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Posted: Mar 28th 2009 1:31PM (Unverified) said

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Notice that you can buy items that give you "advantages" without the MMO becoming a competition.

This is about choices. I like choices. If another player somehow thinks that a bought horse gives some kind of advantage over him (even though he can still obtain a horse, or even though items in the game are endless) then that cannot be helped.

Also notice that he is speaking of emotions like "anger" and "resentment," both of which can never be controlled or even discouraged/encouraged by the game maker.

In cash shop games, as well as EQ2 Bazaar style games, players do not suffer from non-stop item envy. They just accept it as it is, a choice in how you want to spend your time.

MMO's do not have finite resources/mobs/items...they exist in endless quantities. That's why RMT actually has no effect (besides emotional) on the non cash-shop user.

Beau Turkey

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