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Posted: Sep 26th 2009 4:09AM (Unverified) said

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A VERY simple answer to your remark.

These days .... WOW stands for mmorpg's. It is that simple.

Have you EVER seen a Billy Hailey imitator? No, of course not.

But he made rock ' roll 5 years before Elvis.

The only thing people know are Elvis imitators. Because Elvis made RnR mainstream and selling into the millions.

As for the dude above what is the difference between WOW 1.1 and 3.3.

Do you have 10 pages left on this forum??? From phasing, mounted combat to multi clustered dungeon servers to choose from 80.000 people to do dungeons with (which will be quite a revolution in itself).

I'll spare you the details of those other 10.000 new features.

Those features that lack btw in almost all newly launched mmo's.

Like a competitive ladder based PvP e-sport branche or ... worlds you don't bounce into false walls.

I stop the useless discussion right here.

There simply is only one mmorpg decent enough to pay 180 dollars a year for and it shows. The rest struggles at 100K and 200K after launch. And the western paid subscriptions of Aion will follow the same path exactly.

Why ? Nothing other is decent enough to pay subs for by so many people.

btw: free internet caf├ęs in China dont count to me as subs.


Posted: Sep 26th 2009 4:47AM Lionhearted said

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Bossy, I don't disagree with most of your comment, but I don't really agree with it, either. For one thing, I actually DID know how Haley was (you spelled his name wrong, btw). A lot of people do. Not as many as Elvis, that's for sure, but anyone interested in that era of music would.

Just like anyone interested in MMORPGs knows what EQ is and knows that if there wasn't an EQ, there wouldn't have been a WoW, either. Furthermore, I disagree with your comment on game stats: there will indeed be games that hold about the 100-200k number. Honestly, Aion's as likely to gain more players over the next year than lose them. They have 400,000 right now and it's been out for a few days. My guess is that's about what they'll have a year or two out. EQ held those kinds of numbers, when no one even knew what the genre was, for years and years. Furthermore, there are other games out there that have well over the 100-200k numbers, especially if you look at the freebies out there. Free Realms, for example, has over a million users and growing. It's a very, very different game -- but just because there's no subscription and no initial cost doesn't mean you can ignore it, because it doesn't fit neatly into your mold.

BTW: my original comment and this one, as well, aren't meant to take ANYTHING away from WoW. It's an amazing game. I leveled up a server's worth of characters in that game and enjoyed all facets of it, from the quests to the artsy graphics to the character balance to the battlegrounds (well, I didn't enjoy the travel time... those griffons were SLOW. LOL). I don't think it's the only game worth paying for, not anywhere close (in fact, I question how many you've actually tried) but it IS one of the best and most fun out there and will remain so for a very, very long time. But don't be surprised when a few others start to hit the 5-10 million mark, as well, especially Bioware's The Old Republic and Cryptic's Star Trek Online. Both of those games are looking great, will have a huge built-in audience that can expand upon the traditional MMO players and, most likely, the content, story and playability to back it up (that's what happens when great companies make your games and both of them *are* great companies). So, yeah, I love WoW, but it's not the only great game out there... you shouldn't think that.

Posted: Sep 26th 2009 10:46AM (Unverified) said

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I'll give you phasing... but since when does WoW have mounted combat other than ToTC and a couple dailies? I'd hardly even consider that a valid point. Sieges? please...

You mention technical changes, yet you don't understand the posters point... he's talking about -game experience- and what the player can actually see and do. And he's absolutely right. You talk about 10,000 changes between vanilla and now, why don't you list just -10- game breaking and innovative changes that the player themselves can actually experience. The very few ones you can list only came in the last year, maybe less. The game will be 5 years old in November... get the point?

As for those dungeon servers you talk about, that was only implemented to solve a very major issue on high pop realms. We couldn't get in to any raid instance on Cho'gall for TWO months. I haven't played for about a month, but I hear with the new patch the problem has returned on the high pop launch realms, although its less frequent now.

And just to be a dick, its Buddy Holly.. and no, he NEVER imitated ANYONE before him... ever. What a terrible reference.

Posted: Sep 26th 2009 2:39AM JC Smith said

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I tested Aion and I think 7/10 was about a good review of the game. It's basically WOW, with winged characters... But with less quests, a longer grind, and a questionable high end game. It's a solid title, not bad. But there is also nothing special about this game, other than the serious amount of hype it has received.

