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Posted: Mar 14th 2009 1:16PM (Unverified) said

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I'm doing the same as Krystalle - LotRO & RoM.

Good gawd LotRO's just getting better and better..

- after being numbed to death and back again in WoW and revolted by it's vocal community
- frustrated and disappointed yet again with the shallowness WAR (why pay to PvP every month when you can do it casually and for free with a gabillion other multiplayer games??) and sick+tired of Mythic spending efforts going sideways rather then looking in the mirror,
- not understanding the appeal of SMT Imagine (after taking 3 days 25 hours and eleventy seven minutes to 'run' to the first quest objective - why is the running soooo slooooow in that game! ..am I missing something?? I mean, I heart P3!)
- liking the return to AoC (!) but not enough to keep me there after being in LotRO
- toying with reactivating EvE but deciding to wait until wintertime here in Aus
- giggling like a schoolgirl as I read about Smed's sanctioned RMT in dear old Vanguard (just can't get past the character designs looking like rejects from a Make Something Unreal contest - ie. clearly there's zero graphic artists left on the dev team and they've got the coders playing around with the 3D tools, let alone the slew of bugs and unfinished.. bah I give up)

..I've rediscovered the magic of Middle-earth, Turbine-style.

It's deep, compelling and epic, and looks vewwy pwetty. I guess 'immersive' is a word. I really love exploring in LotRO.
And I'm equally loving the pleasant mix of activities and gameplay options (instances a-plenty, open-world runs and bosses which bring back feelings of old-skool excitement, the fantastic crafting and economy, the Epic Storyline Quests, the combat mechanics and traiting system, and of course the great in-game community).

Would never have thunk it 2 years ago.

And yes, RoM seems like an appropriate counterpoint. It's giddy in it's primary-coloured WoW-ness, frustrating in it's current state of 'just about there-ness (thank gawd for the PBInfo Addon!) but its free; which severs any commitment or concern at the same time.

I feel like my gaming weekend will be spent dining on fine cuisine for mains, with Froot Loops covered in maple syrup for desert.

Orsm. :D

Posted: Mar 14th 2009 1:32PM (Unverified) said

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Keeping up wormhole defense throughout the weekend (what happens when you own a new system, and a couple of reds get stuck inside with a whole alliance? We hunt.) Fun times, indeed.

Also continuing my quest since 97 to finish the complete Starcraft saga and playing some World of Goo in my spare time.

Almost forgot I got God of War yesterday, must play that one as well!

Posted: Mar 14th 2009 6:06PM RogueJedi86 said

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Someone forgot to close his italics from the WRUP post...... :)

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