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Posted: Apr 14th 2009 12:20PM (Unverified) said

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Love this game. Was kind of pissed when I did the online thing through gametap I lost all of my stuff though.

Posted: Apr 14th 2009 5:35PM (Unverified) said

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Hooray for the Guild of Messengers! Now if only Joystiq would return my emails... ;)


Anyway, as the chairperson for this year's event, let me add to Massively's much-appreciated announcement by saying that more information on scheduled events and activities for 2009 will be added to the site over the next few weeks as we hammer out the remaining details. Pending final approval from Cyan, we will also have winners for the t-shirt design contest announced soon.

I know the economy has a lot of people saving rather than spending, and Spokane isn't exactly the most epic place to go for vacation, but as someone who's been to 7 of the last 9 Mysteriums, it's definitely worth the money to go; a good time is always had by all :). Thanks again, Massively, for helping us get the word out!

Posted: May 13th 2009 7:43PM (Unverified) said

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Getting rid of URU Live was the biggest mistake either Gametap or Cyan could have made. There are a variety of gamers out there; People who prefer first person shooters, people who prefer turn-based fighting, and people who prefer aerial strategy games. These are all good for the people who are interested in them, however there is a large amount of people out there who wish to be a part of the gaming community but have no interest in killing anyone from any perspective.
I love Halo, and am a big fan of first-person shooters, but it gets old after a while and is really just something I don't have to think too hard about to get through. Each level is the same as the next, just with more people shooting at me, on a different hill with bigger guns.
I've never been a fan of turn-based fighting *cough* (Final Fantasy) *cough* It reminds me of the Revolutionary war, where one side shoots at the other and you just hope that you got a better score than your opponent. How does that make any sense and where does anyone really find enjoyment at such an inane concept. I don't mind that there are people who love and prefer that style, but I don't get it.
And looking down at the battelfield and pointing to where you want your men to set up and die, such as in Halo Wars, Gears of War, and Star Wars Battelfront, just gets tiring after a minute. There is no discovery and very little strategy with any of these styles. So since there are many different types of people out there with different gaming styles, why would they take something so unique away from people who have, literally, no other desired choice in what to play?

So for the people out there who felt as trapped as I did with the limited gaming selections, URU Live was a wonderful thing to come across.
I remember how happy I was to actually have a game I could come home and play online, just like my friends would when they'd get home to waste time. I sign in, get to my Relto, chat with friends I've made, catch up on whatever journey I had left just the previous night... And then it was taken away from me.

URU Live was young and it wasn't a game as renound as Halo, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Everquest, World of Warcraft etc., but it had a special place in the hearts of us "Non-Gamers".

Bring it back and bring it back to stay. For those of us who actually enjoy thinking, we need this and the support we had in our communities.

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