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Posted: Mar 30th 2009 8:02PM Holgranth said

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A scifi mmo thats f2p with a optional membership purchase made by the only company with enough balls to completely stamp out RWT?

Me want in BETA!

Posted: Mar 30th 2009 10:01PM (Unverified) said

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Uhh, Blizzard has thirteen million paying players. Jagex has one million paid, and five million freeloaders.

Add to that the fact that Runescape looks worse than my morning dump, and Jagex looks like a real loser in this battle.

Posted: Mar 31st 2009 11:09AM (Unverified) said

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@TheNilvarg - To be honest, there's no competition between Jagex and Blizzard. Their like apples and oranges - they're fruits, but completely different. RuneScape is browser-based, and WoW is a large application. Also, don't you think you get what you pay for? The price of WoW's subscription is rediculous, not forgetting the fact that you actually have to purchase the game. RuneScape is a week's pocket money. Obviously you are a WoW basher, just like those who play RuneScape mock WoW. Unless you've actually played the game, you have no say in what is better. Getting up a few levels and concluding "this sucks!" doesn't count either.

Jagex have learned a lot from RuneScape, and their new MMO will hopefully be leagues above. Only time will tell how much of a success it will be. I have a strong feeling that the gap between Blizzard and Jagex's subscribers will narrow drastically in the next few years. Especially considering how accessible and easy it is to start playing their games. If anyone can catch Blizzard, it's Jagex.

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