Posted: Sep 26th 2009 4:53AM Lionhearted said

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I never got the hype, either. My friend has been obsessed with this game for months now -- when it was out, during BETA (he preordered, so was in the last round of BETA) and even now. He claims the cries of server waits are overblown, that they were 'only an hour.' LOL.

I'm sure plenty of people will play it and like it. I hope it does well, because I love the genre, but at this point -- when it comes to fantasy mmorpgs, a game would have to come out and do something really special for me to play it instead of going back to one of my old mainstays. I'm curious to see if the new Final Fantasy MMO will be that game... part of me thinks it just could. But a bigger part of me wants to take a crack at one of the new, exciting sci-fi MMOs which seem to be quickly finishing up development.

Posted: Sep 26th 2009 5:45AM Temko said

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7/10 sounds pretty decent, not my type of game so i'd give it 6/10 just becouse i can. or maybe 8/10 ...who knows, the game didn't pull me in enough to give a rats ass for more then level 25 and 1 hour in the abyss where i got steamrolled as a sorcerer.

it doesn't matter if a game is original, all that matters is... "Am i having fun?".

I played WOW for 3 weeks ... got levle 70(cap), raided a bit, borrowed a char and ran sunwell once...bored out of my skull all the way to the end. i fell asleep out of sheet boredom.

yet 12 mil people pay to play every month so they are doing something right.

the same for aion. it wont be WoW's doom, or make a sizable dent in it's subscription numbers for 2 reasons.

WoW players are not by themselfes MMO players. he plays wow and walked in on me doing a pre-raid prep on my fleet in eve he stood and asked "is this a rts?"
when i responded "no, EvE online a mmo" he imediatly said "oh, it doesn't look like wow".

and it's that simple, wow player /= mmo player. you can destroy wow's market as it's players are not interested in getting a new game.

those that are will eventually either find a new game, or return to wow when they find teh myrad of games that are basicly the same like wow and overhyped arn't that cool and their level80 is already at peak of his power where you spent so much time.

Aion's strengt comes from the fact that it's been released for a damn year already. if it DIDN'T have the polish, balance and updates of year of revenue i'd not even bothered beyond level 2, as it stands, we are obviously VERY set in what the game will offer, and wont see anything new or original. we'll see wow into aion. and if you enjoy that - have fun, if you dont - play another game.

i play EvE and Darkfall. both games that in no form or way are the same to each ohther or to any game in the market currently.
i enjoy both.



Freedom where i dont have to grind to level X before i can enjoy a certain aspect of the content (25 for Aion's Abyss for example).
Freedom to chose the exact path i wish to follow and do (why do i have to pick certain skills to be a prot warrior? i want that other one... that looks cool :( )
Why am i forced to re-do the entire grind of the game, basicly run the SAME content over and over if i want to try something else?

when a game tells me "here is a sword/axe/hammer/knife/bazokaa - go enjoy" then i can do what i want to do, and how i want to do it.

so far EVE and darkfall are the only ones that do that.. maybe i'll grow bored and pick up another game, maybe it'll be Aion (doubt it) or i might just migrate to Dawntide?

but to say a game sucks becouse it has the same elements/gameplay is shortsighted.. becouse all games except UO and EQ1 would suck then, eh?

Posted: Sep 26th 2009 8:42AM (Unverified) said

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I don't think anything will ever amount to the millions of players wow has. I also hate that blizzard uses the asian numbers in it, as it totally wrecks any comparison. Although even if we take out asian numbers from the comparison, I still think that no other MMO will hit the numbers WoW has.

There are so many different things in its favour.
It's popular culture.
For some people it's the only game they have ever played, and for some people its only game they will play ever.
Few of my friends don't want to even try any new mmo's as they have "put so many workhours to WoW"...*rollseyes* People are so attached to their chars after many years.
Everything gets compaired to the game that has 5 years of polish and content.
It's the starting point of many new MMO-players as they are hesitant to try niche games.
Many people want to try a game that is such a phenomenon. Even those that don't usually like MMOs.

I'm not so sure I even covered all the things pulling for WoW. Of course I hope that there would be another phenomenon like it, just to stop the endless comparison to WoW. I'm not so sure thought that it will come out of MMO-genre.

