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Posted: Nov 16th 2009 9:27PM (Unverified) said

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My comment is made regarding the answer to the question "What steps will the team be making towards improving the channel between developer and player?"

Unfortunately, the forums, website and such are merely channels of communication which have now been shown to be useless if one side does not acknowledge the concerns of the other. They're just vehicles, and vehicles are meant to be driven.

A look at the comments in the aiononline websites for the current actions of the community managers makes one wonder if they actually have bosses who can take a look at how much their community managers are failing at communicating with their player base. In essence, my opinion is that they are failing the community.

There is no confirmation or hint that they are listening or even acknowledging the requests of their customers. I do not speak about fulfilling the requests, but at least acknowledging them.

They market the product and that is it and it is unfortunate but I doubt it would even work to get fresh players because one look at the customer replies is enough to show that if they do make the mistake of paying for the game, they will just find out that the community managers will just ignore the community.

They are doing just enough to keep their job to promote the game. Which, in this way, they are failing anyway since the players answer back with the truth in their comments.

I say this not merely just to speak negatively about the community managers' way of handling things but instead said in the hope that by speaking out my opinions, someone higher than them might take notice and possibly tell them to shape up.

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