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Posted: Sep 2nd 2009 3:59PM (Unverified) said

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Atari have been doing this for twenty years or more, so it would be fitting if they finally got slapped for it. Anyone who bought an Atari product since the mid 80's will be used to them failing to support anything they are involved with (Look at the various consoles they produced). Because the consumer continues to purchase their products even after they abandoned its predecessor as soon as a new product with the chance of a high initial yield was waved under their nose, we've encouraged them to continue with such awful trading practices> If we keep letting them get away with it we deserve to get screwed by them again.

They have always been like a puppy, real pretty to look at for the first few months but then a butterfly goes past and they run away from you and throw themselves under a truck leaving you holding a bunch of expensive puppy accessories and no puppy to put them on.

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