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Posted: Apr 16th 2009 2:17PM (Unverified) said

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Wow, a lot of fail about the CoH Mission Architect stuff.

The players get scaled to the missions if they're over/under level.
You can unlock every single map that's used in the game.
Cryptic no longer has anything to do with City, as you reported EARLIER IN THE PODCAST.

Posted: Apr 17th 2009 7:03AM (Unverified) said

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Thanks for D&D Online coverage Massively, that's great MMO sites finally start to notice it : ).
I'm sure after Mod 9 DDO will grow in numbers and popularity even more, because of global chats and many improvements to general game experience. Some of them quite unique again, some already seen in games like WoW - but it doesn't mean this game will anything like WoW. It just incorporates some handy and popular UI features to the game, without making actual gameplay anything like general WoW-clone at all. That's really great move.

I'm really exited about global, or rather Hub-centered chat system. Being able to ask for advice from inside the dungeon, or trade something from within a quests will make a HUGE change in the right direction, I think. DDO is great game to me even now, and was even before Mod 8 revamps, so I'm really stoked with Mod 9 changes.

Of course, that came at the cost of number high-level quests (probably, we can't tell for sure), but these changes are really good for DDO growth.

So yes, I think you made a pretty good point. DDO was years ahead of it's time, and now, while people get used to instancing and active combat, they may find out there's nothing better than DDO for them.

AoC - great game. But still, it feels to me like really watered down DDO system, with added mature content - a bit of nudity and foul language. But quests are lacking there for me. I know, they have great voice overs, but after you hear the story, you go and kill 32 pirates to receive reward. That's not how quests work in DDO... And Mod 9 will have some new voice overs too, so...

Another thing which was quite surprising for me to hear, but very true - Monk play style. Yup, you got there very strong spot of the game. Actually, it's almost like playing several games in one game. Each class is so different and further customizable, that I am amazed with it to this day. Playing Wizard is completely, and I mean completely different than playing a Paladin, Rogue or Monk, or anything. That's another thing which keeps me playing, and keeps me thrilled with DDO.

So thanks again for this episode, absolutely worth listening to : ).

Posted: Apr 20th 2009 5:28PM (Unverified) said

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Love the show - really great to hear DDO being discussed! I agree that DDO is ahead of its time. Mod 9 really prepares the game for something big, if Turbine can just overcome whatever obstacles are in its way to getting this game played by more people.

Keep up the good work!

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