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Posted: Sep 21st 2009 8:18PM postpwn said

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This is a great guide. However, you might want to also inform people that they can, in fact, do the Soulja Boy in-game.

Posted: Sep 21st 2009 8:45PM Krystalle Voecks said

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You can indeed!

Here's a listing of all the dances currently in Fallen Earth, by slash command:


If you forget how to do those, there's an emote menu with those and more on the far left-hand side of the bar next to where you type in chat. It looks like a little orange chat bubble with a white plus sign on it. Click that and you'll find the dances under the "Emotes" menu.

Posted: Sep 21st 2009 9:47PM (Unverified) said

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Very informative and these questions are asked every time there is a new player that enters Fall Earth.

Great Job Massively!


Posted: Sep 22nd 2009 5:15AM (Unverified) said

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Man, it took me a week to discover some of this stuff while in beta. Great FAQing article :)

Posted: Sep 22nd 2009 5:28PM Pojoh said

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Ok, by far the best article I've read aka.. very informative. Playing the game (finally reached lvl 5 ...woot), and seeing people type questions of which you just answered..this was just the post that was needed. ty.

Posted: Sep 22nd 2009 9:15AM TheJackman said

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So for anyone out there that play this game... what is it like?!

Posted: Sep 22nd 2009 10:02AM phobic99 said

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Although I'm enjoying Aion at the moment, this game sounds really interesting. I'd like to hear some player impressions myself as well.

Posted: Sep 22nd 2009 1:57PM Kane Hart said

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wow a kick ass guide and info for sure.

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