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Posted: Apr 21st 2009 6:16PM (Unverified) said

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Thats right! 32 beta keys are up for grabs here, at the Heroes Community Forums.


This forum was just created, and they are giving away 32 beta keys + reserved slots + admin positions + much more.

The keys will be distributed like this :

Key #
1- Mine Very Happy
2- 100% given to the first person to join( will also gain mod status )
3- 100% given to the second person to join. ( will also gain mod status )

[Keys 4 to 10 will be given to the top most active posters in 2 weeks]

[Keys 11 to 18 will be given out randomly in 3 weeks]

[Keys 19 to 25 will be given out to the top referrers every week ]

[Keys 26 to 32 are not specified yet ]

****** Reserved slots *******

5 reserved slots will be given out over the course of the next month.

****** Servers *******

There will be 3 servers total hosted by the bf heroes community team

1- Training grounds - Low to medium rank players

2- Hero Company - Medium to high rank players

3- Bad Company - Very high rank player [ 12/14 slots reversed to the [Lost][Bad] division ]


hurry and join before this gets onto other forums !!

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