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Posted: Oct 23rd 2009 2:23PM monkeybones said

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Great Article!

I have been playing with my kids and my buddy and his kids for years. It gives us something in common to discuss and opportunities to teach some life lessons.

Under encouraging failure, you can add - getting scammed. Its important for kids to learn that their "friends" may not be real friends, or have their best interest in mind.

My daughter has been our guild leader in a couple of games. She has had to learn how to be a good, unselfish leader. Putting the needs of her guild ahead of her desire to grind or simply socialize. We can discuss why somebody left the guild or dropped you from their friends list.

It has helped them realize that saving some gold for a raining day (or a new item) is a good idea. Impulse buying items without comparison shopping is better done in game, then in real life.

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