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Posted: Apr 30th 2009 12:10AM (Unverified) said

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Cool, EVE's art has always been really impressive.

However, tech III just sounds to me like "train for 6 more months before you're top of the line with another ship class" ... which, honestly, is the failing problem with EVE.

Nobody wants to be a chump for over a year in order to then only be impressive when compared to trial accounts and newbies, and still be a chump to 5+ year vets of the game.

I earned a billion ISK in EVE playing the market, and realized that no matter how hard I spent it, it'd be 6 months of training before I could even come close to having skills that would justify the ships and modules I could afford. Kind of a big let down, honestly.

That game is so close to being awesome, it just needs to let go of the wacky pyramid scheme mentality... Skill Level V prerequisites on top of Skill Level V prerequisites, coupled with doubling and quadrupling firepower between tech 1 and tech 2, with price jumps from 10k's to 10 mils per module... the game's scale is out of whack, and when you multiply it by the training time, it very quickly converts into: "Pay $15 per month for 16 months to effectively fly a t2 battleship, only to lose it to a guy who paid $15 per month for 24 months to fly a dreadnaught."


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