcoming expansion, while it is looked forward to, as all expansions are with Eve, we do not see it directly effecting how we operate, in our everyday operations. Let those who live by the sword, buy them from us.

We look forward to some of the specific changes upcoming, and particularly enjoyed the humor in the patch notes, like the stern talking to the drones got. Zooming the upgraded graphical planets is a must; hope we do not create to much dust. Replacing the In-Game browse-a-saurus with the new Chromium enhanced Awesomium; Moondoggie is going to moonwalk allover the Eve universe creating a wave of web happy capsuleers. Huzzah!

For what it is worth, we would like to give our thumbs up for all the efforts put forth to make the best online game to date, even better.

Posted: Nov 28th 2009 3:07PM (Unverified) said

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My corporation has always been an industry and trading operation, which has based its wealth off the actions of low and null sec folks needing supplies, whether it’s the miners or the pvpers who need new ships, or minerals, or modules. So, the new changes to sovereignty with the onset of Dominion means one thing to my corporation:

Losses in battle will mean more sales for my corporations cruiser production.
One more reason to keep mining moon minerals for my corporation.
The miners who will lose more ships in 0.0 will need to buy more.
Supercarriers are the same which means drone production will stay constant.
In the matters of 0.0 ratting, the increased contest will increase losses!
Sure, they say this will cause everything in 0.0 to be more costly, but lots of
Kredits are to be made in the new wave of fighting and control out on 0.0!

Posted: Nov 28th 2009 7:26PM (Unverified) said

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After dying in a few too many nullsec bubbles, Jericho Fraction began espousing an ideology we call “freespace” - i.e. that open borders are advantageous to everyone, that neutrals should not be fired upon without provocation, and that pilots should be free to travel wherever and whenever they wish.

Unfortunately, nullsec alliances have had no incentive to adopt freespace - the only reason to claim sovereignty over a system has been to prevent others from using it. As a result, our trade corporation was forced to take up arms, challenging those who would deny us our right to travel, and our trade corporation quickly became an organization of anarchoterrorists.

With Dominion, however, we can no longer claim that space is best left unclaimed; unclaimed systems are quantifiably less valuable than those which are claimed and maintained. Maintaining a system's infrastructure, however, requires that its resources be used, and so rather than constant bubble camps firing indiscriminately on all travelers, we may being to see alliances asking neutrals to use their space during their off-peak hours.

This changing relationship between sovereignty-holding alliances and freespace organizations will alter the cluster, and Jericho Fraction will change with it. Freespace is finally profitable.

Posted: Nov 28th 2009 7:19PM Mike Azariah said

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The first weeks will be one of adjustment. Small corps wiggling their tails like kittens about to pounce and the big alliances trying to hold on to all of what was once theirs in the face of the changes in cost/benefits.

Then will come the first land rush and the resultant blaze of battles across the width on nullsecs closest borders to hisec. Some corps will successfully make their footholds, others will be firmly repulsed. The second wave will happen a bit after that with more diplomacy as opposed to the first round of grab and growl.

In the end a new balance will be found with many of the familiar faces in the same old places but with some fresh blood in 0.0, both figuratively and literally.


Posted: Nov 28th 2009 9:49PM (Unverified) said

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Simply put there are a number of 'great things' we have planned.
First, Zenith Laboratories plans to begin the great conquest of moon mining.
Such things were originally out of our scope, but now, a small dedicated group has the ability to grab and hold onto a sector, whereas a large but ponderous group has now the ability to be eaten piecemeal.
Second, Now we can have a chance to utilize minerals and resources we have never dreamed before! Fields and wormholes, pirates, anything is possible with the bunker upgrades.
Organization, With the new fleet finder and related systems, more coordination and operations begin to become realized.

Posted: Nov 28th 2009 11:53PM (Unverified) said

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As a member of a major power bloc in 0.0, Dominion is going to be a costly venture to say the least, and a heavy undertaking to get everything running smoothly. Albeit I encourage characters to run out to the wild west that is known as 0.0, if the level of cost to run such a thing requires a heavy corp tax or, failing that, it's members to run high-level missions in high sec to generate enough taxable income to offset said increases to cost of living.

The profitability of a system boils down to 2 things: the moons, and truesec. Large alliances (Goonswarm, AAA and Citizens, the resurging IT [former BoB mostly] etc...) are not going to relinquish their main source of income for them to a small Lowsec corp that wants to see a little dot on the sovereignty map in it's own color. This leaves "the little guys that could" to have to resort to whatever made them money in the first place just to afford to live in their space if they want to call it home. This makes EVE a job, not a game.

Dominion has promise, but the risk may not outweigh the reward.

Posted: Nov 29th 2009 7:54PM (Unverified) said

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The Other Battlefields of Eve:

The new sovereignty mechanics will be a test for the major 0.0 alliances. Ships and infrastructure will be lost determining how much space each alliance will hold. Some alliances will use this time of change to strike out at enemies -- both old and new.

