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Posted: Aug 7th 2009 3:08PM (Unverified) said

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Great story from what appears to be a not so great game.

Posted: Aug 7th 2009 3:24PM Minofan said

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A nice story to conclude. ^_^

Since I'm not a reporter and thus not bound by ethical obligations, I'll state definitively that hours of tedious gameplay IS NOT a fair price for a fun jaunt.

Posted: Aug 7th 2009 3:36PM Thac0 said

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Hours of tedious gameplay being a fair price for a fun jaunt is quite honestly the standard when it comes to MMOs. You cant say that they all don't feature many boring repetitive tasks in promise to get you to the light at the end of the tunnel. Look at WoW you have a tedious grind all the way to 80 where all the fun stuff goes on. I mean honestly is Darkfall that different? Or do you not like the fact that they don't hide the grind behind false pretenses as much?

Posted: Aug 7th 2009 4:20PM Snow Leopard said

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I can see how not everyone feels wow is fun, but I’ve always enjoyed leveling and I have a blast growing in strength and exploring the world while uncovering new stories and meeting new people. I wouldn’t be playing the game if it wasn’t constantly fun and don’t think anyone should have to either. If you’re bored constantly during an mmo, don't pour more time into it wit the hopes that you'll someday be rewarded. Just try out another one. There are plenty of options out there today and there’s no need for all this masochism that people seem to feel is par for the course in this genre.

Posted: Aug 7th 2009 5:13PM Holgranth said

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@ Snow You know in all honesty I found leveling on WoW to be fairly fun myself mainly because I leveled as first a tank then a healer on reasonably populated servers and I could get a group to quest or run instances usually farly easy.

However AFKing and rescource grinding sounds boring as hell.....

Posted: Aug 7th 2009 5:19PM Thac0 said

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but AFK grinding isn't boring at all your not at our computer doing it your out having fun in the real world playing fetch with your dog or having dinner with your GF and when you come back your leveled up and ready to PvP :) Or do it while your sleeping, i honestly think afk grinding is awesome no joke.

Posted: Aug 7th 2009 7:05PM mysecretid said

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Although, as Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw famously pointed out over at Zero Punctuation, AFK work can beg the question of why you're paying a monthly fee to play a game you're not actually, y'know ... playing.

Some don't mind it, but it's still strange from a certain perspective.

Posted: Aug 8th 2009 4:56PM (Unverified) said

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Much as people on this site hate WAR, I must say that I have a fun pvp jaunt every time I log in to WAR, without any grinding of resources or mobs. Of course the drama isn't really as intense since I'm not protecting the fruits of dozens of hours of resource collecting, so there's a trade-off there, but I'm willing to sacrifice a little drama to get pvp fun all the time.

Far as I'm concerned WoW is the worst of both worlds, with all of the grind and none of the drama or pvp fun.

Posted: Aug 9th 2009 4:38PM (Unverified) said

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Good writting and had a good time reading about a game I will never play.

One of if not the best series of articles I have read on Massively.

Here is wishing for more of this type of content.

Posted: Aug 7th 2009 3:52PM (Unverified) said

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It's ridiculous to say that you have to AFK harvest/macro/bloodwall to have fun pvp experiences. There are tons of people playing Darkfall right now that don't do these things, pvp every night, and are competitive. The game isn't for everyone, but if the harsh nature of it appeals to you at all, you'll love it.

People love to trash it, which is fine. Those of us who are fans of hardcore pvp are having a blast.

Posted: Aug 7th 2009 3:52PM HackJack said

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You're a great storyteller, you know that? Great post! And, yes, HOURS of boring stuff DO justify the fun you have in those 30 mins of PvP! It works pretty much like this in real life too.

Posted: Aug 7th 2009 4:28PM archipelagos said

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This has been my favourite series of articles on MASSIVELY. Any chance of similar with other MMO's? Perhaps one of the upcoming games?

Posted: Aug 7th 2009 5:13PM (Unverified) said

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Totally loved these columns. Really hoping that we can get more of these, whether it be more Darkfall or more likely a different game.

Posted: Aug 7th 2009 5:08PM kazamxi said

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I hope you decide to keep up the posts with your weekly darkfall adventures, I think everyone is really enjoying them. It doesn't seem to matter if they play the game or not, everyone is enjoying the posts.

I would only add that now you have got your skills to a decent level and have the basic gear, your all set. no need to hang out in the bloodwall (unless your going AFK to grab food etc.) Practice dueling in your city while your PvP group gets ready then get out into the world.

Catch some gatherers and you can collect a load of resources. Kill some grafters and get some nice gear. Find a fight, slaughter your enemies and take their stuff. No need to grind anymore, your now ready for the big leagues.

