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Posted: May 26th 2009 3:38AM (Unverified) said

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Oh my - this is.. well to be honest I'm not sure how to describe it.
If you read nothing else, at least download the client (330mb or thereabouts, with no patching required) for the sheer hilarity factor.

A quick bullet list of observations so-far:

- It uses that wonderful 'Asian MMO font' that looks so classy and lovingly crafted

- The chat window contains elements labeled '0', and 'Null'

- Most text disappears outside the constraints of it's bounding box graphic, making things unreadable

- Tooltips are transparent, and appear over other text, making it hilarious (but impossible) to decipher any of them

- The translations are simply beautiful - as in, they make you laugh so hard your belly aches. Example of their description on how to link item stats:
"Auto view items description
When you are asked to provide related details about items you are selling, this feature will save you from exhausting information input with a simple mouse click. Give our Auto View a shot for efficiency-oriented business practices."

After approx 45 seconds of gameplay, I was Level 5 (ok I exaggerate, but seriosuly, it's incredible how fast you level - leading me to believe that there's 30 billion levels and it's a grindfest, based upon the drop rates of the first few quests)

- There's no RTS (that I can see). It's Diablo II / Titan Quest type-stuff.
Unless some 'RTS' opens up later on in the game that I haven't stumbled across yet, I would tend to believe it's just the publisher's way of *cough* embellishing *cough* the description of what lies within. Here's their own words lauding praise upon them selves:

"First MMORPG with a good amount of 3 Corridors, RTS and RPG elements thrown into the mix"

..well that's certainly going to get their name in lights. Although, according to them, they already are:

"Since the day this game was released it's been taking the fight right to the competition. Two titles for being the first sci-fi MMORPG classic and becoming a leader in many MMO feature categories is only the beginning."


One thing I will say in praise though, is that the environment is strangely compelling.
I'm not sure about the other race's starting areas, but if you liked Fallout 1 or 2 in any way shape or form then you're going to feel right at home with the graphics of the Human starting area.
Or: "they totally ripped off FO1/FO2".

It's like playing an iso game from the late 90's, which is actually quite a refreshing graphic style right about now, for me anyhow.

But yes - it's well worth the 300mb+ download to check out for yourselves, for sheer entertainment's sake.

@ Massively: What have you become? It seriously would appear as if you never even downloaded the game, but based your post upon a casual read of the 2029 site. Would you have posted the story if you *had* logged in?

@ Tateru Nino: Based upon your blog entry: http://dwellonit.taterunino.net/2009/05/25/five-things-i-really-hate-about-video-games/
..you'd have a field day here. Or a conniption.


Posted: May 26th 2009 3:56AM (Unverified) said

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I am actually so tempted to try this out now and see. :)

Video game writing has inflamed me with some sense of horrified fascination not unlike what you get when you're watching some really lame horror flick for the third time. "No, Timmy! Don't go out there!"

Posted: May 26th 2009 4:10AM (Unverified) said

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Oh, as for the other item, I'll clarify. Availability of things like this is a newsbite people want to know. We *do* like to grab them and provide our own impressions, where possible, but that's got to be fit into our respective schedules a bit and generally happens a bit further down the track -- for my part, I'm wrestling bandwidth caps and it'll be a little while before I could obtain it, for example.

Posted: May 26th 2009 4:33AM (Unverified) said

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I guess re-reading Kyle's words:

"It looks to be an interesting blend of sci-fi and real-time strategy, with a dash of fantasy as well."

..he does indicate that he's merely posting it as he see's it according to the site.

Posted: May 26th 2009 10:43AM (Unverified) said

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It's nice to see that after the world goes down the toilet and mankind is sturggling to survive the harsh post-apocalyptic enviornment, there is no shortage of hairspray or swimwear.

Posted: May 26th 2009 5:03PM karnisov said

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yeah it does look pretty lame.

Posted: May 26th 2009 10:53AM archipelagos said

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It's good to see companies being called out for lazy character design.

It's 2029: do you know where your clothes are?

Posted: May 26th 2009 11:22AM Balmore said

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2029 is an online game that has some unique features:

RTS: This game is set to take RTS war games to a new level with a painstakingly created, awe-inspiring cinematic game environment.
Vehicles: These fighting vehicles can be upgraded and refined into whatever specific vehicle suits your needs.
Use your braind: 3C mode, military tactics, diplomatic tricks and strategic cooperation are essential aspects of play.
If you can beat them, hire some: The Mercenary System helps bring a new dimension to game play.

At less than 300MB download it's worth checking out.


Posted: May 26th 2009 8:49PM (Unverified) said

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So... You have to enter a (various) raffles/contests to get a key to play the game?

That's what I gathered from the game site as I don't see any "open alpha" keys... Either that or I'm bliiiiiiind.

Posted: May 27th 2009 1:49AM (Unverified) said

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Hehe gosh I forgot to mention that in my original post - how could I!

Yes, it's sublimely ridiculous. If you manage to chance your way to the correct forum as I did, you will play a flash minigame where you have to choose 1 out of 2 eggs to smash with a hammer.
If you choose 'correctly', you will get a key.

Because, trying to translate pigeon-english forum posts, navigate expired competitions, and decrypting from the site as to whether or not this is an alpha, a beta, or a pre-alpha-beta-lord -only-knows-what in order to try following the correct link..
..is how we all wish to spend our time, of course.

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