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Posted: Oct 10th 2009 5:18PM Graill440 said

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The one satisying thing i have to remember about LOTR was the monster play when it first came out, then we all found out how crippled the monsters were and where they could go and how as ORION stated that LOTR would never be about PVP and monster play would stay small as a refresher, a break he stated, to give folks something to do when the main game was boring. well that isnt working now is it, oh and we cant forget chicken play!!

Well, with ol JRR spitting on ORION because of the way he has handled LOTR This niche game continues to pump out updates to try and keep subs, sadly it isnt working, there are 2 servers with decent pops, the others are ghost towns at peak times, i pop in from time to time on mine at peak and see the same 20 or 30 folks. Sad i wasted a lifetime sub on this rag. What a total waste of the good verse evil aspect of LOTR, I guess one mans grand vision is another mans garbage.

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