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Posted: Jan 29th 2009 12:28PM Minofan said

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On the one hand ; I'm a huge Khemri fan so mega nerd-out for them getting in to WAR !
So soon to - I didn't honestly expect them to be the focus of anything much for a few years, since they aren't a prominent power in the Warhammer world.

On the other hand ; I've only be maintaining any residual WAR interest for the hope of playable undead ( Khemri more so than Vampire Counts ), so it's a bittersweet addition - they'll be in WAR very soon but as NPCs outside of Order vs Destruction.
At least it's closure - I expected to still be waiting and hoping in 2011, but now I know it's over.

Happy hunting to subscribers though - just don't be too hard on those lovely Kemri !

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