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Posted: Nov 24th 2009 1:15PM (Unverified) said

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Only US & Canada are allowed for a EU (Icelandic) based game?? Shame on you!!!!

Posted: Nov 24th 2009 6:33PM (Unverified) said

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WI. is one of the top 10 space holding 0.0 alliances in Eve. As such of course we've been impacted by the changes.
As a director in one of the corps in WI., I've been heavily
involved in the planning aspect over the last 3 weeks leading up to the patch.

Right now the main focus is planning out the first week after the patch drops:

1) organizing what our new Jump Bridge Network (and cyno gens) will look like, and how the corps will manage them

2) deciding which systems we will drop hubs in, and what the desired upgrades will be

3) managing the logistics of moving the new sov structures out to our space

4) bills bills bills - how will we manage the ISK flow for the new sov system amongst ourselves

As the Titan changes are pretty massive as well, we're also looking at the tactics for both fielding our Titans, and revising the standard fits we use for our fleet ships now that DD tanking is out of the equation.

Overall there is a positive feeling with the new patch, and we're all looking forward to the new content!

Posted: Nov 24th 2009 6:38PM (Unverified) said

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This is BULLSHIT...

American law, my ass - if they wanted to, they'd have the administrative part taken care of in Iceland, where the game, and prize is, and will be given anyways.

This is another example of "This is for us, and our people only"

As if non-americans couldn't write just as great a text... Bah!

/me is looking forward to one-world government, one-world citizenship - come, nwo

Posted: Dec 3rd 2009 10:59PM (Unverified) said

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As a director in a small startup alliance, I can say we've been looking rather hard at the sov changes and have had some mixed thoughts.
Initially, we thought we'd be able to muscle into 0.0 when the alliances implode on themselves, but after looking over the actually mechanics of the switch, we've decided on a more long term approach. Since most of the alliances in eve will probably condense their borders to increase productivity and value of their best systems, there will be gaps where we can gain a foothold. We're already looking at places in npc 0.0 to launch our initial assaults into 0.0 and I can say I'm very excited to get back out there, the changes themselves seem fun, although I still wish there were soft targets for roaming gangs to go after, since everything has a ton of hitpoints. I'd love to see things like moon mining and solar harvester arrays set up, something for the small roaming gangs to go after. guerrilla warfare has basically been dead since the implementation of jump freighters and I'd like to see that change.

Posted: Nov 24th 2009 2:26PM (Unverified) said

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Sovereignty changes affect us in three ways. First, decisions will be made regarding which systems are of enough value to invest the required resources to maintain.
Second, there will be a new feel to the game. It may begin feeling less like fun, and more like work. The only difference is that in work you get a tangible reward, but in the new sovereignty system you see ISK disappear, never to return. The ISK paid to maintain upgrades won't go to improving the star system, rather just maintaining it.
Third, for sovereignty to be profitable, it may require change in current policies of alliances. Else, they may not reap rewards as their systems are raped by neutral parties. Indeed, the new rules may be hostile to the NRDS policies of those who do not favor the juvenile NBSI modi operandi of most 0.0 alliances.
Notwithstanding, the new system can produce opportunities for battle on scales not known to most capsuleers. Holders of null-sec may have more meaningful engagements than the cloak-and-run games of yesteryear. And, for the innovative alliances who learn to upgrade wisely, increased traffic for newfound PvE can bring in tremendous rewards. We're ready to reap.

Posted: Nov 24th 2009 2:34PM (Unverified) said

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Since the news on dominion things have been a rush

Constant running... Constant gathering... Constant fighting..

Me as a Corporate leader and always being so in the past three years i have played eve online waiting never really progressing just waiting...

Seen many faces come and go made many friends here and there set many goals just to be reinforced with many more.

Now it shows as we prepare, our path is final. Our path is definite we could not have seen this but it is here... and we will be ready before Dominion deploys this opportunity has changed us...

At one point we dreamed of Level 5 missions and the riches of all the ore in 0.0, The care bear dream as some would call it.