Posted: Sep 26th 2009 11:49AM (Unverified) said

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Forget the review: this game is where it is only thanks to the big NCsoft written on each box...
PeterD: the fact that there are few MMOs out there without 1,2,3,4,5 combat doesn't mean that there are none and that the existence of 1,2,3,4,5 should be ignored. If you compare Aion to WoW then ofc, it seems a good game but today almost any game compared to WoW is good.
Dranaerys: with higher levels the only things that open up in games like Aion are new areas or systems. The gameplay of a PvP(forget the E) orientated game isn't about these, but about the actual combat. 1,2,3,4 is bad and there are MUCH better combat systems in MMORPGs. Example? C9: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0b1V3eapZc
And finally to Tom: if the review doesn't affect you then does the knowledge that the game is from NCsoft make you want to play Aion?

Posted: Sep 26th 2009 12:11PM (Unverified) said

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Lots of comments.

Posters are right when saying that WoW wasn't orginal - it borrowed a lot from other MMOs. It was the biggest and best though.

So when making comparisons, people make it to WoW.

Companies that try and model their game after that style of MMO (Button Masher swords and sorcery) can only succeed if they can do it better than Blizzard. With Blizzard's money and staff, they simply will not be able to pull it off.

How many games have tried and failed?

I have high hopes for the new Bioware Star Wars MMO because it looks like it will be more RPG for groups than your standard never-ending MMO.

The next big game will have to offer something different. I suspect it will be something along the lines of an MMO with elements of Second Life or NWN - where players will have the ability to create their own content or servers.

Posted: Oct 12th 2009 2:12PM (Unverified) said

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Err ... Bill Haley is correct, look it up. While he himself borrowed from others, his nickname was the "Father of Rock and Roll" which makes him an apt comparison. In fact it's a great comparison, since Everquest itself was probably the first popular MMO but also borrowed from some things that previously existed. In fact, you've just proved the original point with your "correction."

If the reviewer compared this game to say ... Dark Age of Camelot. Some people would understand the reference, some people may have heard of the game but have no idea what it's like so won't understand the comparison, some people will have no idea what the reviewer is talking about and a few smug "dicks" will comment saying "Um ... actually it's Age of Conan. Terrible comparison!"


Posted: Oct 13th 2009 3:49PM (Unverified) said

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I want to first say I can't believe how much I anticipated this game's arrival, ran off to the store to get a copy on release day, yet to be sorely disappointed by its quality and how over-hyped it's been (in short, I don't think this game warrants 4-page cutouts in MaximumPC or other computer mags for example, let alone all its coverage here in Massively).

First off, the patcher wouldn't even patch itself properly until a couple days after launch - for no other game had I wasted so much time combing aionsource forums and elsewhere looking for solutions. Supposedly because of server hangups it finally patched and I could play like 2 days after I installed - however, after finally getting into the game, I didn't think the look-and-feel were all that special like everyone had been saying, and with all the settings bumped up it on my very beefy rig, it seemed pretty mediocre to me, sort of like a prettied-up version of RoM with ripped-off Guild Wars environments. After playing through the starter zone, someone else in the game put it best I think saying, "the game feels kind of like the bastard stepchild after Guild Wars and Lineage 2 got together".

Normally I do relish all the action and special effects in games, but I couldn't believe the constant obtrusive thump-attack sounds in the background by NPC trainers in whatever that first town was. I love the battle effects, don't get me wrong, but I don't need to _constantly_ hear it, non-stop, when I'm just selling off loot or getting quests in town. Most of all, the UI seemed pretty slapdash and unprofessional if you ask me - that quest tracker and some of the UI screens seemed like ripped-off versions of MS Outlook or Word-art stationery, and what the heck was with the whole squirrel-race characters and their annoying "akakakakakak" stuff - laughably cheesy if you ask me, unless you like the whole cutesy anime sort of thing. Also the music sound effects in the shop in the first town sounded like a hacked-up version of the first few seconds of NBC's Nightly News.

Compared to AoC or Lotro, or even CO that I've been playing a lot recently (or even an ages-old game like EQ2, Guild Wars, or WoW beat this game hands-down, and I'm not even a WoW fan or player), the build quality in this game was appalling, and only is worth it as a F2P MMO in my opinion (DDO seems even more polished that Aion). I honestly can't believe people think this game is so great, there are much better alternatives.

I canceled my subscription on day 3 of playing and now have to sell off the discs and the unused game key to recoup some of wasted $50 (since I was part of the former Tabula Rasa player giveaway). About the only thing that was interesting were the cut-scenes before a quest, but they were choppy and the similar GW cut-scenes are light-years better by comparison. NCsoft won't be getting much interest from me in the future with this craptastic flop.

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