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Posted: Aug 18th 2009 8:39PM (Unverified) said

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As if anyone will really read this far.. But after playing a few closed beta periods, I find many flaws and many positives about the game.
Coming from a WoW players perspective, I do not see AION becoming a "WoW Killer" as some have stated, at least not at first. World of Warcraft in its beta left much to change and improve upon as could AION go.
Few AION - WoW comparisons
1) Graphics - AION wins this one - the graphics are outstanding! once again.. OUTSTANDING! - wonderfull game to look at with game visuals (ground, sky, distance, close) Spell effects are top notch as well.
2) Smoothness of the game - AION wins here too - game play for me was wonderfull playing from the states all they way to Chinease servers along with the high population of the starting areas during the beta. Far better then the short distance between 1 time zone on a low pop WoW server that I currently am on.
3) Controls - I'll give this one to WoW - This is only due to that AION will not allow you to look around while moving unless you are moving via the click to move mechanic. Either way, they are pretty much the same. Macros and keybinds available for both, just the inability to look around when running through an area is a little annoying to me.
4) Customization - This goes to WoW -
4A) UI - WoW takes this one but ONLY due to non blizzard people creating the addons. Without the random programmer spending a lot of time creating these, AION may actually be able to pull this one out.
4B) Class - Warcraft here again. Each Wow and AION have thier upsides and downsides, Warcraft talents are wonderfull for character customization, its nice to allow some of the hybrid classes to be just that, hybrids and fufill different rolls. Once you reach lvl 9 in AION you pick a type a class and really are stuck with it for the most part, of course you can change between the 2 subclasses through a short quest I belive, but thats it (the real killer here for me). AION needs a few side note here though, coloring your gear is a nice addition (I know, done before from NCSoft) From what I understand ( I did not go this far into beta tests) There also is the ability to add certain skills from other classes through Mantra (I think) This may be a huge plus and change the overall result. Overall player appearance customization is amazing in AION as well (I suggest people to watch a video that know nothing of this) after thought: enough with the tiny assisins running around.. yes I understand PvP is a big part of the game, but it looks stupid that every assissin is as small as can be.
5) Combat - Here is a toss up for me, A tie if you will.
5A) PvE- Where as WoW classes are so out of balance that large changes are often made every single patch and even times "hotfixed" to fix something they so called did not expect even though it ran for a test realm for some time. Aion classes seem to be more balanced and can hold there own, but this is just a PvE rating. Melee classes kill things quick and have to wait to regen health, casters kill things VERY quickly but are mana hogs at lower levels. Priests - well, they can cast, melee, and oh ya, heal with little mana costs.
5B) PvP - Tie - With classes being for the most part fairly equal, it does bring a little more enjoyment to PvPin AION. You can get attacked first and still have a chance to survive. AION flight combat is nicly done too but really takes some time to get used to. The big downside to AION is no Arena type battles. I really do like 3v3 and 5v5 settings. There is an arena in AION but its something like the Garabashi Arena in WoW, and whens the last time you went there to do any PvP

These are just a few comparisions but I don't wish to bore all of you that make it this far into the comments.
My overall opinion is that AION is a great game in its own right.. The bad is that the game is linier (sp?) from lvls 1-20 and there may be a little too much of a push toward the absolute need to PvP beyond that. Grouping is iffy and confusing, still unsure on how group loot worked or completing quests while in a group. Did not get to see any instance style battles, but I am told they are out there though.

If you were to compare the AION Beta with the WoW beta, AION would win easilly, but unfortunatly that can not happen since the distant difference in release dates. IMO, AION has more starting potentional then I ever saw in Warcraft, Wow has turned into a superior game over time and AION can do this too some day.

Posted: Aug 29th 2009 3:14PM (Unverified) said

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NCSoft will never provide the user experience that WOW, EQ, or most of the other games out there have until they host and maintain an active dialog with customers directly via official forums.

The simple fact of the lack of such forums, and the way they term'd Tabula Rasa, means they don't care what the customer thinks, and will thrive (if they can) only on wooing customers who don't care that they aren't heard.

Too bad too many of today's paying customers and gamers don't take the time, make the effort to provide meaningful dialog with the vendors of their games.

Or perhaps the vendors have gotten tired of dealing with the flame wars, customer revolts, and high cost of doing business properly, and are only in it for a fast buck.


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