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Posted: Feb 6th 2009 6:47PM (Unverified) said

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Lets see when I play WoW and use TS or Vent while things might get crass from time to time. It is by and large civil. It improves the game and makes me look forward to speaking to them again.

When you use XBox live.... You get to hear non-stop cursing racial slurs you would have thought long gone. And constant abuse.

If you ask me it says more about the people who play on the 2 platforms. A large percentage of Console gamers are younger (Read kids), while PCs by and large seem to be a slightly older player base.

I would guess it has to do with the costs of the 2 platforms. $300 for a Console. $700-$3,000 for a PC.

Long story short, if they mix Console and PC there is NO chance I will buy it.

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