But now.. Heh... But now we must feed, our endless hunger for inorganic material... As we feed we realize we are becoming different something cold and dark. This new path has made us something more.. We owe it to this new opportunity.. The corporation has changed. For better or worse Dominion has already become our home and what we are shapes our environment. so until Launch we hum to the silence of inorganic consumption.

Posted: Nov 24th 2009 3:59PM caboaddict said

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Our corp strives to provide the finest goods to the finest Gentlemen (and ladies). We are a small band of players that have the spirit, the desire and ambition to venture into that quagmire of despair, treachery, and holder of vast wealth and glory that is nullsec.

To dominion, we raise our canes and monocles to the system that will support our industrialists, NPC hate mongers, and PvP psychotics. To join our fellow immortal capsuleers may we find our space, liberty, and pursuit of happiness and destruction of our enemies!!!

Posted: Nov 24th 2009 6:07PM (Unverified) said

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As a small industrial corporation there isn't any room for us in null sec as things stand. Dominion will bring little if any change to that status in the near future. Some alliances will jump at the chance to collect rent through an official treaty contract. But this is nothing more than protection money. If we manage to work our poor little slice of 0.0 into a viable system, our landlord will simply not renew the treaty or hire a mercenary corporation to kick us out. EVE will remain a game for scoundrels, villains and people with big numbers that know how to use them. We are expecting the medium sized alliances to head off to 0.0 and leave the wormholes to us. As a small industrial wing of a small alliance, we are not able to provide the time nor effort to developing space. We CAN extract the resources from wormhole space and defend it against similarly sized opponents. We only have trouble with bigger alliances as the bigger blob wins even in W-space. With the Dominion changes we are hopeful they'll be too busy to care about our little wormhole and will stay in 0.0 for a while.

Posted: Nov 24th 2009 5:33PM (Unverified) said

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"But there must be more, Flash. Out there. Ever wonder?" Jack locks eyes with his CEO, still toying with the cigarette in his right hand.

Flash leans in, his elbows on the desk. "The nullsec alliances will do what the nullsec alliances have always done. Industry will follow, the corporations will toil and bicker amongst themselves... and as before, their greed will bring them close, the isk will numb their senses, and we will profit. Of course you are free to do as you please, but Jack, you know as well as I that there is but one profession in New Eden for men like us."

Jack lit the cigarette. The flame licking at the tip of the cigarette reflected the truth, it shone in his eyes like the blazing muzzleflash of 200mm autos. He felt the momentary flutter in his stomach, the rush and the excitement of battle. He couldn't deny what Flash had said.

For a moment the two men stare knowingly at each other. There was no denying it indeed.

The commslink crackled unexpectedly to life. "Check check, antipirate force passing Egmar en-route to Evati, all available pilots fleet up, get to your ships. Time to rock and roll boys..."

Jack, now resolute, smiled at his superior. "You heard the man. Let's roll boss."

Posted: Nov 24th 2009 5:57PM (Unverified) said

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My name is Jerzael, and for the last two and a half years, I have been an escort pilot for Native Freshfood, a company responsible for returning Minmatar culinary heritage and most famous for its “Native Freshfood Special.” Needless to say, such shipments do not inspire many raids.

I can only hope that the changes in null security development will raise Native Freshfood demand outside of empire space, and that I will have something to do. Maybe a hauler filled to the brim with freeze-dried ‘Special’ meals will be mistaken for a hauler filled to the brim with ‘Special’ pills and in their mad frenzy for more Frentix and Mindflood, a swarm of pirates will descend on my charges.

One might think that a mad wish for combat should always be outweighed by fear of waking up in a clone vat, but when you’ve been in the same pod for two and a half years, connected to the same beat-up old rifter, even failure sounds like a better option than boredom. And if I fail, maybe I’ll be fired… and hey, null sec space is looking like it has more opportunities every day.