For empire-based trade organizations such as my own, the increased aggression in 0.0 will bring an opportunity for profit. As these 0.0-holding alliances expend their reserve of ships, fittings and ammo, some will come to empire space to resupply. We will be happy to help them in their quest for fame, glory and sovereign space -- so long as the price is right.

While dreadnaughts and battleships engage in pitched battle in 0.0, other battles will be fought in the markets of Jita, Rens, and Oursulaert. Billions of ISK will be won and lost as miners, manufacturers, and traders compete to keep the markets supplied with all of the necessary tools of war.

The true winners of war are those who position themselves to profit from any outcome. Their stories and techniques are often kept secret, but the effects of their work are felt throughout New Eden.

Posted: Nov 29th 2009 2:14PM (Unverified) said

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The light from the gate fire briefly illuminated my controls, undulating with distortion as it passed through the cloaking field shrouding my ship. My report to fleet intel swiftly followed, my mouth hooking up at the edges in a repressed smile at the pathetic display of power this system’s inhabitants had cobbled together.

The old ways were dead. Those incapable to grasp or fearful to embrace the new foundations of power would soon know their folly. All they would have left are their clones.

A new dawn is upon us. My corp... our new alliance... forged from fires stoked by the winds of transformation sweeping through the whole of New Eden...

We are ready.

This fleet brought the tools of destruction. I sat on the tip of the spear that would thrust into the heart of this system, purifying it for the infrastructure to follow. We will establish our sovereignty, our right to rule, not by force alone, but through stability and order... far more powerful tools than the tactics and methods of the past.

My fingertips brush the controls, eager to begin the cleansing.

Our time is at hand.

The time to establish our own Dominion.

Posted: Nov 29th 2009 3:21PM (Unverified) said

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Tsuyoi Kyouryuu slumped into his chair, facing his fellow corp mates. The Naysayers had come together as a casual alliance of part-time Capsuleers.
“I’ll call this meeting of the Naysayers to order,” declared VanDoomas, their elected CEO. “We’re here to discuss CONCORD’s recent plans to regulate null-sec and our plans to take advantage of this.” Excitement spread around the table. “You have the numbers for their plans?”
“Yeah, coming through now,” replied Beastlyacid, typing on his terminal.
“Excellent. While you get those numbers, let’s review our treasury.” VanDoomas brought the corporation’s records up on the table’s holographic display. Everyone focused on the breakdown of the different departmental wallets and the calculated total. “Well, after Tsuyoi losing another Hurricane, it appears that we stand at…. 110 million ISK.” A mumbled apology from Tsuyoi. “Do you have those numbers, Beastly?”
“Yeah, they’re coming through.... Whoa. Wow.” All eyes were on him. “The Claim Unit is 20 million.” Excited talk started around the table.
“Hell, we’ll take five systems!” laughed Tsuyoi, but then he saw the look on Beastlyacid’s face.
“20 million. A day.”
All five members of the corporation fell into silence.
“I see,” said VanDoomas after several long minutes. “Meeting adjourned.”

Posted: Nov 29th 2009 4:08PM (Unverified) said

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When Dominion was first announced, I had aspirations of continuing my path down the industrial wing of my alliance. With each month, I was mining, and building that much more. It wasn't until I was suicide ganked in my small-fortune Hulk that I realized something:

Being ganked gave me a huge adrenaline rush. Should I feel...dirty?

To confirm or deny my fears, I fit an Exequror and puttered out to join my alliance's next PvP operation. As we flew into the final low-sec gate before finally entering 0.0, our group of twenty cruisers came upon a blob of over thirty battleships with T2 support.

My FC began calling out primary targets while my watch list for armor repairs began lighting up. My heart raced more than it ever had in EVE as I began locking friendly targets and attempting to save them from the beehive of enemies. After a few short minutes, a battleship locked and sent me back to high sec with a loss of implants to boot.

I've loved PvP since, and with Dominion days away, my high sec alliance will finally venture out into the lawless depths of 0.0. And I'll be at their side, heart and reps a' pumping.

Posted: Nov 29th 2009 4:31PM Ashen Spiral said

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The corporation I belong to is still fairly new to null. We currently share a pocket in providence with a few others, and too often this leads to frustration due to overcrowding. The infrastructure changes will relieve some of this tension by giving us more content to work through. With more profitable systems we might even be able to obtain a section of space we can call our own someday. Dominion will change everything and we are really looking forward to being a part of that.

Posted: Nov 29th 2009 4:34PM (Unverified) said

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The changes to sovereignty will allow my corporation to finally stake a claim to its own piece of nullsec. It will allow our seasoned pilots to take PvP to a new level, while leveraging the willingness of newer pilots to help defend a home. Finding new challenges will be easier now that our time has come. With the possible risks and dangers of staking claim to a system, there will be great rewards. Rewards that will reverberate throughout the whole corp, and will attract more willing and able pilots. Change is good. Will YOU be up to the challenge? WE will.

