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Posted: Nov 16th 2009 4:33AM (Unverified) said

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I'm glad you're having fun in T1. To many it is the best tier for RvR and I filled up all
10 slots on both Destruction and Order partly because of that.

However, I hope you've picked a Bright Wizard, Chosen, Squig Herder, Sorceror,
Warrier Priest, DoK or Knight of the Blazing Sun. Because if you didn't, you're going to
be regularly out-gunned at the higher tiers. Assuming the higher tiers aren't ghost
towns. On the other hand, if they're not completely empty then prepare for the Zerg!

I managed a year before I eventually gave up. I've seen the same rhetoric constantly
from Mythic and I, too, used to believe them. Now I don't.

Posted: Nov 25th 2009 10:17AM (Unverified) said

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I was passing by on a whim and felt compelled to reply to this (stupid Warhammer newsletter that I want to keep to know the time-of-death for it):

My level 40 zealot, asleep on Vortex, would like you to know he's going to kill himself now. When I left this shambling mound of entertainment, I was angry; my server was *too* unbalanced and any attempt at participating in any ammount of PvP was greeted with a wagon of patroling, uber guilds that would comb through chaos territories (a minimum of 2 seperate guilds, and a minimum of eight different players). My masochisim meter hit it's peak, and left WAR for good.
Now I come to find out that Mythic is implementing an "Underdog" system. Heed my warning, all ye lesser MMO'ers, this is a hurdle. The game will seem to be balanced in this respect, and then one of *them* will find away around it, and you will be stuck to either waiting for friday/saturday to earn freenown, or running into RvR zones naked, because those twelve BWs would have only taken 2.4 seconds instead of 1.3 to kill you.

This MMO will perish; people have been laided off, server merging is seen as a fix, and overbalanced chaos/order is *just now being addressed*.

Posted: Nov 30th 2009 10:48AM (Unverified) said

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Man, i really had fun with War the first 6 months or so... didn't realize its gone so downhill. Oddly, i never felt a sense of class inbalance... just a sense of you need to stick with a group and not try to solo rvr (unlike wow where everyone wants equal classes)... Aion seems the same way, more about group fighting than solo.

At least they are offering free to play for first tier. I might give that a shot b/c the first tier was the best anyway.... and Aion is boring the piss out of me. :/

Posted: Nov 28th 2009 2:19PM (Unverified) said

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Mythics poor implementation of the daoc formula for rvr in war is likely a big reason its not working right now. rvr just simply does not work with only 2 sides, you need a 3rd. If this is possible in the warhammer lore i don't know as i really don't know a whole lot about warhammer. rvr lakes? horrible idea. make them seperate zones completely. the scenarios and first level lakes, at least in my opinion, are pointless and boring at best. they feel completely disconjoined from the entire game (capture the flag...in a seige mmo...really?)

as someone else pointed out, they concentrated on wowhammer.

also, to those that are "having a blast" in t1 on the free trials...try t2. i filled all of my slots and capped them in t1 in about 3 weeks. once i hit t2, dead. i could get a small group together to take a control point (see above for my logic on those though) but we could almost never get enough together to take a keep...even a low level one and even after the addition of the other ramp. trying to get in a scenario took hours if it even happened at all. the pqs were even more empty (i didn't even think that was possibly but it was.)

Posted: Dec 2nd 2009 6:51PM (Unverified) said

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This is all EA's fault. they dont give a shit about whether a game needs more development or if its full of bugs or if its not even finished before they throw it on the shelves. They obviously dont care about putting out quality, especially in mmo/rpg games. They chew up small software companies make them push their games out before theyre done and then get rid of the staff to make the game better. Theyre a garbage company and any mmo/rpg game associated with them will fail. Warhammer won't be the last game they do this to.

Posted: Dec 9th 2009 10:35PM (Unverified) said

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I been playing again since 1.3.2 and the games rocking.

Admittedly I don't care about Warhammer lore, I was brought in as a former DaOC player.

RvR is running large seiges at 60 FPS finally. Removing Forts was probably unfortunate but seeing as I never made it in to a fort siege I'm happy to be able to advance my realm rank without them.

The worst thing about this game right now is the PR/layoffs, they improved a lot of major flaws added a lot of polish and I'm enjoying this game again.

They need to make some strict rules to get the population on balance and commit to a expansion and new content to turn around the naysayers.

-Formerly Skeptical.

Posted: Dec 12th 2009 8:47PM (Unverified) said

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It has been a interesting debate here on the comment page.
The reason why T1 is our favorite tier is because of the "centralization"
Even before the Endless trial everyone was playing in empire/chaos.

From what I have read and from a year of playing war I have found that there are quite a few reasons why war is failing.

A real problem IS the pq's. Why implement something as unimportant to a mmorpg RVR game as pve for crap gear and lvl without the very important RP?
For pve, some hidden dungeons with good loot would be enough. OR use the awsome lore from warhammer fantasy.


Another problem is the RVR. In warhammer online it is not RVR it is RvK (realm vs keep). Almost noone is playing for the player vs player action. Everyone is either defending a keep or sieging a keep.

The reason why the RVR is RVK is because of the sheer mass of players. It is very hard to organise some pvp with 24+players who you arent playing with on regular basis. And because its impossible to make all classes balanced for this type of action. +YOU HAVE TO TAKE KEEPS.

"If you dont you wont get the wards and influence you need to play RVR."

Because it takes ages to get the gear and because its the only option for getting high lvl gear you will get tired of the endless meaningless keep takes.
Reduce the time to get the gear, make alternative gear so everyone wont run arround with same gear at the maximum point and most importantly by far!!! Make a large rvr zone with a maxium limit of party size groups, no keeps, no pqs, bos or similiar things.

This will allow the players to play the game for what it really should be. A massive multiplayer game, where we(read players) can show our skills and teamplay and not just button mash aoe. If we get a reason to lvl to 40rr40+ we will actually stay in the game and continue our gaming experience. As it is now we get tired of doing nothing but farming gear! :)

Best regards a fan of the warhammer online game who knows the game could be a success!

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