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Posted: Oct 1st 2009 8:20PM (Unverified) said

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.Sounds like fun.

Posted: Oct 12th 2009 3:02AM fatboy21007 said

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please Do Not Play This game. 1 thing reqiuem doe snot hav e acommunity of 700k+ thats a lie max thats on all 3 servers combined is about less then 300 also the new update killed the game. this is coming from a year old player on requiem. pk system dead/ premuim dungeons do not work properly/they made over half of the classes almsot unplayable and destroyed allt eh good skills they had. drop rate have drop redicuiously even with premuim u get barley anything. Raids/dungeons are horrible we went fromg eting 10 drops+ in S1 to in S2 only 1-2 and that sif ur lucky and party sizes shrank down to 15 player which takes about 2-6 hours to down the boss jsut for 1-2 items with the crappiest stats in the history of the game old S1 items are now elite and look slike we shall have our current hig level gear/weapons forever with no hope of geting betted. guild tags are broke/ all quests are broke/ mess up lot sof levels missing quests sum quests sending level 48 players to kill level 71 monsters on a level 70+ map when they was moved from the new level 70+ map to South hammerine. we all mass and randonly dissconnect. bugs are geting worse each day latest one was the other day where when u logged out u lsot allt eh exp u gained and they gave us nothing to compensate for it then they made it worse and did a server rollback causing players to loose S1 xeons that they had saved n worked hard to get. new players will be pushed away fromt eh game due to early level grinding and how the quests are broke.their is little to none communication tot he community from devels straigh to the mods. if somthing goes wrong chances of geting it back or it geting fixed is welp u have a better chance of some one giving you 20 million dollars. in short the skill reblance unbalanced the game destroying all classes. quests were slaughterd. the reinforcing system was killed. player bass is droping hard because of the mass dc's and the servers keep going down due to malfunctions. the game is about 25% playable atm. S2 completly destroyed requiem and all that was about it.and they have turned the tide to trying to draine veryone of their money for CS items and do not lsiten to us nor care to fix our problams or give compensation. and this is just SUM of the problams their is tons more to list but i said enough to show ya how bad life is on req. this is one game that will be dead with in the year.

Posted: Nov 15th 2009 5:30PM (Unverified) said

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I am getting tired of negative comments about Requiem Memento Mori.
Yes the game has some problems with lag and bugs but the biggest problem is that the Korean Developers and the Requiem players have 2 different views of how this game should be played.
The popuation has dropped since the Memento Mori update was released because the game is different now and a lot of older players didn't like it.
You have to change the way you think about this game, how to enchant, how to reinforce your equipment etc...... A lot of the older players have been left out in the cold because if this change. They can't figure it all out.
Personally all of my 7 characters are stronger than they were in Requiem Bloodymare.
Yes, the PK system on the Hammerine server has been disabled. The Bloodymare system was unfair and the memento mori system was severly abused by its players which is why it was diabled. The pk system will return,
some people can't wait , I don't care one way or another.
The Linta and Valdes servers are non PK servers. The Lintra server popualtion dropped well before the update, can't figure out why really and actually is a great server for those who want to run alone. The Valdes server has a descent population and is good for players who like to party with other players.
The most populated Hammerine server can be rough and really is for mature
players only which I think has turned off some players also.
I have characters on all three servers. For me Lintra is the best since I like to grind alone.
The 2 biggest problems I see with this game is that
1. it was rushed to the public hence all the lag and bug problems.
2. the in game and out game prices are too expensive.
I am a free player who has bought $300 US in item mall points in the last year.
This is more than you would pay if you were a Premium subscription player only
not including any extra item mall points you can buy at a discount.
All in all I find the game very enjoyable even with all its flaws.
You can play free comfortably up to a high level though a basic or premium subscription some where along the line is recommended.
I've heard all the complaints and all I can say is JUST SHUT UP.
If you don't want to spend your money there don't, go play somewhere else.
Please go now.......Funny thing is that
I think what these nay sayers are really trying to say is what I believe is that this is
potentionally a GREAT game. Whether or not it gets there or not only time will tell.

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