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Posted: Jul 22nd 2009 9:35AM Machinator said

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Come again?

Posted: Jul 23rd 2009 12:45PM (Unverified) said

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Greetings. These issues were announced to our group (in the form of a transferable notecard) about a week before Linden Lab released their announcement. As with many things, the company has not yet released the true extent of damage.

The official announcement states the problem is caused by the new bulk-permissions feature-- and that may be technically correct in one specific area. However, we first noticed the permissions problem in a matter totally unrelated to bulk permissions-- and sent out requests to our merchants to check their vendors. The reports were alarming.

Apparently, permissions have been changing, at complete random and without pattern, for an unknown period of time. It affects items that were older and not impacted by bulk permissions, and it affects merchants who never used bulk permissions.

Verified reports:
1) One merchant states this problem turned "hundreds of items full perm". She was not at all happy.
2) One merchant reported 50% of his items impacted-- and he doesn't use bulk permissions. According to his statement, there were permissions changes in vendors that had been out for months, long before bulk permissions were released. He reported one series of merchandises as "8 items that are basically different versions of the same thing. In some boxes permissions were set modifyable on some of the items, and in other boxes they were set no-mod. Same items." He states that he found perm changes on "boxes, within boxes, within vendors".
3) We have verified reports of items changing permissions regardless of age, regardless of use of bulk permissions, regardless of setup. They change regardless of vendor type -- scripted, not scripted, single vendors, networked vendors, standard unscripted SL "buy" boxes.

So this permissions problem is far, far more widespread and damaging than LL has revealed.

For more information on this (at our blog announcement posted a few days after the initial notecard) please visit:

We are planning to release a follow-up article with even more detailed specifics within the next two days.

Posted: Jul 25th 2009 10:39PM (Unverified) said

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I believe there has been some reports of people finding random things that were set before the client and server versions with the bulk permissions thing now with different permissions than they had preciously set

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