Posted: Nov 24th 2009 6:03PM (Unverified) said

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[Contest Entry]

Lieutenant Panzerkom sat silently in his stealth bomber, trying his best to focus on the cold, metallic stargate 30km away. Shattered ship hulls and debris now littered the dead silent space all around him. Corpses of hapless pilots and crew of the destroyed ships were the worst -- limbs outstretched and twisted, skin marred by burns and unknown body fluids, faces forever frozen in a state of unspeakable terror. Panzerkom was no newbie to space combat. He had been with Atlas, one of the largest null-sec alliances in New Eden, for six months now. But the aftermath of a battle never failed to sicken him.

Since the signing of the Dominion Accord a month ago, large alliances like Atlas had reduced their footprint in null-sec space. Consolidating their forces into a number of vital star-systems, they relinquished control of numerous star-systems to various “renters” -- smaller alliances and corporations. This arrangement had attracted a wave of belligerent parties trying to trample on the inexperienced renters. As part of a rapid response team, Panzerkom’s squad was constantly called upon to aid the alliance’s renters. This had been their fifth sortie of the day. And they were just warming up…

[End of Contest Entry]

(p.s. IMHO, the idea of using comments for contest entry kinda sux)

Posted: Nov 24th 2009 7:06PM (Unverified) said

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This expansion will be the miracle our small corp has been waiting for. We have been a Charlie Brown corp to be honest. The time we spent in null sec was under the umbrella of a large alliance who cast us into the most non-lucrative part of space they could find. We decided, boldly, to strike off into wormhole space. No longer would we have to answer to someone else! No longer would we have to ask permission to look for rats! But alas, our time in the wormhole drew short as pilots got tired of scanning. With no pilots online the remaining few spent their days doing the conga line around the POS. But what is this? A new hope? Yes! With Dominion our pilots will have plenty of rats to kill. Our miners can finally take the plastic wrap off their shiny new Orca’s. Our corp can step up to be the world power it was destined to be! All because of this glorious expansion known as Dominion. Our corp will no longer be a small force, lying dormant in the background. We will defiantly stand and defend our space against the outside oppressors and WE WILL PREVAIL!

Posted: Nov 24th 2009 7:06PM (Unverified) said

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Wealth, Skill, Adventure, Glory, POWER! This is what drives the capsuleers in the verse of New Eden. The names 4giveme, my allegence is to the Exquisite Malevolence, and we need no sovereignty, the universe is up for grabs and we are not scared to cut some fingers off. Change always works in the favor of those willing to fight and die for it to unfold. Dominion will be a playground built a mile high, and only those willing to gamble it all, those who refuse to admit defeat. Only those who want it all and Yarr in the face of absolute despair can claim it. The cold reaches of 0.0 have a home in our frozen hearts, and one day the whole universe will be up for grabs. Have big alliances and corporations claim what they want, in the end its us who seize it all and leave them scrambling. Dominion will open the door to a new era, a new way to look at the universe. change is coming...

this is EVE, the universe is yours!

Posted: Dec 4th 2009 5:54PM (Unverified) said

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The new Sovereignty rules will have both a positve and negative effect on my corporation. Since we ourselves don't have any 0.0 systems we will not have any problems with losing any Sovereignty. During the first week we can help an alliance in defending their teritory from null sec thirsty invaders. This will give our new players a chance to see a titan become a wreck or see 100 ships engulf in flames. Also, there is a chance we can gain a few blues in the process which will make null sec and low sec safer for everyone! There will however be a few side effects. Traveling in Null-Sec or even near null-sec will be extremely dangerous if we are not blue to the people fighting for control. More than likely a member will warp into a gate camp or fight and be killed on site with no questions asked. This will make nearly any travel down there will result in a ship loss or even everyones nightmare. 'Gulp' a Boom-Where'd-my-pod-scenario.