Posted: Aug 7th 2009 5:25PM (Unverified) said

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The problem being, is that Darkfall is so based around clans, and I'm afraid you chose BotS. People do not understand that in a Sandbox game such as this, the clan is the storyline... you just help write the chapters. What I'm trying to say is, while you've been harvesting and killing goblins, from day 1, people like myself have been out killing people like yourself and raiding cities from day 1. And have the same sort of thrill you had in that 30 min, most days! I do not wish to flame, it was an eloquently constructed story, of which I thoroughly enjoyed, but just wishing to set things straight for the non-players of the game.. My clanmate Dirt Nap was snapped up in one of your pictures of those dastardly barbarian guilds that raid you, he says sup. :)

Posted: Aug 9th 2009 9:21PM Anatidae said

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It would be interesting, then, to have a reporter join your clan and tell a story over a few weeks there.

Posted: Aug 7th 2009 5:25PM (Unverified) said

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Pity you can't keep this segment up, fun read.
Great ending btw

Posted: Aug 7th 2009 5:46PM (Unverified) said

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Is it just me, or do those graphics look supremely subpar? I'm reminded of my days in EverQuest before anti-aliasing was mainstream.

Posted: Aug 7th 2009 8:19PM (Unverified) said

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The graphics are not top notch, but are actually not bad at all if you have a decent computer.

I am guessing the reason the graphics are not so intense is because the games that do have intense graphics don't handle 1000's of people all fighting in one small area.

For me I am very happy with the graphics for allowing the epic battles to take place.

Posted: Aug 7th 2009 8:10PM (Unverified) said

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People are asking for more stories like this if it is darkfall or
not, problem is you will not have these types of stories in other

If you did similar stories in other games it would be mostly, we
fought standard x mob in x dungeon. Or we gathered gear from x mob
to go to x quest to kill x amount of mobs over and over to finish x
quest to get ready.

In darkfall the players make the game, the political map is always
changing. The landscape of who owns what cities, who is building
what and what bands of mercenaries are reaking havok on what areas is
constantly changing.

Lastly to say you have to afk etc to have fun is complete rubbish.
That is like saying in another mmo you must do x quest 2000 times in
order to have fun. Like someone else said it is what you make of it,
and many many many people like myself are having a blast every day.

Just as you pointed out in your article about the fire mage that
couldn't hit anything, even if that guy did a lot of grinding it
didn't help him one bit since he didn't know how to use it, right?

Another point about your article, you said you had a great time, but
lost weeks of work for 30 minutes of having a blast? Again, I am
sorry to disagree as anyone that has learned the game more in depth
knows it would only take tops 30 minutes to gather the resources to
have a crafter make some armor and a weapon for you.

Just admit you had a great time playing:) Don't be afraid of the
people that strangely have a strong hate of the game play of darkfall
but stay around lurking at every corner to bash a game with their
false remarks. Would think they would move on, sadly who these
people are are people that feel cheated by adventurine, got banned
for macroing, or just plain couldn't take a real pvp game.

You posted how 12 people gathered up and attacked your band of 6, you
died and still said it was great fun. The people here that constantly
bash the game are the same people that would have been crying how
unfair it was for those 12 people to team up against you.

If you like your hand held, and have a npc that tells you to go kill
x mob come back and repeat every day. If you like a structured game
where you go to a location and know you can expect it to be the same
every day. If you like not having to be aware of who and what is
around you, and knowing game mechanics will not allow anyone to harm
you, then you should probably play the 1000 mmo's out that follow
that cookie cutter thinking. Seriously, it isn't a put down it is
that just well, darkfall is not for you.

Darkfall is for people who can adapt. Darkfall is for people that
can take an hour to get use to a game system that probably isn't like
what you got use to.

I do have to give props to the writer of this article! Didn't come
in and give up after 10 minutes and not being at the end game
content. Didn't cry and moan because someone teamed up and ambushed
her/him while harvesting once etc...

Darkfall is a game that tons of people, including myself, are
currently having a blast playing. You get 2 camps of people in
darkfall chat, those that scream this is the best time they have had
in years playing an mmo and those who just scream at everything that
hurts them in game.

So and so killed me and took my stuff! The game is horrible!
So and so just came up behind me and killed me just after I killed a
monster and had little life left! The game is horrible!

You get the point...

Does darkfall have problems?

Heck yeah, little to no communication from the developers.
Having us buy the client AGAIN for NA release ( where a lot of the
people saying the game is bad, even though it is great, are coming
from )
A not so friendly new player experience.
A user interface that is not like the standard most mmo's and not the
best. ( Although some argue it is even better then other user
interfaces when you get accustomed to it )

I tell yah I have played every mmo out since the first day of ultima
online. Name it, I have played it. I can say even with the few
things I don't like about darkfall, it is by far the best and most
innovative game out that truly can and does deliver on mass pvp
battles. When I say mass pvp battles we are talking 10's to 10's of
hundreds at one time!

I would say the best way to get a feel for what darkfall is, is to go
look for yourself at the youtube videos of mass pvp. There are a few
good ones, take a look at a few.

Lastly, the negative points I listed above, all are being addressed
and are in the process of being fixed, changed or updated. The lack
of communication is one they haven't commented on... well because of
the lack of communication :) Talking weeks and weeks sometimes
without a word.

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