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Posted: Feb 22nd 2009 9:12AM Holgranth said

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Probably the time I was in a 5 man Black Morass PUG (At least I think it was black Morass) for the first time and didn't know which entrance to go into in Caverns of time. So I asked on voice chat and our lone female healer said: "come over to me"
Unable to see her on my minimap I said "huh?"
So The roof over the tunnel leading to the instance is a kind of warpish pink tinge, she said and I quote: "Head down until you see the pink then enter the long dark tunnel."

Posted: Feb 22nd 2009 9:18AM (Unverified) said

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After a long fight in Cazic Thule in EQ2 we got wiped by adds. Our Shadow Knight was so angry he forgot how to use punctuation momentarily:

SK: BRB f***ing a man what a mess
Rest of the Group: What?!

What he should have said was:

BRB. F***ing A, Man what a mess!

He hasn't lived it down. And it doesn't help that his two brothers were there as well in the gorup. I think someone still has a pic of that...

Posted: Feb 22nd 2009 9:56AM Holgranth said

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Even with the punctuation thats a bad thing to say.

Even with the punctuation thats a really bad thing to say in front of your brothers.

Without punctuation thats a REALY REALLY bad thing to say.

Without puctuation in front of your brothers that becomes somthing that will probably huant you for the rest of your life and byond the grave.

Posted: Feb 22nd 2009 12:13PM (Unverified) said

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I have a perfect example of why proper comma use is important!


[Lhykosidae]: I'm shaving Candace, so I'm in and out/afk
[Candace]: ....
[Aerivia]: xDD!
[Candace]: Misuse of comma makes that...epic
[Aerivia]: Yes, yes it does.

Posted: Feb 24th 2009 10:46AM (Unverified) said

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In World of Warcraft, many of the quests require you to bring back the freshly-removed head of an NPC as proof of your kill.

My guild leader had just completed one such quest with a group of guildies, and posted in party chat:

"I got head."

She has never lived it down.

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