Posted: Nov 24th 2009 7:55PM (Unverified) said

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Just before Christmas, and all through the ‘verse,
Not a person was safe, not even his purse.
This is EVE after all, not some bare-chested elf,
So shove off from dock and defend yourself.
With notice of owning and upgrading a home,
This Dominion expansion is locked on to own.
Between ‘ratting and mining, refining and more,
Searching out systems with incentives galore.
What more could you want with all of this in store?
Why your corporation’s own little core!
Smaller space ventures want to move in
Pieces of null-sec to lay claim to and win.
Not just a number or outpost, but homes to defend,
Motivations of greed are our means to an end.
Now the our corp can call some corner home,
No longer police other’s systems we roam.
Our own place to earn all our wealth,
Turf to defend, not just flying with stealth.
A call to arms, and a war-dec in sight,
Hot-drop the bastards, we’ll show them who’s right!
The story continues, the fight has no end,
Only tomorrow knows what ships red will send.
No resting on laurels, this is EVE at its best,
Always improving the game, to hell with the rest!

Posted: Nov 24th 2009 8:15PM (Unverified) said

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A Dissertation on how Goonswarm will lose Delve
By Phorashi

Dominion is coming, and with it, a change in the domination of delve and its environs.
Goonswarm, as we all know, is the premier PVP alliance in eve online. Not by virtue of being extremely skilled, nor by being lucky, but by every single other corporation and alliance in eve being worse.

Dominion, with its change to sovereignty, will cause Delve to be lost to the Russians, the clowns, and the carebears. According to rumblings on the Eve-Online forums, a massive multi-pronged attack is planned to simultaneously destabilize the entirety of the north and west, and break up the so called ‘nap-train’. Clearly this,

Nah, actually, Goonswarm won’t lose anything except maybe some parts of querious. Titan doomsdays are no longer insta-gib weapons so blobbing can’t be combated. The reinforcement mechanic of the infrastructure hub and outposts has a 2 hour variable. There are 2 united states prime-time alliances, Atlas, and GS. Goonswarm has already beaten Atlas once, they can do it again. The Russian alliances are out of their time-zones and hate pos warfare. IT alliance and Atlas are just plain terrible.

Dominion: Time zone supremacy Online.

Posted: Nov 24th 2009 11:27PM (Unverified) said

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Dominion and the changes it brings to New Eden will effectively be seen by changes to pilot strategies and bureaucratic mechanisms throughout my corporation. Though my corporation claims no allegiance to any alliance at this time, we share common goals with many and aim to evolve with the power brokers to achieve them. Changes in Sovereignty means changes in bureaucracy and the effect will be felt with both humility and the ambition to succeed. By contractual agreement with greater powers building space, we will seize opportunities to help maintain a greater good, and benefit from the bounties in both times of peace and war. It is by these measures my corporation will reap beneficial gain, regain a strength greater than a time past, and honor our predecessors to the highest regard. Some things however, will not change. Competition will still prevail in abundance. Contracts will still need fulfilled with high priority. And as we all know, war will always be war.

Posted: Nov 25th 2009 2:13AM (Unverified) said

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The sov changes have given my corp hope.

A small, microscopic atom of hope that we might claim SoV even for a small time.

Dominion will allow the best of us to harden the **** up and make ourselves heard.

I pity the ISD IC for all the coverage they will inevitably be flooded with.

Posted: Nov 25th 2009 6:48AM (Unverified) said

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Quite Simply:

Hail to the Mighty POS retaking its rightful position as an utility creation with a purpose and an art; Hail to the TCU finally enabling the true 'EXODUS' to begin, For we shall all now have a capacity and vested interest in 0.0 with the promise of upgrading our systems to our needs and desires paving the way to a more active and interesting null-sec experience; Hail to Dominion, Let the Invasion begin...

Posted: Nov 30th 2009 9:59PM (Unverified) said

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With E.V.E new focus on developing infrastructure in(0.0) space in the Dominion expansion and beyond, how will the changes to sovereignty impact your Corporation or Alliance?

This is how it will effect the Corporation and Alliance you maybe in. The faster you take over a system the better. Its about controlling different area's that deal with trade, buy and sale. Economy functions of trade, buying and sales in lower sector like 0.0 with (Rules and Law making between Corporations and Alliances proceed)
will make 0.0 sectors very important to control or take over by others. So I think that the Dominion project in E.V.E will be much about taking other strong infrastructures, area's and business in lower sectors like 0.0 and creating sovereignty over Corporations and Alliances.

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