Posted: Nov 29th 2009 4:48PM (Unverified) said

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"From the depths of hell's heart, I stab at thee!" While there exists an enemy, there will be a fight. While there exists a way to earn isk, there will be a thriving industrialist ready to take the call. While there exists someone with power, there will be someone ready to take it away.

With new sovereignty rules in place, there will be new ways for my corporation to take and hold space in nullsec. It will give inspiration to those looking for something new. It will be ours. We will take from someone else, and we shall transfer it to ourselves. We WILL BE the fulcrum to change. We shall take DOMINION.

Posted: Nov 29th 2009 5:54PM (Unverified) said

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We will venture forth, in massive numbers, into the depths of our enemies' territory. We will lay waste to those who oppose us, and purge the unbelievers. Will we not waiver, we will be steadfast for our God, for he is with us and our cause is just. No longer will our enemies be able to hide behind hordes of endless metal spires, we shall bring them to us, our battle grounds. The battles shall be ours, as God's mighty will rain's down from the hands of our empress, and purges New Eden of those who would defy us.

Posted: Nov 29th 2009 7:27PM (Unverified) said

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Soon our Orca fleets will be invading the null sec regions. I can see it now, great fleets of Orcas roaming through space, leaping mercilessly upon any smaller vessel and integrating their mass into a base stockpile. Once the stockpile is large enough a new Orca will be produced.

The Orca families will be presided over by a single female Rorqual, bloated and nigh motionless she sits in at the Orca POS and oversees the hunts. All female Orca have the ability to become the Rorqual but not many survive long enough to see this event, should the mother Rorqual detect that one of her young is coming of age she will be cast out or worse, cannibalized by the Rorqual herself, her mass reintegrated into the stockpiles.

Non-capital industrial class vessels will become extinct with few being able to match the sheer ferocity of the enraged Rorqual in head on combat, her massive bulk winning most fights by simply crushing the enemy into defeat, her Orca brood rushing to the carcass to salvage and consume it's components.

Posted: Nov 29th 2009 9:41PM (Unverified) said

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Here it comes . . . another expansion; Dominion. So now you can proudly display your "flag" at the system door, just like a Century21 For Sale sign in the yard. Woo hoo! Isn't this a bit like being short, fat and bald on one of those dating websites. The corporations and alliances that are looking to "own" you already know where you are at and don't really need a glowing beacon to identify the "last kid picked for dodgeball" sign to tell them. For the rest of us in high-sec, we will never see your "look at me know" flag. So what gives? I applaud the new mechanics, as I will again be able to manipulate the market to my advantage. Like Brendan Drain eloquently wrote, albiet without any substance, punking those shallow, ego-centric targets that feel the need to be the first on the block with their shiny, new "look at my system" Territorial Claim Unit beacon pulsating unendingly like the bad Chuck Norris jokes in chat, is going to fun. They will never know what hit them; they will be broke, left for dead by the enemies and clinging to that TCU like a survivor of the Titanic . . . and the mean time I and my compadres will be rolling in so much ISK that we be using it to lining the walls of our ships.
Waiting with bated breath, Ig
P.S. Thanks again CCP for making my gaming experience such fun!

Posted: Nov 29th 2009 10:27PM (Unverified) said

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Dominion - the power or right of governing and controlling; sovereign authority.

What is ours is ours...

A chance...
... for a new beginning.
... to make a name for ourselves.
... to make a mark in the universe.
... to better something for our ourselves.
... for a place of our own, a place to call home.
... for betrayal, deception, deceit and treachery.
... to burn down the old and raise the new from the ashes of the fallen.

To allow us to take, hold and create a place in space unlike other places in space. To be as lawful, or lawless as we wish and to deal with those who would enter our space in any way we so choose. To grow our ranks and become a major power, or to fall apart from infighting and go down flames. To discover who our real leaders are, and who the real followers are. To give us, the small guys, a voice in the voiceless vacuum of null space.

Posted: Nov 30th 2009 1:50AM Darkdust said

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We delve into undiscovered or unused space, darting into the shadows cast by giants as they struggle. No threat to the large alliances and the broad strokes of the map boundaries, the Back Alley Trading Company takes pride in doing what organizations many times our size cannot. This frequently takes us through wormholes to unknown space, but it also takes us across little-used trade routes and into the waiting jaws of mission runners.

With the impending changes to sovereignty, the Company has no intention of trying to do the things that those jötnar do regularly. We will never directly challenge them, but, if they care to look, they may well find us infiltrating their systems and retrieving the valuables within. Or they may even see us take up residence in a dark, forgotten corner of space, making a new home for our allies and the downtrodden who deserve a fresh start.

As the dust settles, perhaps quietly but more likely with thunder, we will choose our path. But regardless of our choice, we certainly will find a way to insert ourselves into lawless space, covertly and quietly.

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