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Posted: Mar 11th 2009 7:50PM organiclockwork said

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A good guide.

I've just recently started playing again and while improvements have been made, I still have some major bones to pick with this game.

To begin with, when it comes down to it, it's still little more than a massive grindfest. Sure, there are (incredibly difficult to find) quests and Missions and stuff, but they don't give much in the way of XP for the most part. So what it boils down to is, "Kill a metric fuckton of mobs, level up, repeat." Fields of Valor alleviates the amount of mobs needed to level, but it's still just grinding mobs.

Some of the design decisions are furthermore absolutely mind-boggling.

For instance, there is absolutely NO way to, via purely in-game information, discern what effects a given food will have on you. If you want to know, you better be ready to check the wiki (Which you can't do unless you use a windower, because alt-tabbing out of FFXI closes it. Another baffling decision.)

My absolute personal favorite, however, has to be the delay between being allowed to attack things. After you kill a mob, you have to actually fucking -wait- to attack another. It doesn't matter how fast you can tab over, hit enter, and choose attack, (Which is yet another annoying design decision. What's wrong with being able to right-click something to interact with it? The menu system is overly tedious and complex, and makes basic things like interacting with objects/NPCs/switching targets a huge pain.) you still have to wait a period of at least a few seconds if not more before you can attack something after killing a monster. What this means is that if you get unlucky and pull an add - a situation you're unlikely to survive to begin with - and you manage to kill the first mob, you have to wait while the second mob gets to just wail on you without retaliation for a few seconds while you wait on the game to decide it's okay for you to fight back.

The game definitely has some positive points, but some of the design decisions absolutely astound me. Plus, I'd really like to know who thought, "Auto attacks with the occasional ability maybe once per fight," made good combat. Yes, I know that's kind of the "spirit," of Final Fantasy, but that sure as hell doesn't make it fun.

Posted: Mar 21st 2009 7:14AM (Unverified) said

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WRT the 'wait' that takes place between fighting one mob and then another? That's a function of the 'weapon delay' number. If you look at a weapon, you'll notice a 'Delay: XXX' value on the weapon. This is the 'speed' of the weapon.

Fast weapons, like daggers and knives, have values in the 120-150 range. They hit fast, but do less damage per strike. Swords are a bit slower, usually in the 220 range, but they hit harder than daggers/knives do. Axes are again slower than swords (in the 290-300s or so), but again the damage they do per hit increases. And then you get into the heavy weaponry, Polearms, Great Swords, Great Axes, and Scythes. Each of these has a very long Delay (usually 450 and up into the 500s) but will hit for a nice chunk of damage with every swing that connects. Staves, clubs, and hand-to-hand weapons are somewhat special. Staves come in two kinds. There are 'plain' staves, that are just used to pummel things, and there are 'boost' staves, which give HP/MP bonuses (or at level 51, the Elemental Staves which have their own special tricks). Clubs can be anything from hammers (for White Mages to pummel things that get too close, especially once they learn the WHM-only weaponskill Hexa Strike in the later levels), to INT/MND boosting wands that are a mage's best friend. Hand-to-hand weapons are used by Monks and Puppeteers, and add a set amount to the 'base' hand-to-hand delay in exchange for bonus damage and/or additional effects.

Choosing the right weapon for your playstyle and job selection is an art, but ask around and people can generally tell you what weapon would be best for your job at any given level.

Posted: Mar 11th 2009 7:55PM (Unverified) said

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On the subject of crystals, what you can sell them for depends which AH you sell them on. Unlike in other MMOs, the Auction Houses of separate nations are not linked. There are a handful of AH systems: Windurst, San d'Oria, Bastok, and Jueno / Aht Urghan.

There is a healthy demand for crystals anywhere, but Fire Crystals will always be a bit cheaper in San d'Oria AH than elsewhere, same with Water Crystals in Bastok, and Wind Crystals in Windurst. This is because the beastmen found in the zones surrounding those nations drop those crystals, so supply tends to outweigh demand.

Starting players might want to add a second content ID and create a second character in a different nation to help squeeze out more profit. Since in FFXI you are limited to listing 7 items simultaneously on any auction house, it is likely you will want a second character to help maximize income anyway.

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